Monday, 23 September 2013

What Congress gave us in 50 years?

From 1947 till today, Congress has ruled India for almost 50 years i.e., approximately 75% of this time period of over 6 decades. That means Congress had more than enough opportunities to give shape to all its strategies, plans for the country as it was given chance time and again. 

Lets forget about big talks and things which look big on paper and look into the very basic things, which we got and which we didnt. You can answer these for yourselves and prepare an individual report card for the Congress Party.

1. Did majority of Indian population get 2 healthy meals a day?

2. When we pay heavily for all food items, are we sure that what we are eating is not adulterated?

3. When we take our loved ones to any hospital, except AIIMS and very few others, are we sure that our loves ones will get proper treatment?

4. If we go to markets in any Indian city, do we find the very basic amenities like Clean Public Toilets?

5. If we are in any problem, do we feel encouraged to go and report it to Police?

6. If there is any legal issues, do we look forward to our courts positively and expect a timely, genuine outcome without paying heavy bribes?

7. If we are competent enough, are we sure of getting a seat in any top educational Govt institute or a job or promotion in Govt sector?

8. Are we sure that the medicine we are purchasing is genuine? India accounts for over 35% spurious drugs produced across the world.

9. What do we, especially our elders and women get in the name of social security?

10. Do the kids get proper playgrounds, safe tracks for cycling and stadiums/ sports coaching institutes?

11. What are the chances that an Ambulance will be able to reach hospital on time, when carrying our loved ones and when every second is precious? Imagine yourself in Delhi or Mumbai traffic.

12. What do our people get incase of any natural calamity like what happened in Uttarakhand?

13. What are the chances of us getting justice if any of our loved one is caught in the riots and killed?

14. What is the probability of any corrupt official, bureaucrat, or minister getting caught and punished for corruption? So we being indirectly encouraged to become corrupt if we want all facilities in life.

15. Media is under direct control of corrupt Business Magnets like Mukesh Ambani and thus under direct or indirect control of political parties. Can we expect that what our media is showing or covering is all we need to know?

16. If we look at all the above and demand the same, is it too much we will be asking for?

Last but not the least - No party till today delivered the above basic things/facilities in any of the Indian states, even when they have ruled their respective states for quite a long time.

Why? The answer is very simple - We all get divided in the name of caste, religion, party and sell our vote for a Desi Alcohol bottle. We never stand for our brothers and sisters and wait for our turn. So its we who are responsible and these politicians know our weaknesses very well and are exploiting us since last 6 decades. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Elections, Votes, Riots, Modi - India 2014

Whatever the results of the election in 2014 might be, common man can expect some goodies his way in the days to come. Congress will have to do so much before elections to neutralize Modi effect and its tainted, corrupt image. So common man will get cheap grains, farmers will get good rates if their land is acquired and some more in the time to come. As Modi keeps counting more and more failures of Congress, it might keep filling these gaps and that too at the earliest. 

Inspite of doing all this, if Congress is thrown out of power, there will be immense pressure on BJP to deliver as the benchmark will be raised to a much higher level than now and as Modi goes on over-committing, he will have to ensure that he doesnt under-deliver, that too in his first tenure as the PM of the country. Again, the common man will be benefited. 

I have been on twitter for almost 2 years and have seen things changing a lot. There are all sorts of people, from different walks of life. But the first thing that I noticed, effortlessly, was the presence of immense support for BJP. 99% people on twitter supported BJP and the same was lately realised by Congress too when the party kept aside Rs.100 Crores to counter BJP on social media. By now even supporters of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are catching up but still BJP supporters dominate the scene. But I am very sorry to mention that many BJP/Modi supporters spit poison, talk cheap and sound frustrated. They have become more fanatic and poisonous than what they blame Muslims for.

In the real world, these political parties have proved to be more dangerous than the British or even the terrorists or naxalites. Vote Bank Politics is to be blamed, which has made both Hindus and Muslims feel insecure from each other. Political goons create communal riots where ever they want to create a divide among both the communities. 

