Friday, 30 September 2016

Open Letter 2 - To President CII


Dr. Naushad Forbes
Honourable President
Confederation of Indian Industry

Respected Sir,
In continuation to my yesterday's Open Letter to your goodself, this is the final part of whole episode. Final communication through mails has been pasted below for your kind consideration. You may also refer to copy of all e-mails at  I still expect a rational decision from your goodself and other dignitaries at the helm of affairs at CII.

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

Mail from Mr. Gourav Mahajan

To: All Concerned

Please note, CII J&K State Office has decided to dissociate from the Marathon, being organized by GLS Educational Society,

1.    Due to non-availability of the official permissions and other relevant documents till date, as were promised by the organizers to CII, despite several verbal requests and assurances.
2.    Due to date and venue clashing with other similar initiative, that has all relevant documents and permissions for organizing the initiative. (Permission attached for reference)
3.    Due to the existence of a series of Jammu Marathon, being consistently organized by Board of Development of Sports in India every year.
4.    Due to expected operational and security hassles of 2 events happening on the similar date and at the same venue in a small city of Jammu, which CII had intimated the team of GLS Educational Society in advance and suggested the change of date or merging the initiatives.
5.    The merger was further agreed upon by the GLS Team. However, later on it was informed that GLS had decided to go against the agreement without informing any of the stakeholders.
6.    There was no communication from CII team about any marathon being supported by State Government, Ch Laal Singh, Hon’ble Minister for Forest & Environment is a designated Patron & Chairman of Jammu Marathon, being organized by BDSI on 13 November 2016.
7.    And as there is no MoU signed between CII & GLS Educational Society.

Please consider this as an official communication that CII J&K State Office is not supporting the initiative in question, and the decision has been taken after internal discussion and approval of the CII J&K State Office Bearers. The same will be communicated to all District authorities, Office of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other concerned authorities.

Henceforth, the organizers are requested to remove the CII logo and all mentions of CII from all mediums with immediate effect, as there is no interest or binding on CII to support the initiative in anyway.


Gourav Mahajan
Head – Jammu & Kashmir State Office
Confederation of Indian Industry
Mubarak Villa
11 B/B - Gandhi Nagar Extension
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone :  +91-191-2452007
Fax :+91-191-2452006
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Website :

My reply to Mr. Gourav Mahajan ----->

Dear Gourav,

1. Referring to Verbal communication proves to be just a blame game and nothing else. We were never asked for permission documents and we always kept u in the loop for the process going on.

2. The permission you have attached is from D C Office and they dont have any link with M A Stadium Authorities. We have the permission letters from M A Stadium and Jammu Municipal Corporation to utilise both M A Stadium and Maharaja Hari Singh Ji Park on 13th November 2016 which Mr. Sethi doesnt have. I had attached the copies yesterday.

3. So this is true that Mr. Sethi till date doesnt have any holding area to organize the event. But with your help, he successfully created a situation for us to either back up and change the date or merge with him. We choose not to merge with him. You blame that we agreed to merge with him. Did we sign any agreement? Did we give anything in writing? 

4. You never suggested any change in date but insisted on merger of both the events, qouting it as a Govt initiative. Sh. Laal Singh is the patron of Mr. Sethi's event in his personal capacity but not as the Minister. If his ministry was involved, then permissions wont have been taken by Mr. Sethi and his Trust.

5. During our first meeting, we insisted on signing of MoU between us and CII which you denied by saying that its a very tedious and time consuming process and we should consider your official email as the agreement. It was our mistake to trust you. Infact we had the trust in the name of CII and not yours. So we fell into the trap and wasted our time and money.

6. When we met Mr. Sethi at Press Club and tried to convince him to change the date as he had not made anything public, whereas we had been promoting the event from past 2 months, he denied and revealed that from past 45 days, CII Jammu guys are telling me that G L S Society's permission is still in process, so you go ahead and get it. You and Mr. Khursheed planned with him to sabotage our event and asked him to take permission for the same date and same venue as ours. When it was done, then you revealed it to us and forced us to team up with him.

7. We still have trust in CII and people like Dr. Naushad Forbes and other dignitaries at the helm of affairs of CII. Thats why we brought the matter into their kind consideration and hoped that they wont let all our efforts, time and money go for a waste. Otherwise there is no question of proceeding with you and Mr. Khursheed.

