Saturday, 11 May 2013

Welcome to INDIA of 2013!

Antila - Mukesh Ambani's Dream House
Construction took 7 years, 
4 lakhs square feet area, 
27 floors,
9 lifts, 
3 helipads, 
1 theatre, 
1 gym, 
1 park, 
168 car parking, 
600 rooms, 
600 servants, 
Total cost - Rs.4,700 Crores only.
When Mukesh Ambani moved in with his wife and 2 kids, 1st month's electricity bill - Rs.71 lacs.
Incredible INDIA!

Rich peoples' poor country. India the Great!

Pizza reaches home in less time than what an Ambulance takes to reach.

Car Loan is given at 7% interest rate whereas education loan costs much more at 12%.

Good quality rice is available at Rs.40 per kg and Mobile SIM card is available free of cost.

We India worship different Goddesses and kill the female child even before birth.

Olympics shooter gets a Gold Medal, and when he/she wins, Central & State Governments give Rs.3 crores (Rs.300 million). The shooter who sacrifices life on India's Border gets Rs. 1 lakh( Rs.0.1 million).

SHAME on all of us, who allow this to happen, every day.


  1. It is Time that the Poor & Destitute People of India Woke Up & Acted with Saner Members of Society and Brought about Change to this Form of Obscene Behaviour.

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