Sunday, 30 October 2011

NC- Congress Report Card in J&K !

Report Card of NC- Congress in J&K after  3 years of rule, to be more precise- misrule! J&K has the second highest crime  & it is one of most corrupt states in India.
Officials indicted by State Accountability Commission working at influencial positions under this government. One of them is G N Kasba, who is still continuing as Director (SKICC) and cases are pending against Education Minister Peerzada Sayed and Taj-moiuddin.
Education has become the most corrupt sector under Peerzada Sayed as education minister. Loot goes on in broad daylight. As reported by Early Times 11th July 2011, 2 nights before departure for Training overseas, Director Education, Shagufta Parveen worked on promotion and transfer of 1000 teachers. Jammu & Kashmir Government learned through Police Intelligence that a transaction of Rs.1.50 Crores was behind these promotions and transfers.

Director School Education Mr. Sheikh Mushtaq was under tremendous pressure to implement all controversial orders immediately. All these promotions and transfers were done by carrying out work day and night. Thanks to Education Minister Peerzada Mohd Sayeed, epitome of corruption in Jammu & Kashmir and to Congress for contributing the most corrupt ministers in J&K Government.

Health sector is another equally corrupt sector, again thanks to Health Minister Sham Lal. Except minor injuries and illnesses, people have to rush to Ludhiana or Chandigarh for all other major health problems. On 15th July 2011, people blocked National Highway at Samba, Jammu for 2 hours to protest lack of medical facilities. Protestors blamed authorities for tranfering capable & honest doctors, encouraging defunct lot to stay back.
Land mafia is spreading its poisonous tentacles in Jammu, with newspapers exposing ministers- mafia-police nexus. Still no considerable action has been taken so far.
We are blessed with arrogant Chief Minister and corrupt, power hungry Congress. Why doesnt Omar Abdullah order CBI inquiry into Yousuf's killing case? Being CM, judges can be easily selected for the case and manipulated.

Even with the above mentioned situation, things in the state seem hard to change because of weak New Delhi Governments who have always bowed down to J&K Govts and separatists as they use the threat of demand of autonomy or complete independence time and again for innumerable personal and political gains.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Plan A to Plan D of Congress !!

By letting loose the Venom Spitter (VS) Digvijay Singh, Congress is doing more harm that good to its already tarnished, scam and corruption hit image. Its committing the same mistake as LK Advani made during the last General Elections by making fun of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka by using demeaning words. By doing this or letting this happen, Congress is showing the cheapest and most shameless side of politicians and exposing it more than ever before. One cant understand what Mrs. Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the PM are doing, if their words of sincerity and commitment are to be believed? Or have they accepted that Congress' grave is deep enough and it hardly makes any difference if someone digs it more by a feet or two?

We cant say that Ramdev and members of Team Anna (excluding Sh. Anna Hazare) are absolutely, flawlessly clean. But the cheap tactics that Congress is using against them are exposing it more. People are understanding in a better way that what these politicians do with those who try to snatch the bite of curruption from their mouth.  Its shows the extent of shamelessness they can go to even after being exposed time and again.

It is also exposing that these politicians dont let the agencies like CBI work effectively because if they are allowed to work, they can even track down Ramdev aide's, Kejriwal's and Kiran Bedi's day to day transactions and records within no time. This clearly shows that these people were letting everything happen delibrately and believe in the philosophy- Eat and Let Us Eat.

If we put it in VS Digvijay's and hence Congress' terms, the plans go as follows.

Congress Plan A- Use Kapil Sibal to spead propaganda against Team Anna in decent, sophisticated way.
Congress Plan B- Use P Chidambram to take actions against Ramdev & Sh. Anna Hazare by arresting him before his fast.
Congress Plan C- Use CBI & other agencies against Ramdev & aides & Team Anna to demean/ insult/defame them.
Congress Plan D- Let loose their Venom Spitter Digvijay to spit venom on everyone who doesnt agree with congress
It seems to be Congress strategy to drag Sri Sri into the row and then include him into their camp to show that he trusts Congress. They can prove that another Anna supporter has left him and joined their camp like Agnivesh.
As Subramanian Swamy rightly tweeted - "RSS is on Plan D: Set loose Digvijay Singh-- who will make RSS seem omnipotent to the whole world. Find out what it meant to be King Fabius."
Congress should put a stop to all this immediately for its personal interest and work for the interest of the people of the country if it wants to stand true to any of its tall claims it has made so far.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Deputy CM & Congress MP exposed!