Since CII leadership also seems to be convinced with your verbal allegations and reasoning and we made a mistake to trust a confirmation e-mail from your official e-mail id as an agreement, we are left with no option but to end every kind of association with CII for this event.

It is an assurance from our side that as early as possible, we will remove CII logo and CII mentions from all our material and whatever is left on past distributed 30,000 pamphlets and over 150 t shirts distributed across J&K, Punjab & Chandigarh remain beyond our control now. It will take us a couple of days to make the necessary changes.

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Open Letter 1 - to the President CII

Dr. Naushad Forbes
Honourable President
Confederation of Indian Industry

Respected Sir
With due regards, this is to put in your kind notice that your Jammu Office had entered in an association with us for Jammu Marathon which was scheduled to be held on 13 November 2016 ( ) .

We have been promoting the event from past 2 months and have spent over Rs.5 Lacs in doing so. At this point, your Jammu Office people, namely Mr. Gourav and Mr. Khursheed have sent us an email to end up this association. Whole of the matter has been mentioned in my email to Mr. Gourav which I have pasted below. Copy of the same along with documents as proofs has been mailed at

What your jammu officials are doing is completely unethical and we see this as an attempt to sabotage our event to watch their own selfish interests. I request you to kindly look into this matter and uphold the image and name of CII.

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

Mail to Mr. Gourav Mahajan -

Dear Gourav,

Sorry for late reply. Gurpreet here. I am still on way to Jammu. Lets not make verbal accusations and talk about facts based on proofs. Kindly note the following - 

1. There was no request from your side for the copy of Marathon Permission letter. Was there ever any mail from your side in this regard which we didnt reply? If you had any doubts, you should have put it in writing. This is your first mail we received in this regard as if you were waiting for the opportunity to say a NO for association with us.

2. If having permission documents is the only concern, give us 2-3 days. We will get permission for 13th November 2016 as promised. Since you opened the matter today, asking for 2-3 days by us is a genuine gesture.

3. Now that you have picked up the point, let me reply. We had applied for permission in January 2016, much before your other team of professionals (Mr. Amit Sethi and his trust). There was a problem at Deputy Commissioner Office that even when our application process was going on, Assistant Commissioner (General) _ ACG -  and his officials overlooked our application and considered the other application for the same date and also granted them permission. When we brought the matter to the notice of Honourable Deputy Commissioner Jammu, he ordered ACG to cancel the permission granted to your other team. But since mistake was at their end, finally DC called us and said you both organize the event on the same date. We r issuing you the permission. 

4. Since there is only a difference of 30- 50 metres between both venues and routes, we denied to organize the event on the same date keeping in view the security of our participants which will have children also and the event that other team is organizing is more of a political rally which will have thousands of people creating a complete chaos. Still if you insist and feel its safe,  we will also get the permission for 13th November 2016 itself. 

5. You ensure that Mr. Sethi has all legal formalities complete. Can you support this with a proof? Does he have any holding area where to gather and manage the  crowd? For 13th November 2016, we have the permission to utilise M A Stadium and Maharaja Hari Singh Park. Copies of permissions attached. What does Mr. Sethi have?

6. Mr. Sethi has permission to organize event outside M A Stadium, i.e., the road. Please share copy of his permission from DC Office as a proof. Will he gather crowd and make the stage on the road to block M A stadium gate for which we have the permission? Is this his complete documentation?

7. When we sent you the proposal to be a part of this event and you accepted, what were the terms and conditions decided which we violated till date?

8. During past few months of association with CII, there was not even a single penny of contribution from your side whereas we spent almost Rs.5 Lacs in promoting the event as - CII Jammu Marathon - we even promoted it across Punjab and Chandigarh by doing promo runs. All money and efforts went into creating awareness of CII Jammu Marathon and now you want us to start from scratch and create awareness about new brand and event? Who will pay for the loss of money, though nobody can pay for the loss of time and damage to our image?

9. On behalf of our team I met Mr. Sethi because when we met him at your office, yourself and Mr. Khursheed were more excited about his project than Mr. Sethi himself. You both misguided us by qouting that Mr. Sethi's event is a Government of Jammu & Kashmir event and he is their representative. Then we approached the Honourable Chief Minister of J & K and Sh. Ashok Koul, General Secratary BJP in this regard, we came to know that Government has no involvement in this event and infact there is an RSS event on 13th November itself in Jammu and Govt cant organize any event. When we had doubts on your intentions after getting confirmed that Govt was not involved, we decided to meet Mr. Sethi personally and there he admitted that government is in no way involved.