Congress leaves no stone unturned to spread anti-Hindu sentiment among Muslims and recently used Owaisi to spread hatred. The aim is to keep the Muslim voter away from BJP. On the other hand, BJP creates Muzzafarnagar kind of situation and gives birth to riots even in the areas where Muslims and Hindus lived in from ages. Then it sets its RSS/VHP goons free to kill Muslims, burn their houses and reinstate this feeling among Hindus that Muslims would slaughter them if BJP/RSS/VHP was not there.

This divide between both communities will only widen with the passage of time because all political parties and their leaders will keep exploiting the situation for personal greed. The situation might look under control as Muslims are far less than Hindus in percentage and hardly have any representation in country's politics or power-houses/ bureaucracy. But till how long will it continue if we keep injecting more and more poison in both communities? 

I was listening to Narendra Modi as he addressed a large gathering in Rewari, Haryana. Modi was the need of the hour for BJP and the party needed such a leader much desperately than ever before because of the following reasons - 

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth. BJP was a party with so many self-proclaimed heads and so failed to give a proper direction to the party and its workers. Modi is a strong man, who knows when to be soft and when to be harsh, when to care for others and when to surpass and move ahead.

2. When almost every state in India is in bad condition in one way or the other and people feel so helpless and left out, Modi has done fairly well in Gujarat in a balanced manner in almost every sector and his people are happy with him and support him. 

3. Congress has been blotted with so many scams recently and has almost failed to take many strong and much needed decisions for the people of the country. It should have executed things the way it has started now with Food Security Bill and others of that sort. Modi's image is comparatively clean, no scams and is seen as the one who has guts to execute. Thats what country desperately wants, needs.

All the above factors ensure a big swing in BJP's favour and to add to the above, Modi knows where to hit and when and he seems to be flawlessly executing his strategies at all the fronts. The recent example is including many Muslim women from Bhopal into BJP. 

But inspite of all the above mentioned factors, its not going to be cakewalk for Modi as Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi, though silent, have been doing their bit individually, if not the party as a whole. They have been successful in impressing and attaching rural India through schemes like NREGA, Adhaar, and now Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, etc and almost 70% of India still lives in villages, where social media cant reach yet. Secondly, UPA has much more parties supporting them as compared to BJP and Rahul's strategy of forming alliances with different regional parties, like National Conference in J&K, has made Congress strong in many states. Third important factor is Muslims bent of mind against the BJP. They might not be the deciding factor alone but can change the election results in many constituencies across India.

Whatever the results of the elections might be, lets hope that the common man is benefited in multiple ways and with great wisdom, we are able to defeat divide and rule policy of the political parties and give them a message and only that government will survive which will deliver on what it commits. India must win under all circumstances.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Why did media move away from Kejriwal?

Indian media always surrounded Arvind Kejriwal and other activists of Aam Aadmi Party. Lot of attention and importance was given to their protests along with Sh. Anna Hazare. 

They have always been talking of the common man and exposing the politicians and the way they are making a fool of the innocent people, who dont even know how the systems work and how these are being misused. But in our country it seems its too early to expect such an awakening in the common man because most of us are too ignorant and not sufficiently educated. Those who are educated and are earning, they are too busy in finding new ways to maximise their wealth. We give in for very small and short term gains. So, we have a very short term memory and we forget the issues too fast. Thats a boon for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. 

To me, Sh. Anna Hazare is the most intelligent of all of us and he is doing the best thing- educating, spreading awareness among the masses and that he is doing selflessly. Secondly, he is continuously doing his efforts as he has realized that it will take a long time for his efforts to show results and it will benefit our country in the long run. So he is sowing the right seeds for the better future of the nation, the fruits of which he himself wont be able to enjoy in his lifetime. 

We have spent centuries under foreign slavery and the after-effects of the same will be long lasting. We believe the propaganda and doubt those who work for our benefit. Our values are eroding at an alarmingly fast rate and our senses fail to differ between right and wrong and all what we can see is greed, lust. 

If an honest man/woman wants to enter politics and work for the betterment of the nation, its not at all easy for him/her. Why? Its because to prove to the people of India that he/she wants to serve them, he/she will have to spend years doing endless favours for the people, for which he/she will have to spend lacs of rupees and believe me, still people wont be happy with that person. So who can afford to waste lacs of rupees from his/her hard earned money? Nobody. So, who will join the politics? The corrupt, who have made millions of rupees by looting the nation. He/she will do everything to allure the voters, will feed them, serve them free liquor, and keep giving them few goodies and even influence them with muscle power. Only then he/she can hope to win elections and join politics.

