Wednesday, 8 January 2014

RIOTS - Congress & BJP rejoice, Muslims branded as terrorists!

It is a shame that all tactics used by the British to weaken and rule we Indians have been misused 100 times more vigorously, cheaply by today's political parties, primarily led by the Congress and the BJP. One of such tactics and most widely used one is "Divide and Rule".

Congress misuses Muslims against Hindus by showing them that it is the only political party that is concerned about the Muslims. BJP on the other hand has succeeded to make majority of Hindus believe that if RSS and BJP were not there, Muslims wont let Hindus survive in their own country. Same logic explains why Narendra Modi has been elected again and again in Gujarat after thousands of Muslims were massacred in streets across Gujarat.

The story goes way back to the times after the country's independence and from those times, Nehru and successive Congress governments worked and favoured to maintain Pandits' supremacy in Kashmir though they were not more than 20% of total population and almost half of the Muslims lived in extreme poverty in Kashmir. This was exploited by Pakistan to make Kashmir Muslims believe that India is not their country and they were living under the captivity of the Hindus.

BJP needed a big agenda to move the sentiments of the Hindus. It couldnt find anything better than Ram Mandir issue and finally succeeded in pulling down Babri Masjid and showing Hindus that the party can go upto any extent for them and it doesnt care what Muslims think or feel.

Muzzafarnagar riots have been one of the most shameful incidents in Indian history. Though like the massacre of Sikhs on Indian roads in 1984 and that of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, minority has been made to believe that India is the country of the Hindus and if they have to live in this country, they will have to be happy with all what they get and not complain about it. And if they do, they will be branded as anti-national or terrorists. When children are dying because of extreme cold in Muzzafarnagar camps, UP politicians are enjoying foreign trips and organizing events life SAIFAI in which Bollywood stars like Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are being called by spending crores of rupees.

Where does this money come from? Will any of these shameless, thick-skinned politicians answer? Do Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan have conscience which tells them that this is poor peoples' money which is being misused by politicians?

Rahul Gandhi visits the victims and simply comes back after criticizing the opposition, thus spread an anti-BJP/SP sentiment among the muslims. Akhilesh Yadav or Mulayam Singh didnt even care to visit the victims once. Then they all cry that and show fake concerns that terrorist organizations are approaching youth in those camps for recruitment in their groups.

I would like to ask all the politicians of our country that who is responsible in creating terrorists? Who is giving the most fertile ground to terrorist outfits to make Muslims believe that first they were beaten out of their own villages and now they have been left to die?

Every community, let it be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc have families and all are humans who want a complete, peaceful family life. Nobody gets up with a thought in mind that I have to harm the members of other community. But these political parties and their agents/goons have spread such poison among innocent people that they have succeeded in spreading hatred for their own vested interests.

We, over a billion of people are playing at the hands of few thousand politicians and are creating a hell for ourselves and for others. It is the duty of every learned, aware Indian to spread awareness and expose the disastrous anti- national designs of these politicians, so that they dont succeed in poisoning the country any further. Lets be Indians first and support those working for India, rather than being pro-Congress, pro-BJP or any other political party.