I am not talking about all this verbally, we brought this complete matter in the notice of the Chief Minister and Sh. Ashok Koul in writing. Our request letters with complete report on this issue are in their esteemed offices.

10. Yourself and Mr. Khursheed repeatedly demotivated us that we cannot even stand infront of a Government organized event and you wanted us to give up the idea of organizing 3 Km, 5 Km and 10 Km events and just go for 21 Km event and agree to all what Mr. Sethi says. We didnt want to be the part of his election rally kind of a program and give up the spirit of the marathon. Rest we dont know what personal interest you both have in joining Mr. Sethi and his event.

11. I am marking this mail to Dr. Naushad Forbes, President of CII, for his kind consideration. We want decision in this regard by CII and not by Mr. Gourav or Mr. Khursheed. We will not have any verbal communication with you. Let everything be here, very clear. 

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

Saturday, 13 June 2015

My Message to Sikhs across the world

My Message to Sikhs across the world

“Its Raavan Raaj (Devil's Rule)  in the land of Lord Ram, that too by those who claim to be closest to him and his most dedicated devotees”. Lord Ram was never like this. He was selfless. I must say He is Selfless because such pious messengers of God are omnipresent. Every human is same for Lord Ram. Lord Ram is merciful. Lord Ram loves every human being. Lord Ram doesn’t have hatred. Lord Ram cant snatch anyone’s rights, irrespective of the path people follow. Lord Ram cant shelter the criminals or stand by their side. Lord Ram stands with the true, whosoever that might be. Lord Ram believes in fair justice for all. So do we understand Lord Ram and are we even 1% true to Him?

This doesn’t hold true only for devotees of Lord Ram. It holds true for the followers of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh and for the follower of Hazrat Mohammad and those of Jesus Christ. Whole humanity has degraded when it comes to basic human values, powerful are snatching the rights of the weak, majority snatching rights of minorities and this is happening everywhere across the world.

Same is happening with Sikhs in India from past many decades. It started right after Indian Independence in 1947 when Sikhs decided not to go for a separate nation and stay with Hindus in India but had to go for voluntary arrests and protests for a complete state of Punjab, within India, so that they could take care of their cultural heritage within their own country. There was nothing wrong in it but Sikhs were denied even this much and when Punjab was declared a state, Himachal Pradesh was cut out, Ambala and many other town were cut out and it was forced to share its capital with Haryana and this Capital City of Chandigarh was further made a Union Territory, under the rule of President of India.

When Indira Gandhi imposed emergency, Sikhs were the only bravehearts who had the guts to oppose her openly. This irritated her and angered her upto such an extent that she decided to teach Sikhs a lesson. So she created the situations with the help of intelligence agencies to first let leaders like Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale gain power and then create such situations wherein Sikhs united under his leadership and revolted and this gave her enough reason to attack Sikhs and their holiest shrine The Golden Temple. How could she do this and how can any government create such situations will be clear in lines to come. Please keep reading. What all followed operation Bluestar, every Indian knows and there is no point in repeating again and again.
Indira Gandhi succeeded in the following –
1.       Damaging very clean and respectful image of the Sikhs.
2.       Brand Sikhs as terrorists.
3.       Creating a hatred for Sikhs in the mind of non-Sikh Indians.
4.       Since Government had media, Army, Police, Intelligence on its side, Indira Gandhi created mass views that Sikhs are wrong, Sikhs are anti-national, Sikhs are anti- hindus and so gained much needed public support and applause for her acts.
5.       To further damage the image of Sikhs, jokes were made on the community to pose them as jokers rather than warriors and Sikhs were shown as funny characters in the media.

This was the mindset of Indian leadership at that time and they did what they wanted to do. It was their fault and our fellow Indians fell a prey to their dirty politics. But if Indira Gandhi did this to Sikhs or any other political leader plays dirty games, and a small rotten section of society tells us that India doesn’t belong to us, shall we believe?

No. Clear, firm No. We Sikhs are as much Indians as any other person born on this land and nobody can deny this reality, let them cry as much as they want. We have given endless sacrifices for our motherland and we love this country. Whenever we fought, we fought against injustice but were unfortunately branded as anti-nationals as this suited the dirty political mindset of our country.

