Thursday, 11 August 2011

Babus play with emotions & hope of an old father!!

 Despite advertisements with claims of reaching to the poorest of the poor, Govt is playing with hopes of an old, aged father. His son is suffering from life consuming disease, and he hopes that aid pours at right time, miracle happens, and his son may get another life.

Aid stuck in the official murk of the state. Babus making old man to move from one block to the other block of secretariat. Old man filed complaint with CM's grievance cell vide no 24046 regarding implementation of directions from the High Court.

Court has directed state govt to release medical expenses in favour of Ashok Koul for treatment of his son, a govt employee. Medical Board of Govt Medical College vide its no GMC/PS/MBC-309/2556 dated: 20.7.2011 intimated govt abt patient's condition.

Instead of releasing the amount Finance Department sent the case to CM's Relief Fund committee which is clear violation of rules as it doesnt deal with such cases..

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Good things !!

For the first time, its now that we find good roads in whole of Jammu city. Thats one of the achievements of present Omar Abdullah Government. I call it achievement because in India, governments are so corrupt that even this basic facility seems to be a luxury.

Secondly, government tried to check power theft by installing Electronic Billing Meters across Jammu and Srinagar. Unfortunately during Amarnath Agitation, people across Jammu damaged these meters and effort went for a toss.

Frankly speaking there is nothing else that I feel really different what government has done from its predecessors.

Successful completion of Amarnath yatra has been because of Govt's sincere efforts and thanks to Huriyat and RSS/ VHP for not using Yatra this year to bake their bread.

The Healing Touch - Pak Pilot says Sorry for mistake

Complete Article published in Indian Express -

In September 1965, as the Indo-Pak war was drawing to a close, a Pakistani fighter jet shot down a civilian aircraft with the then chief minister of Gujarat, Balwantrai Mehta, on board. All eight people — Mehta and his wife, three aides, a journalist and the two pilots — were killed.

Forty-six years later, the Pakistani fighter pilot who shot down the Beechcraft has written to the daughter of the chief pilot of the downed Indian plane, expressing regret over the incident.

“If an opportunity ever arises that I could meet you face to face to condole the death of your father 46 years back I would grab it with both hands,” Qais Hussain has written in an email to Farida Singh, the daughter of distinguished IAF pilot Jahangir Engineer.

Engineer’s civilian plane was mistaken for a reconnaissance aircraft by Pakistani controllers, and he was ordered to shoot it down, Hussain has written. There was no intention to kill civilians, he has said.

“I did not play foul and went by the rules of business but the unfortunate loss of precious lives, no matter how it happens, hurts each human and I am no exception. I feel sorry for you, your family and the other seven families who lost their dearest ones,” Hussain has said.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Corrupt J&K Education Ministry

Early Times reported on 11th July 2011-
2 nights before departure for Training overseas, Director Education, Shagufta Parveen worked on promotion and transfer of 1000 teachers.

Jammu & Kashmir Government learned through Police Intelligence that a transaction of Rs.1.50 Crores was behind these promotions and transfers.

Director School Education Mr. Sheikh Mushtaq was under tremendous pressure to implement all controversial orders immediately. All these promotions and transfers were done by carrying out work day and night.

Thanks to Education Minister Peerzada Mohd Sayeed, epitome of corruption in Jammu & Kashmir and to Congress for contributing the most corrupt ministers in J&K Government.

Should Jammu People start demanding Separation from India?

Students have been protesting against discrimination towards Jammu over Central University, and boycotted classes as Congress and BJP remained silent spectators. Central University has started working in Kashmir whereas even land has not been finalized for the same in Jammu.

Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Srinagar is J&K's only Tertiary Care Hospital, nothing in Jammu.

Government has banned/limited sms services in J&K, 3G was first launched in Srinagar , then Jammu. Govt feels Jammu is more disturbed!!

Is Government of India indicating if Jammu people want all what Kashmir is given, they should start demanding Separation from India?? Needs a serious thought!

Jobs for J&K Youth!!

P Chidambram ensures 40,000 jobs 4 J&K youth. Will there b equal opportunity 4 Jammu? Quota shd b fixed 4 Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh. During Governor Rule in J&K, there used to b balanced distribution of candidates 4m all religions in Merit & Jobs lists. Whenever Govts r formed, 90% seats, jobs go to Muslims & even govts in Delhi support that. Shd Jammu also demand separation?

3 yrs back, during Amarnath agitation, Jammu remained shut 4 more than 2 months, people lost Rs.7500 Cr business. Jammu got nothing, Rs.3000 Cr was given 2 Kashmir 4 loss of business & trade route opened 4 them 2 PoK.

Frm Nehru till now, Kashmir problem & Jammu's sufferings r bcoz of Delhi Govts. They were never sincere to solve this, neither they are.

Mukesh Ambani's Multi-storey House Antillia

Rs 500 crore plot was sold by the Karimbhai Ibrahimbhai Khoja Charitable Trust for just Rs 21 crore to Mukesh Ambani.
Land deal on Mumbai's Altamount Road embroiled in controversy ever since Ambani began building multistorey residence Antillia.
The piece of land was originally reserved for educating children of the Khoja Muslim community.
Who calls them the richest when they build their own home for their wife and kids on land snatched from other kids?

Development Works

Few months back, 500m road 4m Panjtirthi 2 Amphala Jammu was completely excavated to put 2ft dia pipes 4 drainage. Was it so ill planned that again same stretch is being dug to put straw-like pipes of 6 inch diameter? Corruption in day lite. Why isnt work carried out in such a planned manner so that it meets the needs for next 20 years?