Present day politicians have very well read the mind of Indian voters and so they are playing the game well. Those who are equally responsible to make this game dirty and spread corruption for selfish motives are the Industrialists, the richest class in the country. They bribe the Telecom Ministry to ensure that BSNL doesnt get the latest equipment and so their private companies lead the industry. They bribe the Petroleum Ministry so that they get those blocks which are full of oil and gas and government companies like GAIL keep busy in hit and trial over the remaining blocks. They own most of the media channels and ensure that neither the print media nor the News Channels expose their dirty games.

Till the time Arvind Kejriwal and team Anna kept exposing the politicians, government pressurized the media to move away from them and not to give any coverage/hype to their protests. The moment Arvind Kejriwal started exposing the dirty games of politicians-bureaucrats-industrialists nexus, the powerful Industrialist lobby became active and told their channels not to cover any activity of Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. 

During a press conference, Kejriwal disclosed that the budget of our country is around Rs.19 lac crores and out of this a major chunk of around Rs.5 lac crores goes as subsidy to the industry. He proposed that government should end most of this subsidy as the big industrialists are very well to do and this huge amount may be equally divided as subsidy for petrol and diesel and in priority sectors like health and education. This will result in drastic reduction in petrol-diesel prices and a remarkable improvement in education and health-care.

This was the remark which the industrialists like Ambanis and others couldnot digest. Since they own most of the news channels, the channels were directed to stay away from Kejriwal and team as he was exposing their dirty games and making the public aware how our hard earned money is being looted.

It is the duty of every educated, aware citizen of India to spread awareness among the masses and defeat the politicians-bureaucrats-industrialists nexus for the benefit of one and all.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Will the CBI give the Talwars a fair trial?

CBI might boast itself for being an agency with high conviction rate, the reality that all of us know is that even this organization is not free from the clutches of the politicians and bureaucrats and so no investigation can be considered as impartial or that cant be influenced. The big fish are never targeted and they achieve high conviction rate mostly by filing those cases where the target is the common man, who doesnt have the backing of their political bosses. 

Same is again proving true incase of Aarushi's Murder Case wherein her parents are being made the scapegoats because CBI failed to catch-hold of the real culprits. All of us know that almost every teen in Metros is involved in love affairs and almost all of them are also physically involved. How many parents kill their children even if they come to know of this reality? So when CBI couldnt even prove the case against the Talwars using this logic, it framed a story that they might have hit Hemraj with Golf stick and hit Aarushi by mistake (A story shown by News channels few months ago, as per what CBI stated in the court). For God's sake, this is not a bollywood masala movie.

The couple recently submitted a list of 13 witnesses they want summoned in defence but CBI's special prosecutor R.K. Saini stated that none of the 13 witnesses were relevant to the case and all of them would waste the court's time and hence the Talwars should not be allowed to call any of them.

Saini had 39 witnesses in this case - including a cop who could not smell, another cop who couldnot remember anything, a doctor who revised his post- mortem findings five times, another doctor who said that it was possible to sustain an erection even if death interrupts coitus, etc.

Does the CBI want the witness scoresheet to read - 
Prosecution - 39
Defence - 0 ???

Dr. S. L. Vaya of FSL Gandhinagar, who conducted Narco tests on Talwars and one of the servants, Rajkumar, should also be prevented from testifying, says the CBI. The 2008 Gandhinagar report clears the Talwars and advises the investigation of the servants, but the CBI says that such tests are inadmissible in evidence, so Dr. Vaya's testimony is irrelevant.

What the agency keeps quite about is the recovery of two crucial pieces of evidence in the case- a khukri and a pillow cover recovered from the servant Krishna's room (in a different flatin the same housing complex as of the Talwars) on which a forensic lab found traces of Hemraj's blood.

Witnesses like Mausuma Jha and Rajinder Koul, friends of the Talwars, who arrived at the crime seen on 16 May 2008 are dismissed summarily by the CBI with the suggestion that there is no evidence that they were there. 