First and foremost, Sikhs should understand that India is our own country and we are true to our motherland, we have poured our blood to keep its borders safe and so we don’t need to find a different or new piece of land which we call as our own.

Secondly, where ever we live, majority will try to over-power us and snatch our right and we must fight against them, but in a proper legal and accepted way, not with arms and ammunition. Its true that at times, people are tortured and suppressed upto such levels that they want to kill themselves or their rivals but that’s not the way out.

Now the question arises, what to do and how to do? The answers are infront of our eyes but we never had the bent of mind to see and analyse because our mindset of being ready to take up arms and fight was encouraged within our community as it suits those who want to brand us as terrorists and kill us as and when they want. And we had been foolish to give them these chances time and again.
Then what is the right way?

1.       Learn from Sh. Anna Hazare’s Life and struggle
2.       Learn from Sh. Arvind Kejriwal’s life and struggle
3.       Learn from Kashmiri Pandits

All the above three put together is what we Sikhs need in us. Let me now explain my points, one by one.

Sikhs must have the character of Sh. Anna Hazare. He is such a man that even when some politicians gave money to criminals to kill him, they also refused because he is such a saintly, clean man who lives for truth and for the country. Even these politicians against whom he fought all his life couldn’t utter a single bad word against him and found indirect way to silence him. Why? Because the life of these politicians in politics is because of public support. Even the criminals and corrupt in politics don’t want to be called bad. And Sh. Anna Hazare has such a clean public image and whole of India praises him. He is “One Man Army” and proves Guru Gobind Singh’s words right – Savaa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun (God's name will enable One Man stand against 1.25 Lacs people). A single such man is enough a force against lacs of corrupt and criminals. This is because our people as individuals, let it be of any religion, are still God fearing, family oriented, loving and have lot of human values and so support people like Anna Ji completely. Unless their collective emotions are moved, they don’t go against anyone. This is what these politicians try to do. They brand us as anti- nationals, terrorists and then move the collective emotions of the majority Hindu community and misuse them, misguide them. But as individuals, Hindus or Muslims, every human being is good to us and in our localities and work places, we have very sweet relations with them. Then why to give them a chance to brand us as anti-nationals or terrorists?

Sikhs must have the character and conviction and spirit to struggle of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. What is his fault? As some saintly poet has said – Gunehgaaron ki mehfil mein be-gunah hona aap ka gunah ban jaata hai (Being innocent in the company of criminals becomes your crime) . He is a clean man who has devoted his life to the service of fellow Indians. He is a Hindu. He is serving a community of people which have 90% Hindus. And those who are finding every possible way to torture him and not to let him serve the countrymen are also Hindus, so called representatives of Hindu community. Here what are they fighting against? Are they true even to Hindus? Then how can we expect them to be true to us. These people don’t have any religion. Their religion is money, power, greed of supremacy and worldly assets and for that they can brand you and me as terrorists, scatter garbage on Delhi roads for almost 2 weeks and let epidemic spread or create riots to make majority believe that they are their only saviours. Are these people true to Hindus? How many hindus die in government hospitals every day? How many hindu farmers commit suicide every year? How many hindus are denied justice in this corrupt judicial system every day? How many hindus go to bed without food every night? Are these people patriots? Are these ruling class pro- hindus? I am much more a True Indian because I never earned a single rupee with wrong means in my life and stand by fellow countrymen in the hour of need in day to day life. I have never snatched even a bit of anyone’s right and never tried to even emotionally hurt any human being. I am 100 times more patriotic and True Indian than this ruling class and same holds true for my billion countrymen.

How is Sh. Arvind Kejriwal fighting this dirty nexus? How has he survived till now when police, intelligence, media and every cheap tactic has been deployed, used against him? The only answer is, he is legally correct and a clean  man of good character who is loved my masses of this country. He has not done anything which is wrong in the eyes of the law. That’s why he is surviving these bad times and if he continues to uphold in the same manner, he will come out as a winner, as in recent Delhi elections when his party won 67 out of 70 seats.

