Sunday, 12 May 2013

INDIANS for SALE! @Rs.200 each (US $4 only)

Few days back, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah conducted a rally at Marh area of Jammu District. He asked his minister Ajay Sadotra to organize the function and gather an audience of atleast 10,000 people. Ajay Sadotra appointed 10 Govt. Contractors for this job and each was asked to gather atleast 1000 people. Each contractor paid Rs.200 per person, thus spent Rs.2 Lacs (USD 4000) plus another few thousands on transportation.

So Omar Abdullah's rally had more than 10,000 people who were just gathered to clap at everything what he said and shout slogans in his support.

In return, each contractor will be given a contract worth Rs.1 crore or more (USD 200,000) out of which he will utilize one-fourth or less for the given job and rest will go into his pocket and obviously to his political bosses. 

Incredible India and Incredible Indians!

A man from Rajput community of Gurah Salathia area near Jammu called up my father and was telling him that he unearthed few scams and tried to get culprits punished but in vain. When my father told him that he has come to know that this man had tried to sell the information for a good amount, he was shocked and then spoke the truth that those people had promised him Rs.2 lacs and a car in return of the favour that I would hand over the information to them but they  didnt give him anything.

Then my father questioned him that if you are yourself on SALE for Rs.2 lacs, what rights do you have to speak against them. The only difference is that some are sold for Rupees TWO Hundred, some for Rupees TWO Lacs and some other for Rupees TWO crores and so on.

Indian investigating agency CBI has 100% conviction rate i.e., success in every case that they take up. INCREDIBLE INDIA! Isnt it?

CBI is too keen to take up case against 3 Post office employees who have accepted a bribe of Rs.1500/- each and presses its lawyers to prepare a case at the earliest. Same CBI doesnt even file the case prepared by its lawyers wherein powerful, influential people are involved in corruption of millions and billions of rupees. 

INDIAN POLICE doesnt have any system in place. It also works against the weak and for the powerful. In our police forensic labs, literally no work is done. Why? Because they dont have the equipment. Why? Is it because of shortage of money? NOT AT ALL. Senior officials are too keen and stress at buying the most costly equipment only which should cost atleast Rs.50 lacs or more. Why? Because they will get a commission of atleast Rs.10 lacs.

But the problem is that there are various simple machines which cost much less and are required to conduct preliminary tests before the same may be tested on that Rs.50 lacs worth machine. But nobody is interested in procuring a Rs.50,000 or Rs.1 lac worth small machine because that wont bring anything into their pockets.

Indian Politicians have become very smart now a days. They are infact the smarter race among the fools. They just spend a few lac rupees  from public money in building good roads and providing some other very basic amenities/ facilities in their respective constituencies and please the voters there. These voters who get sold for just Rs.200 are so pleased that they vote these politicians to power everytime they contest the elections. In every other affair and at every other place in the state or the country, these politicians loot thousands of crores of rupees let it be by capturing prime land with the help of police and land mafia or by selling medicine worth billions of rupees, meant for poorest of the poor and replacing them with spurious drugs, as it very much prevalent in Jammu & Kashmir.

So before we blame Pakistan or China for our problems, we must not forget these criminals inside our home who are much more dangerous than any outsider. And who is the culprit? We the people of India.

Incredible India!!!

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