CBI also says that Dr. Richa Sharma, who examined Aarushi's vaginal slides need not to be called either. She is prosecution's witness and erection doctor, Naresh Raj's spouse. The CBI had, late last year, told the Supreme Court that it desperately needed her testimony. They then told the trial court that they couldnt find her and now Saini writes that the prosecution has reliably learnt that she is out of the country. What is the point of calling her in and wasting everyone's time? 

An article in Toronto Star states - 
"Arushi Talwar Murder- Indian Prosecutors say defence shouldnt use forensics or witnesses"

"Indian prosecutors say a Delhi couple accused of killing their daughter and cook should not be allowed to call witnesses"

The CBI had originally drawn up a list of 141 witnesses. The testimony of 14 of those dropped is crucial for defence. Among them are - 
1. A doctor who examined Aarushi's vaginal swab and told police that there was no sign of semen.
2. A constable who stated in police records that she allowed cleaners to clean the crime scene hours after Aarushi's body was discovered.
3. A high-ranking officail, Arun Kumar, who, during his stint at the CBI, headed a team that conducted extensive investigations and exonerated Dr. Rajesh Talwar in July 2008. His team found no evidence that Hemraj had been killed in his house. Hemraj's blood was not in Aarushi's room or on the Talwars' clothes.

Kumar's team emerged with an alternative narrative and pointed the finger at the Talwar's dental clinic assistant Krishna and two other domestic workers from the neighbourhood.

Kumar was taken off the case and a second CBI team didnt investigate the three alternative suspects further. It accused the Talwars of the murder.

The Talwars are seeking reports of the tests on the dental clinic assistant and the other two men. 

They are also asking that evidence collected by the police be examined by an independent investigating agency like a DNA expert in England.

So who can the Talwars summon in defence? If we go as per the CBI, they shouldnt be allowed to summon anyone and the case should be fought one-sided and decided. What a fair trial! 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

INDIANS for SALE! @Rs.200 each (US $4 only)

Few days back, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah conducted a rally at Marh area of Jammu District. He asked his minister Ajay Sadotra to organize the function and gather an audience of atleast 10,000 people. Ajay Sadotra appointed 10 Govt. Contractors for this job and each was asked to gather atleast 1000 people. Each contractor paid Rs.200 per person, thus spent Rs.2 Lacs (USD 4000) plus another few thousands on transportation.

So Omar Abdullah's rally had more than 10,000 people who were just gathered to clap at everything what he said and shout slogans in his support.

In return, each contractor will be given a contract worth Rs.1 crore or more (USD 200,000) out of which he will utilize one-fourth or less for the given job and rest will go into his pocket and obviously to his political bosses. 

Incredible India and Incredible Indians!

A man from Rajput community of Gurah Salathia area near Jammu called up my father and was telling him that he unearthed few scams and tried to get culprits punished but in vain. When my father told him that he has come to know that this man had tried to sell the information for a good amount, he was shocked and then spoke the truth that those people had promised him Rs.2 lacs and a car in return of the favour that I would hand over the information to them but they  didnt give him anything.

Then my father questioned him that if you are yourself on SALE for Rs.2 lacs, what rights do you have to speak against them. The only difference is that some are sold for Rupees TWO Hundred, some for Rupees TWO Lacs and some other for Rupees TWO crores and so on.

Indian investigating agency CBI has 100% conviction rate i.e., success in every case that they take up. INCREDIBLE INDIA! Isnt it?

CBI is too keen to take up case against 3 Post office employees who have accepted a bribe of Rs.1500/- each and presses its lawyers to prepare a case at the earliest. Same CBI doesnt even file the case prepared by its lawyers wherein powerful, influential people are involved in corruption of millions and billions of rupees. 

INDIAN POLICE doesnt have any system in place. It also works against the weak and for the powerful. In our police forensic labs, literally no work is done. Why? Because they dont have the equipment. Why? Is it because of shortage of money? NOT AT ALL. Senior officials are too keen and stress at buying the most costly equipment only which should cost atleast Rs.50 lacs or more. Why? Because they will get a commission of atleast Rs.10 lacs.

But the problem is that there are various simple machines which cost much less and are required to conduct preliminary tests before the same may be tested on that Rs.50 lacs worth machine. But nobody is interested in procuring a Rs.50,000 or Rs.1 lac worth small machine because that wont bring anything into their pockets.