A video clip of master mind in Murder case, gangster Nagar Singh (Nago) being interrogated by the police-

It has chilled the spine of politicians, police officials,media people whose names Nago revealed during interrogation.
It includes Tara Chand, Deputy CM of J&K, Madan Lal Sharma, Congress MP, S D Rometra, Head, Daily Excelsior Newspaper.
In the video link, names of Editor-in Chief of prominent daily newspaper in the state having ties with bookies and Hawala transitions. Name of owner of another newspaper in land grabbing case has also being discussed, who is said to use the name of Nago while encroaching the lands.

Even the name of senior Congress leader, Madan Lal Sharma, who holds a important portfolio and Member of Parliament (MP) has also surfaced, alleged to have demanded money from Nago to allegedly use their influence to scuttle the investigation.

The names of some other prominent businessmen have also been discussed in the video, on their involvement in the cricket match fixing.

The links about his links with the underworld people in Delhi and Mumbai is also being talked about.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

India's Slavery, Corruption & Jan Lokpal !

On 14th October 2011, an article by Tavleen Singh, titled "Why Government Succumbs to Anna's actions?" was published in J&K's local newspaper Daily Excelsior. Likewise, many people in print and electronic media and others at the helm of affairs in different organizations across the country do carry similar doubts and almost all of us keep guessing, blaming and justifying different parties in Lokpal issue. I will share my own opinion over certain things related to Lokpal, Team Anna and the Government and at the same time try to answer some of the questions as asked and explained by the esteemed journalist in the above mentioned article.

Major problem in our country is that those who talk about grave issues that more than 70% population of this country is facing, they are themselves sitting in AC rooms, travel in AC cars, they are the VIPs and have access to the best education and medical facilities available in the country and have never seen any of their loved one starving even for a single meal or dying in a government hospital just because they couldn’t afford anything better. And many of these people just argue to prove themselves somewhat different from the lot and create a niche for themselves. These arguments are done hardly caring whether it serves any purpose or whether the opponent is right or wrong. Opposition for opposition sake.

Lets keep aside the words like Congress, BJP, RSS, who supports whom, CBI, NAC, Haryana elections, etc and start from the basic and understand the real problem.

Socrates had said that a country which is enslaved for a single day will need 1 year to compensate the financial, emotional, psychological loss incurred by its people in that single day. Similarly, a country that has been under slavery for 1 year will need 100 years to compensate for the loss. Then what can we say about India, whose people have lived the lives of slaves for centuries?

What will happen if there are 100 slaves on an island that has basic amenities of life and all of them are set free? Their psychology will be set over the generations that everyday is not Sunday and God knows how long we will be able to enjoy these amenities as per our choice. So- Loooooooot - as much as you can.

This was the situation in India when we attained freedom in 1947. One thing that still saved us from mass loot was the values and culture that was still intact in most of our families and so only a few at the helm of affairs misused the authority and status that they enjoyed and poor and innocent people of the country looked towards them as their own. So many a times people felt an insult even if they questioned these leaders. It started from that time that some of corrupt leaders started promoting corruption from their own vested interests. A corrupt minister will definitely promote a corrupt official as head of the department under his ministry, who in turn will promote corrupt officials in next departmental ranks under him.

Even the British couldn’t damage our country as much as we ourselves have done in just 64 years by injecting the virus of corruption in almost every citizen of this country who has access to resources, at the cost of food, health and sanitation of more than 60crores population of India. In J&K, you will hardly find anyone who pays electricity bills. Lineman comes and charges you Rs.2000 to 3000 and will make some change in your circuit to stop the meter or to make it slow. Parents want schools and colleges to pass their children with good marks and they pay for it. Its because they know that ultimately its money that will fetch their child a job as Government Teacher in schools, colleges, universities or in Police. You pay a good amount and secure very good marks in written exams and interviews.