So, Sikhs must learn from Sh. Kejriwal that we should be legally correct and should work for the betterment of the society. Then only, people from all walks of life and from every religion will stand with us and we will be able to defeat the nefarious designs of these polluted minds. The moment we go wrong, they will pounce on us and try to damage us as much as they can because they can easily prove us anti- national with Army, Police, Intelligence, Bureaucracy and Media on their side. If we give them a chance to do so, its our defeat and great loss of our community.
But one thing is for sure. They will make it very difficult for us to survive and stay calm. But we don’t have any other better option. See how they are trying to suffocate the Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party’s elected democratic Government. Only because they are trying to expose their corrupt people and book cases against them.  Even then, if they succeed in murdering anyone from our community, there will be complete disapproval among the masses for that killing and such a killing will turn the tables for such rulers. This is what Guru Teg Bahadur did with his sacrifice for the sake Hindus of that time. Such a sacrifice was a big jolt for the dead, slave souls of the Indians but not big enough to bring these souls to complete life. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed even the life of his four innocent sons, poured their pious blood  to save Hinduism from completely vanishing from this world and such was the impact of those great sacrifices that even the families of the cruel rulers of the time and their own community started opposing them and criticizing them. That was the start of decline of the cruel, criminal rule. So if we are legally correct and don’t give them a chance to brand us anti- national, if any Sikhs is entangled in nefarious designs and killed, people from all walks of life will oppose such a cowardly act and such rule wont continue for long.

Sikhs were peacefully protesting against anti- Sikh pogrom of 1984 in Jammu (J&K) India.  This is an annual event and protest was peaceful. Posters of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale were put on the roads, to show resentment. What can be the more peaceful way to show resentment? This is being done from past 31 years, demanding justice for victims of 1984. These posters were repeatedly torn by Jammu Police at the behest of BJP Government and crushed under their feet on the road. Protests grew, protestors started pelting stones on Police. Police opened fire on Sikh youth, martyred one, injured four. Why? Were these Sikh guys Terrorists? Is this Democracy? Later, after killing and targeting Sikhs, cases were registered against Sikhs. Those young injured Sikh guys were admitted in Government Medical College Hospital, Jammu and doctors started mileading their families and said it is not bullet inside them but some shells which can be taken out later. It was then they were shifted to Dr. Hardas Singh's Hospital in Amritsar and their precious lives were saved. It is learned that a list of Sikh youth has been prepared by Jammu Police. These Sikh youth will be selectively targeted by BJP backed Jammu Police. They are planning to spoil the future of Sikh youth in Jammu. World community must stand against Human Rights Violations in India against Sikhs.

Learn from Kashmiri Pandits. Speak for your cause. Highlight these atrocities and human rights violations at the world level. Let people know how minorities are being suppressed and their basic democratic rights being violated at all levels.

Here lets talk about third and last point is that Sikhs must learn from Kashmiri Pandits. It is their great quality to stay united at all times. They don’t form an army and fight. They don’t take up arms. They don’t go against the nation. They don’t get killed and waste  their valuable lives. But they stand together and support each other in fight for their rights. They do it legally. They do it collectively. They do it from all possible fronts. They do it through politics. They do it through media. They do it through peaceful protests. They talk of it at every forum, where ever they get a chance. And there is nothing wrong in it. They are very wise and I appreciate them for this quality of theirs. Feel the pain of fellow Sikhs and remember that if you don’t stand for other Sikhs, you are only waiting for your own turn.

But all this is possible if we become True Sikhs of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. Become good human beings. Then only we will have character and truth of Sh. Anna Hazare. Then only we will have unmoved faith of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. Then only 1 Sikh = 1.25 Lacs. We are blessed to have our Gurus always talking to us and guiding us through Guru Granth Saheb. Go and talk to them. Seek advice. Have faith and then see your life changing. Take this challenge for 1 year and see the magic. Do “Nitnem” every day. Read Sukhmani Saheb. This is for spiritual strength which will keep us strong on our principles and values always. Love every human being. Love our wonderful country India. Love every Indian. Contribute towards the progress and prosperity of this country and our fellow countrymen. Change for betterment. Don’t become a scapegoat. Don’t waste your valuable lives just to feed the ego and never ending hunger of power hungry people.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

RIOTS - Congress & BJP rejoice, Muslims branded as terrorists!

It is a shame that all tactics used by the British to weaken and rule we Indians have been misused 100 times more vigorously, cheaply by today's political parties, primarily led by the Congress and the BJP. One of such tactics and most widely used one is "Divide and Rule".