Indian Politicians have become very smart now a days. They are infact the smarter race among the fools. They just spend a few lac rupees  from public money in building good roads and providing some other very basic amenities/ facilities in their respective constituencies and please the voters there. These voters who get sold for just Rs.200 are so pleased that they vote these politicians to power everytime they contest the elections. In every other affair and at every other place in the state or the country, these politicians loot thousands of crores of rupees let it be by capturing prime land with the help of police and land mafia or by selling medicine worth billions of rupees, meant for poorest of the poor and replacing them with spurious drugs, as it very much prevalent in Jammu & Kashmir.

So before we blame Pakistan or China for our problems, we must not forget these criminals inside our home who are much more dangerous than any outsider. And who is the culprit? We the people of India.

Incredible India!!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Welcome to INDIA of 2013!

Antila - Mukesh Ambani's Dream House
Construction took 7 years, 
4 lakhs square feet area, 
27 floors,
9 lifts, 
3 helipads, 
1 theatre, 
1 gym, 
1 park, 
168 car parking, 
600 rooms, 
600 servants, 
Total cost - Rs.4,700 Crores only.
When Mukesh Ambani moved in with his wife and 2 kids, 1st month's electricity bill - Rs.71 lacs.
Incredible INDIA!

Rich peoples' poor country. India the Great!

Pizza reaches home in less time than what an Ambulance takes to reach.

Car Loan is given at 7% interest rate whereas education loan costs much more at 12%.

Good quality rice is available at Rs.40 per kg and Mobile SIM card is available free of cost.

We India worship different Goddesses and kill the female child even before birth.

Olympics shooter gets a Gold Medal, and when he/she wins, Central & State Governments give Rs.3 crores (Rs.300 million). The shooter who sacrifices life on India's Border gets Rs. 1 lakh( Rs.0.1 million).

SHAME on all of us, who allow this to happen, every day.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

INDIA - producer of 35% of the world's Spurious Drugs

"You fell sick, went to the doctor. He prescribed medicines, which you consumed as prescribed and even then you didnt turn well. Instead your health deteriorated further and prolonged illness had a toll on your vital organs like Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Intestines, etc"

This has become the painful story of almost every other Indian, who is already fighting to sustain a respectable life with a roof on the top, clothes to cover body and daily meals to feed his/her family. This Indian finds hard to survive even when he sells of all his/ her assets to get himself/ herself treated and hopelessly waits for death.

Those who are responsible for all this ride in Mercedes, BMW, sit in ACs homes and offices and ride in Cars with red lights on the top, are given high security and proudly address the parliament.


According to WHO report, 35% of the world's spurious drugs are produced in India. These spurious or fake drugs constitute a "flourishing" industry of Rs.4000 crores annually which is about 20% domestic pharmaceutical goods manufactured in India.

We are an exporting country but USA HAS PUT INDIA IN 301 WATCH THREAT LIST.

Such a fast expanding business of spurious, fake drugs is not possible without an organized nexus of manufacturers, traders, corrupt officers and politicians.

Hospitals, dispensaries and government institutions are the main destinations of such drugs, rather they are dumped there.

Corruption flows from top to bottom. So WE ALL ARE THE CULPRITS WHO VOTE SUCH CRIMINALS TO POWER.

Do the people of this country not have the right to good health? Is it not our guaranteed right to demand of the government to take measures adequate, which can provide to each citizen the conditions of a healthy life? Has this country any sound Public Health Policy? Has adulteration in milk, pulses, ghee, spices and then vegetables and fruits (chemically dyed and fattened by injecting harmful oxytocin) been even remotely checked by the government? 

Oxytocin is a schedule H drug, which brings with it, over a period of time, neurotic problems, sterility, nervous break down, heart and kidney problems. 

Milch cattle are injected with this harmone shooting oxytocin injection to extract more milk which even infants are consuming. We are thus building a nation of sick, weak and undernourished future citizens and builders of this nation. Who cares?

Does the government not know about this unethical, hazardous and illegal practice going on? Do those, chosen by us to govern this country, not know that there are innumberable tin shed factories believed to be over engaged in manufacturing this half rupee costing oxytocin ampoules and being sold across the country and being very easily available? Has any political party ever given a call for bandh/protest against this dangerous, life- threatening or to be more precise "life-taking" practice to educate and awaken the people? PLEASE THINK, STAY AWAKE & ACT.