Slowly, honest people were being sidelined and corrupt promoted and all this has resulted in the present cancerous system and by the time we all realized, it seems to be too late and final stage of cancer that cant be treated.  Over the years, the innocent people of our country couldn’t realize this game because they hardly doubted their ministers and officials, very few were 100% sure of their success and felt cheated when not given due share and large portion of population blamed it on their karma and fate. That’s why many many of us are still ready to be duped by Babas and Swamis very easily.

Thanks to education and media that people of the country started realizing that what life threatening cancer has engulfed every aspect of our lives. Its not only the bribe we pay, but its responsible for lack of medical, education and sanitation facilities to more than 70% of Indian population and for almost every menace that we are facing today.

But even after realizing, middle class couldn’t make a substantial difference because if they leave their work and try future in politics or sit on a fast for a week, many in their family will starve or will have to go without life saving medicines. But the anger had been so much that when militants attached Indian Parliament, one could hear most of the people saying, wish they were successful in cleaning the Parliament.

Another major reason why the people couldn’t make a difference is the fear of life and other problems that might be created by the nexus of corrupt and powerful politicians, officials, police and judiciary. If they can dig out reasons to harass Anna by blaming him of corruption, Kiran Bedi, who held the highest rank in Police and has been honoured many a times and has a clean record, then what will they do with a common man?

Why Anna struck the chord? Its because he is fighting selflessly being a man who doesn’t have a family or a home and lives in a room inside the temple and he has picked up the issue that haunts and is a nightmare for every Indian in 98% of the population, except the wealthy 2%. The people, cant leave homes and sit on a fast but can definitely support the man who has given the face to them and a platform to question and ask for what they want from their servants who have become rulers.

Tavleen Singh asks "Why does the Government of India feel so compelled to listen to social activists, NGOs and professional troublemakers while at the same time ignoring the advice of economists and businessmen?" To me, if we ask this question, aren’t we asking that why doesn’t the government listen only to the top 2% who are lucky to have every basic necessity, luxury and much more than that? I wont say anything about other NGOs and Social Activists, but so far as Jan Lokpal Movement by Sh. Anna Hazare has been launched, millions of people are supporting him, a man who doesn’t have money, influence, high qualification because they felt that he picked up the most valid point the root cause of most of the ills in the country that they are facing. And our so-called public servants, businessmen and policy makers have failed over last 65 years to bring any relief to the sufferings of these people and corruption has only increased many folds in the country over past decades. Should the people close their eyes and sit like a pigeon that cat isn’t there? For how long? Our people have suffered for 65 years and almost 3 generations.

Such questions can only be asked by those for whom the world and India is this 2% population of the country and who have never actually suffered for a single day like the rest 98% of India, good days, power, money and status have faded those memories or make us feel that days have changed for everyone.

We need industrial reforms, we need reforms in Judiciary, we need reforms and changes in many many other things. So why it didn’t happen till now? Its because of lack of political will and till today politicians have enjoyed the status of being above the law of the land, unquestioned, doing everything with absolute impunity. Why will they create laws due to which wealth will be shared by millions of Indians, when for decades they alone have been enjoying on it? Why will they create laws which question them and check their working and hold them accountable for what they do? I think its "COMMON SENSE".

One Jan Lokpal is passed and there is a check on the working of every politician, bureaucrat and official and even common man, corruption will be checked and stopped and it will at least lead to the beginning of a Reverse Trend and will encourage the honest people in every sphere of life and this is the most important and desperate need in India. It will help in restoration of faith in people that they can achieve success in life with truthful means and by being meritorious and not only by just being corrupt.

Why does the government cry that RTI is being used for blackmailing? If I am right in the work I do, can anyone blackmail me in that case even if he/she has every bit of my information? No. If government feels blackmailed, its because RTI is exposing their corrupt ways and means and that what the Act is for. Its not blackmail, its corrupt against corrupt and its good for the country and the common man.