Congress misuses Muslims against Hindus by showing them that it is the only political party that is concerned about the Muslims. BJP on the other hand has succeeded to make majority of Hindus believe that if RSS and BJP were not there, Muslims wont let Hindus survive in their own country. Same logic explains why Narendra Modi has been elected again and again in Gujarat after thousands of Muslims were massacred in streets across Gujarat.

The story goes way back to the times after the country's independence and from those times, Nehru and successive Congress governments worked and favoured to maintain Pandits' supremacy in Kashmir though they were not more than 20% of total population and almost half of the Muslims lived in extreme poverty in Kashmir. This was exploited by Pakistan to make Kashmir Muslims believe that India is not their country and they were living under the captivity of the Hindus.

BJP needed a big agenda to move the sentiments of the Hindus. It couldnt find anything better than Ram Mandir issue and finally succeeded in pulling down Babri Masjid and showing Hindus that the party can go upto any extent for them and it doesnt care what Muslims think or feel.

Muzzafarnagar riots have been one of the most shameful incidents in Indian history. Though like the massacre of Sikhs on Indian roads in 1984 and that of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, minority has been made to believe that India is the country of the Hindus and if they have to live in this country, they will have to be happy with all what they get and not complain about it. And if they do, they will be branded as anti-national or terrorists. When children are dying because of extreme cold in Muzzafarnagar camps, UP politicians are enjoying foreign trips and organizing events life SAIFAI in which Bollywood stars like Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are being called by spending crores of rupees.

Where does this money come from? Will any of these shameless, thick-skinned politicians answer? Do Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan have conscience which tells them that this is poor peoples' money which is being misused by politicians?

Rahul Gandhi visits the victims and simply comes back after criticizing the opposition, thus spread an anti-BJP/SP sentiment among the muslims. Akhilesh Yadav or Mulayam Singh didnt even care to visit the victims once. Then they all cry that and show fake concerns that terrorist organizations are approaching youth in those camps for recruitment in their groups.

I would like to ask all the politicians of our country that who is responsible in creating terrorists? Who is giving the most fertile ground to terrorist outfits to make Muslims believe that first they were beaten out of their own villages and now they have been left to die?

Every community, let it be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc have families and all are humans who want a complete, peaceful family life. Nobody gets up with a thought in mind that I have to harm the members of other community. But these political parties and their agents/goons have spread such poison among innocent people that they have succeeded in spreading hatred for their own vested interests.

We, over a billion of people are playing at the hands of few thousand politicians and are creating a hell for ourselves and for others. It is the duty of every learned, aware Indian to spread awareness and expose the disastrous anti- national designs of these politicians, so that they dont succeed in poisoning the country any further. Lets be Indians first and support those working for India, rather than being pro-Congress, pro-BJP or any other political party. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

What Congress gave us in 50 years?

From 1947 till today, Congress has ruled India for almost 50 years i.e., approximately 75% of this time period of over 6 decades. That means Congress had more than enough opportunities to give shape to all its strategies, plans for the country as it was given chance time and again. 

Lets forget about big talks and things which look big on paper and look into the very basic things, which we got and which we didnt. You can answer these for yourselves and prepare an individual report card for the Congress Party.

1. Did majority of Indian population get 2 healthy meals a day?

2. When we pay heavily for all food items, are we sure that what we are eating is not adulterated?

3. When we take our loved ones to any hospital, except AIIMS and very few others, are we sure that our loves ones will get proper treatment?

4. If we go to markets in any Indian city, do we find the very basic amenities like Clean Public Toilets?

5. If we are in any problem, do we feel encouraged to go and report it to Police?

6. If there is any legal issues, do we look forward to our courts positively and expect a timely, genuine outcome without paying heavy bribes?

7. If we are competent enough, are we sure of getting a seat in any top educational Govt institute or a job or promotion in Govt sector?

8. Are we sure that the medicine we are purchasing is genuine? India accounts for over 35% spurious drugs produced across the world.

9. What do we, especially our elders and women get in the name of social security?

10. Do the kids get proper playgrounds, safe tracks for cycling and stadiums/ sports coaching institutes?

11. What are the chances that an Ambulance will be able to reach hospital on time, when carrying our loved ones and when every second is precious? Imagine yourself in Delhi or Mumbai traffic.