Nobody else can break this vicious circle except our elected representatives who rule this country. Since all political parties have proved to be the same, we the people need to change all of them and rise above the politics of caste, religion and region and vote for a cleaner candidate and not for the party. It will be a slow cleansing process and once it begins, it will send a strong message to all the politicians in capital and bold letters - "REFORM OR VANISH".

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Education, Health, Defense, Food Grains - Most corrupt sectors in India !

Few years back, Outlook Magazine had published a cover story titled - Health/Medical Sector in India is the most corrupt, accounts for almost 25% corruption in the country. 

Since I am related to education field now, I feel that education sector is fast catching with the health sector in the percentage of corruption it accounts for in the country. 

Third and less talked about is adulteration in edibles let it be milk and milk products, excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers, use of life- threatening injections and powders on food grains, vegetables and fruits to get much higher produce than normal by putting much lesser efforts.

Such practices are responsible for large increase in number of patients with life- threatening diseases like Cancer, Kidney Failures, Liver infections, etc.

And the worst part is, in country like India, you dont have any laboratories where you can take the sample of a fruit or vegetable and get it tested for the amount of such harmful ingredients in it.

Fourth and equally important as the above three is the Defense Sector. Corruption rules the roost, let it be the case of procuring latest weapons, planes, helicopters at the international level. Within the country, there is corruption in every thing related to India's armed forces, let it be in case of procuring food items, medicines, vehicles, equipment and it has penetrated even upto the levels where soldiers sell petrol and diesel supplied for their vehicles and to keep them warm in high altitude places like Leh Ladakh. 

Corrupt offers like Gen Deepak Kapoor were promoted as Chief of Army Staff and when a thoroughly honest man like Lt. Gen. Panag took over Northern Command, which was under Gen Kapoor before him, and initiated inquiries in many cases of purchase/ procurement, he was immediately shifted to Central Command.

 In Jammu & Kashmir, all blames are put on Omar Abdullah, his party and other local parties like Mufti's PDP but if we watch closely, its the Congress or the BJP who are the real culprits and they have played the dirty game whenever they got a chance.

At present, from past few years of the Omar led Govt, it is the Congress which holds important portfolios of Health & Education and both have been ruined to such a state that they never had been. 

There has been loot in the education sector, especially in courses like B.ed and ETT. Corrupt officers are encouraged and promoted as Chairman, Secretary of J&K Board of School Education and likewise in Jammu University. Students sit at their homes in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and come once in an year to appear for exams for the above mentioned courses. You just need to pay Rs.1000 (USD 20) per subject and write exams with books open infront of you. From top to bottom, all are corrupt. Responsibility lies on us also, the citizens of the country. We dont question ourselves that of what use, such a degree or diploma is of for us? Do we gain any knowledge out of such a course? 

But again, corruption comes into play in the home state of these students where they show these degrees and get a Government Job, not depending upon how much they know but on how much they can pay. 

What will be the future of a country where such candidates will be appointed as teachers, to teach students upto Class 10th or 12th, when they themselves are not worth to be graduates?

Now Congress' Deputy CM Tara Chand holds education portfolio. ETT Colleges owners had to sit in the J&K State Board, Jammu premises for almost 1 month, just to compel him and get only a commitment that the long pending exams of 24,000 students enrolled in ETT course from past 3-4 years will finally be conducted now.

Every citizen of Jammu & Kashmir is involved in Power Theft. Very few pay exact bills for using AC and in most cases, if they use 2-3 AC in a single home, they pay bill for one of them only. Biggest Power Thieves are the Politicians & Bureaucrats, they Lead by Example.

What more and worst proofs does the government need to act? 

Our politicians are shameless to the core and to a large extent, we all are the same and are responsible for this abysmal situation in our country. First, we vote based to caste, creed, religion and party, without weighing the credibility of the candidates and secondly, we are too eager to get involved in corrupt practices to find easy way out of every problem.

If we dont keep a person as maid or butler at home unless we are 100% sure that he/she is worth trusting, how can we hand over the authority of deciding our future to such corrupt & criminals?