Since the people at the helm of affairs are corrupt, have criminal records and are scared of being exposed, they succumb to criminals, separatists in J&K, pay for protection to naxalites. They are not succumbing to Anna, they are listening to the voice of the people of India, that has rarely been represented in air-conditioned newsrooms and that’s what politicians are elected for.

Slogan of Indian Politics today - Khao aur khane do (Eat and Let Eat). If anyone dares to oppose, we will dig out her ticketing records too and we ourselves will swallow whole of Air India. Efficient Indian agencies. The moment someone stands against politicians, don’t know from where all sorts of cases start cropping up against him/ her and the efficiency of Indian agencies in such cases can beat even the CIA of the US.

Parliament is Supreme but only when the people that constitute this institution work under the constitution and law. Otherwise people have the right to change it and question it because people of the country are Supreme and even the Members of the Parliament are elected for serving them.

Friday, 21 October 2011

J&K State Accountability Commission

It is very disappointing that officials indicted by J&K State Accountability Commission(SAC) are still continuing under Omar Abdullah Government and no action has been taken against them. This is not what was expected from this government when long back, Omar himself spoke of providing teeth to the State Accountability Commission.
One such official is Mr. G N Kasba, who still continues to enjoy the position of Director, Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC).
Is it because cases are pending with SAC against some Congress Party  ministers in Omar Govt. Two cases each are pending against Education minister Peerzada Sayed (Complaint no- Regd 01/2005 and K-111/2007)  and Taj-moi- ud- din (Complaint No- K-51/2008 & J-11/2006).
So, under such circumstances, what and whom should we believe and what kind of teeth have been provided to SAC?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yousuf's Killing- darkest side of NC- Congress Corrupt Govt.

What does NC worker Haji Yousuf's killing expose? CCTV camers show him very fine while going in Omar Abdullah's office and in bad condition while coming out. What was such great evidence that Omar found against him that he couldnt find till now against his ministers till now?
If genuine analysis are done, Jammu & Kashmir will be at par with Mayawati's UP and Laalu's Bihar in corruption. Congress Ministers top the corruption chart with Education Minister Peerzada & Health Minister Sham Lal.
ETT, B.ed Courses are a loot, Police- Politicians- Criminals land grabbing nexus, no medicines, equipment in hospitals, thats J&K today.

How can we believe Sonia or Rahul or PM on promises to eradicate corruption? They cant check Omar & their own ministers. It is such ignorance on Govt's part that gives rise to Militancy, Naxalites. Can Govt of India sovle Kashmir Problem with such an approach? Forget about Kashmiris, they are testing the patience of Jammu People too. Then they blame their faliure on Pakistan and China.
Neither Print nor Electronic Media bothered to cover these issues but follow Bachans & their unborn child like flocks of sheep.
Posters on walls across Punjab read- Do ETT, B.ed from Jammu by sitting at home. Cant Kapil Sibal and others read that?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


No doubt, use of force for personal motives was a common practice of Indian kings or emperors of old times. Almost the same practice was applied by the British rulers too but with some different parameters as told by our elders.

Though during almost past four decades after the independence, population of India was not storming, economic unrest was not so problematic, people at large in were use to pull their livelihood  comfortably to much extent despite of poverty and healthcare. Of course, so many realties or bitter truths were unknown due to poor communication and deficient media.

Use of police & investigating agencies to counter the political arrivals is being observed as almost the main practice of the existing lot of Indian rulers. Initially they were use influenced the investigating agencies for their corruption cases but recent day to day shameful happenings exposed by the media i.e. brutality of police to fulfill the designs of corrupt bureaucrats plotted by the corrupt rulers without caring the poor public & the human values.