12. What do our people get incase of any natural calamity like what happened in Uttarakhand?

13. What are the chances of us getting justice if any of our loved one is caught in the riots and killed?

14. What is the probability of any corrupt official, bureaucrat, or minister getting caught and punished for corruption? So we being indirectly encouraged to become corrupt if we want all facilities in life.

15. Media is under direct control of corrupt Business Magnets like Mukesh Ambani and thus under direct or indirect control of political parties. Can we expect that what our media is showing or covering is all we need to know?

16. If we look at all the above and demand the same, is it too much we will be asking for?

Last but not the least - No party till today delivered the above basic things/facilities in any of the Indian states, even when they have ruled their respective states for quite a long time.

Why? The answer is very simple - We all get divided in the name of caste, religion, party and sell our vote for a Desi Alcohol bottle. We never stand for our brothers and sisters and wait for our turn. So its we who are responsible and these politicians know our weaknesses very well and are exploiting us since last 6 decades. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Elections, Votes, Riots, Modi - India 2014

Whatever the results of the election in 2014 might be, common man can expect some goodies his way in the days to come. Congress will have to do so much before elections to neutralize Modi effect and its tainted, corrupt image. So common man will get cheap grains, farmers will get good rates if their land is acquired and some more in the time to come. As Modi keeps counting more and more failures of Congress, it might keep filling these gaps and that too at the earliest. 

Inspite of doing all this, if Congress is thrown out of power, there will be immense pressure on BJP to deliver as the benchmark will be raised to a much higher level than now and as Modi goes on over-committing, he will have to ensure that he doesnt under-deliver, that too in his first tenure as the PM of the country. Again, the common man will be benefited. 

I have been on twitter for almost 2 years and have seen things changing a lot. There are all sorts of people, from different walks of life. But the first thing that I noticed, effortlessly, was the presence of immense support for BJP. 99% people on twitter supported BJP and the same was lately realised by Congress too when the party kept aside Rs.100 Crores to counter BJP on social media. By now even supporters of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are catching up but still BJP supporters dominate the scene. But I am very sorry to mention that many BJP/Modi supporters spit poison, talk cheap and sound frustrated. They have become more fanatic and poisonous than what they blame Muslims for.

In the real world, these political parties have proved to be more dangerous than the British or even the terrorists or naxalites. Vote Bank Politics is to be blamed, which has made both Hindus and Muslims feel insecure from each other. Political goons create communal riots where ever they want to create a divide among both the communities. 

Congress leaves no stone unturned to spread anti-Hindu sentiment among Muslims and recently used Owaisi to spread hatred. The aim is to keep the Muslim voter away from BJP. On the other hand, BJP creates Muzzafarnagar kind of situation and gives birth to riots even in the areas where Muslims and Hindus lived in from ages. Then it sets its RSS/VHP goons free to kill Muslims, burn their houses and reinstate this feeling among Hindus that Muslims would slaughter them if BJP/RSS/VHP was not there.

This divide between both communities will only widen with the passage of time because all political parties and their leaders will keep exploiting the situation for personal greed. The situation might look under control as Muslims are far less than Hindus in percentage and hardly have any representation in country's politics or power-houses/ bureaucracy. But till how long will it continue if we keep injecting more and more poison in both communities? 

I was listening to Narendra Modi as he addressed a large gathering in Rewari, Haryana. Modi was the need of the hour for BJP and the party needed such a leader much desperately than ever before because of the following reasons - 

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth. BJP was a party with so many self-proclaimed heads and so failed to give a proper direction to the party and its workers. Modi is a strong man, who knows when to be soft and when to be harsh, when to care for others and when to surpass and move ahead.

2. When almost every state in India is in bad condition in one way or the other and people feel so helpless and left out, Modi has done fairly well in Gujarat in a balanced manner in almost every sector and his people are happy with him and support him. 

3. Congress has been blotted with so many scams recently and has almost failed to take many strong and much needed decisions for the people of the country. It should have executed things the way it has started now with Food Security Bill and others of that sort. Modi's image is comparatively clean, no scams and is seen as the one who has guts to execute. Thats what country desperately wants, needs.

All the above factors ensure a big swing in BJP's favour and to add to the above, Modi knows where to hit and when and he seems to be flawlessly executing his strategies at all the fronts. The recent example is including many Muslim women from Bhopal into BJP. 