Can we be intelligent enough to project one honest man/woman in our respective localities as our candidate for next elections and then extend complete support to him/her? Its high time that we should wake up, think wisely and act. There is hardly anything more left for us to wait and watch. finally delivered the products

In continuation to my last post, I wish to share with all the readers that finally delivered the product (Zync Tablet) last month. Since I was very busy, I couldnt update this immediately. I am happy that they kept their promise though I was 99% sure that from top 12, my name will not be listed among top 10 people who were supposed to get an Apple iPhone 5s in the contest. That now hardly matters to me when atleast I got what I paid for.

Moreover my total paid amount of Rs.5,800/- approx, was converted into credit points for which I was told I can buy the products any time. The only tricky part in this is that in a single purchase, I can utilise only 30% of the credit points.

That also hardly matters as I am making purchases of small amounts and daily use products so that the total bill amount doesnt exceed 30% of my remaining credit points. One of the order was delivered to me and 2 more are in the pipeline which I am hopeful of receiving in a day or two.

So eventually by paying Rs.5,800 I received a Zync Tablet which has MRP of Rs.5400 and could buy products worth Rs.5,800 too in the form of credit points. Thus it is a win win situation for me as of now if all the ordered products are delivered, which I am quite hopeful of.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beware of Cheats -

I never believed in bidding for products at sites like which ask us to pay Rs.799/- or Rs.499/- for products like Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and then promise that if we are not among the selected ones, this amount  will be refunded in the form of Credit Points. 

Their advertisements are so tempting that even I thought that there is no harm in spending Rs.799/- and try out luck for an Apple iPhone and at the same time know about the authenticity and modus operandi of these websites. Once i paid that amount, after a week or so I received a call from their executive that I have been selected among top 12 people and out of these top 10 will get an iPhone. 

I was told that to qualify for the final step, I need to purchase Zync Tablet worth Rs.4999/- from them and it will be a free gift as this amount of Rs.4999/- + Rs.799/- will show up in my account in the form of credit points, which I can use anytime when I wish just after minutes of this purchase.

The offer was again lucrative because I was not losing anything. If I pay Rs.4999/- and get the product worth the same amount, its not at all a loss for me. So, on 11th February 2013, I paid up this amount too and immediately over the phone itself, I was shown that the same number of credit points showed in my account at their website. I was told that within few minutes, I will get a mail which will have my consignment number and the product will be delivered to me within 3-4 working days. I didnt receive this mail till the next day and so I mailed them, asking for the consignment number.

I received a mail with an apology that they wont be able to ship the product for a few days due to unavoidable reasons. So I waited for another couple of days and wrote a mail again. This time I was told that issue will be forwarded to higher authorities and they will contact me soon. I was asked to wait for 7-10 working days. 

Its almost going to be a month now and when I called their office 2 days back, after a long wait, the guy who picked up my phone straight away told me that my product has been shipped today because I asked him that my order has not been delivered till date. To my surprise, he didnt ask me my name, or my registration Id or the order id. I told him that without having any details, how can you tell me this, then he took my order number and again repeated the same and ensured that I will get the mail within next few minutes, which I didnt get till now.

Today I called at that number again and was put into Automated Voice System, where I was asked to pick from various options. After doing that I kept holding mobile for 15 long minutes and could hear only one line "Thank you for your patience". Finally nobody picked the phone, even when I called for the second time and waited for almost 7 minutes.

With no other option left, I called up a friend of mine in Bangalore and asked him if he can visit their office and look into the matter. When I gave him the address, he said its 28km from the city and its obvious that before going, he will need to talk to them because its almost impossible to go there for the second time. I told him not to take th trouble and that he should just try to call them. Incase they pick the call, he can converse with them in local language and follow up in a better way as they would know someone is there in the same city.

Lastly I checked out for the option of using my credit points, which are close to Rs.5,800. When I tried to use them, I came to know that in a single purchase, I can only use 30% of this amount. So to get back this amount, I might end up spending more than Rs.15,000 and that too without any guarantee if the product will ever be shipped.

Left with no other option but to wait, I am looking into other possibilities if any and going to Consumer Court is one of them. I will be thankful to anyone who could suggest me better way out, how I can atleast get my money back or the product that I paid for.