Lathi charge of Bihar police at Nalanda-Bihar, beating of poor and innocent truck drivers in U.P causing death of one innocent truck driver just for not giving Rs. 5000/- as bribe, beating of school going students by Rajasthan police are the recently exposed face of our police encouraged by our corrupt rulers. Most painful is the shameful speech of Rajasthan’s home minister during a police function of state asking his police maintain a upper hand in any case. He even said in his speech “Pit Ke Matt  Ayo Balkey  Peet  Ke Ayo”. Certainly it is matching with a saying i.e.                          
 “Ek To Chori  Ooper  Se  Seena  Zori”

Thanks to media for highlighting the above said shameful incidents and also thanks to Great Anna Hazzare and his dedicated team for awakening the masses for their drafted “Jan Lok Pal Bill” only injection against the existing corruption springs. Other demands from Sh. Anna & his civil society team like “Right to reject” & “Right to re-call” are also the symbols of relief to the poor & innocent Indians. To us, every countryman should be ready for an expected struggle to achieve the Anna’s goals for a prosperous & corruption free India.

Released to esteemed print & electronic media:                                         
Deep Singh
People’s Action & Public Accountability (PAPA)
                                                                                Dated: 28-09-2011              

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Does Amitabh Mattoo deserve?

Jammu university came into being in 1969 after years of struggle and it was considered as one of the best institutions in the country not-so-long ago.

The faculty in the University was highly qualified and with a vision and were known both in and outside India for their academic brilliance. Prof Yog Prakash (Physics Dept), Prof Gian Chand (Urdu Dept), Prof Sansar Chand (Hindi Dept), Prof Som Nath Bhakri (English Dept), Prof D N Saraf (Law Dept), Prof A C Bose (History Dept), Prof Wadia & Prof Wakloo (Geology Dept), Prof M R Puri Mathematics Dept), Prof Y R Malhotra & Prof A K Kaul (Dept of Bio-Sciences), to mention only a few, were outstanding teachers. Besides, they had the leadership qualities and were highly respected. The teaching faculty was dedicated and committed and did justice to the noble profession they had willingly joined.

There were politician teachers as well but they failed to vitiate the atmosphere on the campus. The fact of the matter is that no authority either in the University or in the government dared to take cudgels with the teaching faculty. So strong was it.

The Jammu University produced a number of Vice-Chancellors. Prof J N Bhan of the Economic Department was the first from Jammu University to become the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Prof Satya Bhushan, Prof M R Puri and Prof Y R Malhotra were all from Jammu University who led it for years and quite successfully. Leave aside a few acts of omission and commission on their part.

Things started deteriorating with the appointment of Amitabh Mattoo as Vice-Chancellor of Jammu University. He not only politicized the institution but also promoted sycophancy. He pitted teachers against teachers and he could do so because the ambitious and weak teachers willingly walked into his trap. Some teachers compromised their self-respect for foreign tours and some for out-of-turn promotions.

 The Jammu University Teachers Association, which used to act as the watchdog, was rendered ineffective, directionless and leaderless. And, it all happened because the weak, meek and ambitious teachers allowed themselves to be used, misused and exploited by Mattoo. He discouraged teaching and encouraged the sycophant.

For example, a number of teachers were withdrawn from their parent departments and they were assigned administrative duties. The loaves and fishes of office turned them more ambitious and the result was further deterioration.Mattoo left the University as a disgraced person. Because of his political links, Mattoo was again brought in and the government wanted to appoint him as Vice Chancellor of the Central University in Jammu. In January 2011, various students organizations across Jammu held joint protest demonstrations against the appointment of Prof. Mattoo as VC Central University (CU) and burnt his effigy.

In a joint statement, these organizations alleged that Prof. Mattoo is a 'tainted person' who had misused the platform of Jammu University during his tenure at Jammu University as Vice Chancellor and held him responsible for downgrading the academic standard of University and its mismanagement.  They further said that the protest demonstration against Prof. Mattoo shall continue till the HRD Ministry withdraws his name as VC CU Jammu. "We will welcome any person as VC CU Jammu irrespective of caste or religion but will not compromise on Prof. Mattoo's appointment this time', the students leaders claimed.