But inspite of all the above mentioned factors, its not going to be cakewalk for Modi as Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi, though silent, have been doing their bit individually, if not the party as a whole. They have been successful in impressing and attaching rural India through schemes like NREGA, Adhaar, and now Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, etc and almost 70% of India still lives in villages, where social media cant reach yet. Secondly, UPA has much more parties supporting them as compared to BJP and Rahul's strategy of forming alliances with different regional parties, like National Conference in J&K, has made Congress strong in many states. Third important factor is Muslims bent of mind against the BJP. They might not be the deciding factor alone but can change the election results in many constituencies across India.

Whatever the results of the elections might be, lets hope that the common man is benefited in multiple ways and with great wisdom, we are able to defeat divide and rule policy of the political parties and give them a message and only that government will survive which will deliver on what it commits. India must win under all circumstances.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Why did media move away from Kejriwal?

Indian media always surrounded Arvind Kejriwal and other activists of Aam Aadmi Party. Lot of attention and importance was given to their protests along with Sh. Anna Hazare. 

They have always been talking of the common man and exposing the politicians and the way they are making a fool of the innocent people, who dont even know how the systems work and how these are being misused. But in our country it seems its too early to expect such an awakening in the common man because most of us are too ignorant and not sufficiently educated. Those who are educated and are earning, they are too busy in finding new ways to maximise their wealth. We give in for very small and short term gains. So, we have a very short term memory and we forget the issues too fast. Thats a boon for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. 

To me, Sh. Anna Hazare is the most intelligent of all of us and he is doing the best thing- educating, spreading awareness among the masses and that he is doing selflessly. Secondly, he is continuously doing his efforts as he has realized that it will take a long time for his efforts to show results and it will benefit our country in the long run. So he is sowing the right seeds for the better future of the nation, the fruits of which he himself wont be able to enjoy in his lifetime. 

We have spent centuries under foreign slavery and the after-effects of the same will be long lasting. We believe the propaganda and doubt those who work for our benefit. Our values are eroding at an alarmingly fast rate and our senses fail to differ between right and wrong and all what we can see is greed, lust. 

If an honest man/woman wants to enter politics and work for the betterment of the nation, its not at all easy for him/her. Why? Its because to prove to the people of India that he/she wants to serve them, he/she will have to spend years doing endless favours for the people, for which he/she will have to spend lacs of rupees and believe me, still people wont be happy with that person. So who can afford to waste lacs of rupees from his/her hard earned money? Nobody. So, who will join the politics? The corrupt, who have made millions of rupees by looting the nation. He/she will do everything to allure the voters, will feed them, serve them free liquor, and keep giving them few goodies and even influence them with muscle power. Only then he/she can hope to win elections and join politics.

Present day politicians have very well read the mind of Indian voters and so they are playing the game well. Those who are equally responsible to make this game dirty and spread corruption for selfish motives are the Industrialists, the richest class in the country. They bribe the Telecom Ministry to ensure that BSNL doesnt get the latest equipment and so their private companies lead the industry. They bribe the Petroleum Ministry so that they get those blocks which are full of oil and gas and government companies like GAIL keep busy in hit and trial over the remaining blocks. They own most of the media channels and ensure that neither the print media nor the News Channels expose their dirty games.

Till the time Arvind Kejriwal and team Anna kept exposing the politicians, government pressurized the media to move away from them and not to give any coverage/hype to their protests. The moment Arvind Kejriwal started exposing the dirty games of politicians-bureaucrats-industrialists nexus, the powerful Industrialist lobby became active and told their channels not to cover any activity of Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. 

During a press conference, Kejriwal disclosed that the budget of our country is around Rs.19 lac crores and out of this a major chunk of around Rs.5 lac crores goes as subsidy to the industry. He proposed that government should end most of this subsidy as the big industrialists are very well to do and this huge amount may be equally divided as subsidy for petrol and diesel and in priority sectors like health and education. This will result in drastic reduction in petrol-diesel prices and a remarkable improvement in education and health-care.

This was the remark which the industrialists like Ambanis and others couldnot digest. Since they own most of the news channels, the channels were directed to stay away from Kejriwal and team as he was exposing their dirty games and making the public aware how our hard earned money is being looted.

It is the duty of every educated, aware citizen of India to spread awareness among the masses and defeat the politicians-bureaucrats-industrialists nexus for the benefit of one and all.