Students termed Mattoo's appointment as VC CU Jammu despite widespread protest demonstrations as broad daylight murder of democracy and extension of British Raj and took a very strong note after viewing it as onslaught on the dignity. Mattoo's appointment was termed as a Sinster design.

Our government and HRD Minister had better designs for Mattoo and he was appointed as first Director of Australia India Institute. Isnt there any better and more eligible person across India that Govt of India couldnt find anyone else and went ahead to appoint Mattoo inspite of such tainted image and bad performance and such wide protests by students across the streets of Jammu? Is it Kashmiri Pandits - Congress card thats again working for Mattoo? Were all other worthy Vice Chancellors, mentioned above, were less competent than Mattoo, that they were never elevated to such high ranks?

We cant expect anything better than this from a government that say any person earning more than Rs.32 ($0.66 approx) per day in Indian cities are not considered poor and wont be eligible to take benefit of Government's schemes meant for the poor.Its shameful in all its forms and versions.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill

Jan Lokpal Bill was never so much sought after as it is now, though this issue is almost 4 decades old. Question arises that why is this issue getting unprecedented support of the masses? Government had gone upto the extent of doubting a foreign hand behind this movement lead by Sh. Anna Hazare. If we try and find the answer to this question, that answer in itself is the answer to most of the questions. The most basic and perhaps the only reason is that in day to day life, people of India have been very badly affected by corruption.

The common man is not ready to live with this menace for even a single moment but due to his/ her compulsions, he/she couldnot take any extreme steps & even if he had done, the nexus of the corrupt wont have let a single man or a small group to stand against it for long. Its because crime is organized, others are not. Sh. Anna Hazare has proved to be the face of common man of India and has provided the much desperately needed platform to unite the masses against the nexus of the corrupt.

Government's reactions towards this movement &  against Anna shows how complacent & arrogant the politicians of this country have become as they have been doing with impunity whatever they want to.

Jan Lokpal, as proposed by Anna & people supporting him, is not draconian even for the corrupt. Once Lokpal proves that one is corrupt, long judicial process follows. Unfortunately, Judicial process in this country is so long that one should not be surprised that the victim dies, the convict dies and finally the case is closed by the next generation of judges. 

Jan Lokpal, if properly passed, will ensure that there is a body which is not in direct and complete control of those against whom the case is filed. But the corrupt dont even want to be questioned and held accountable for, by a body that will comprise of general public.

Government should stop and stay away from dirty and cheap tactics for its own face saving and present and support Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament. That will restore its credibility among the people and also expose the real face of other parties, who have been taking mileage over the government on Lokpal issue.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Babus play with emotions & hope of an old father!!

 Despite advertisements with claims of reaching to the poorest of the poor, Govt is playing with hopes of an old, aged father. His son is suffering from life consuming disease, and he hopes that aid pours at right time, miracle happens, and his son may get another life.

Aid stuck in the official murk of the state. Babus making old man to move from one block to the other block of secretariat. Old man filed complaint with CM's grievance cell vide no 24046 regarding implementation of directions from the High Court.

Court has directed state govt to release medical expenses in favour of Ashok Koul for treatment of his son, a govt employee. Medical Board of Govt Medical College vide its no GMC/PS/MBC-309/2556 dated: 20.7.2011 intimated govt abt patient's condition.

Instead of releasing the amount Finance Department sent the case to CM's Relief Fund committee which is clear violation of rules as it doesnt deal with such cases..

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Good things !!

For the first time, its now that we find good roads in whole of Jammu city. Thats one of the achievements of present Omar Abdullah Government. I call it achievement because in India, governments are so corrupt that even this basic facility seems to be a luxury.

Secondly, government tried to check power theft by installing Electronic Billing Meters across Jammu and Srinagar. Unfortunately during Amarnath Agitation, people across Jammu damaged these meters and effort went for a toss.

Frankly speaking there is nothing else that I feel really different what government has done from its predecessors.

Successful completion of Amarnath yatra has been because of Govt's sincere efforts and thanks to Huriyat and RSS/ VHP for not using Yatra this year to bake their bread.

The Healing Touch - Pak Pilot says Sorry for mistake

Complete Article published in Indian Express -

In September 1965, as the Indo-Pak war was drawing to a close, a Pakistani fighter jet shot down a civilian aircraft with the then chief minister of Gujarat, Balwantrai Mehta, on board. All eight people — Mehta and his wife, three aides, a journalist and the two pilots — were killed.

Forty-six years later, the Pakistani fighter pilot who shot down the Beechcraft has written to the daughter of the chief pilot of the downed Indian plane, expressing regret over the incident.

“If an opportunity ever arises that I could meet you face to face to condole the death of your father 46 years back I would grab it with both hands,” Qais Hussain has written in an email to Farida Singh, the daughter of distinguished IAF pilot Jahangir Engineer.

Engineer’s civilian plane was mistaken for a reconnaissance aircraft by Pakistani controllers, and he was ordered to shoot it down, Hussain has written. There was no intention to kill civilians, he has said.

“I did not play foul and went by the rules of business but the unfortunate loss of precious lives, no matter how it happens, hurts each human and I am no exception. I feel sorry for you, your family and the other seven families who lost their dearest ones,” Hussain has said.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Corrupt J&K Education Ministry

Early Times reported on 11th July 2011-
2 nights before departure for Training overseas, Director Education, Shagufta Parveen worked on promotion and transfer of 1000 teachers.

Jammu & Kashmir Government learned through Police Intelligence that a transaction of Rs.1.50 Crores was behind these promotions and transfers.

Director School Education Mr. Sheikh Mushtaq was under tremendous pressure to implement all controversial orders immediately. All these promotions and transfers were done by carrying out work day and night.

Thanks to Education Minister Peerzada Mohd Sayeed, epitome of corruption in Jammu & Kashmir and to Congress for contributing the most corrupt ministers in J&K Government.

Should Jammu People start demanding Separation from India?

Students have been protesting against discrimination towards Jammu over Central University, and boycotted classes as Congress and BJP remained silent spectators. Central University has started working in Kashmir whereas even land has not been finalized for the same in Jammu.

Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Srinagar is J&K's only Tertiary Care Hospital, nothing in Jammu.

Government has banned/limited sms services in J&K, 3G was first launched in Srinagar , then Jammu. Govt feels Jammu is more disturbed!!

Is Government of India indicating if Jammu people want all what Kashmir is given, they should start demanding Separation from India?? Needs a serious thought!

Jobs for J&K Youth!!

P Chidambram ensures 40,000 jobs 4 J&K youth. Will there b equal opportunity 4 Jammu? Quota shd b fixed 4 Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh. During Governor Rule in J&K, there used to b balanced distribution of candidates 4m all religions in Merit & Jobs lists. Whenever Govts r formed, 90% seats, jobs go to Muslims & even govts in Delhi support that. Shd Jammu also demand separation?

3 yrs back, during Amarnath agitation, Jammu remained shut 4 more than 2 months, people lost Rs.7500 Cr business. Jammu got nothing, Rs.3000 Cr was given 2 Kashmir 4 loss of business & trade route opened 4 them 2 PoK.

Frm Nehru till now, Kashmir problem & Jammu's sufferings r bcoz of Delhi Govts. They were never sincere to solve this, neither they are.

Mukesh Ambani's Multi-storey House Antillia

Rs 500 crore plot was sold by the Karimbhai Ibrahimbhai Khoja Charitable Trust for just Rs 21 crore to Mukesh Ambani.
Land deal on Mumbai's Altamount Road embroiled in controversy ever since Ambani began building multistorey residence Antillia.
The piece of land was originally reserved for educating children of the Khoja Muslim community.
Who calls them the richest when they build their own home for their wife and kids on land snatched from other kids?

Development Works

Few months back, 500m road 4m Panjtirthi 2 Amphala Jammu was completely excavated to put 2ft dia pipes 4 drainage. Was it so ill planned that again same stretch is being dug to put straw-like pipes of 6 inch diameter? Corruption in day lite. Why isnt work carried out in such a planned manner so that it meets the needs for next 20 years?