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1984 - Sikhs Murdered, Criminals Roam Free. Why?

Facts of 1984 

First day - 31st October 1984
9:20 am
Indira Gandhi is shot by Beant Singh and Satwant Singh at her residence.
She is then rushed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

10:50 am - Indira Gandhi dies.
11:00 am - All India Radio listeners learn that the two security guards who shot Indira Gandhi were Sikhs.
4:00 pm - Rajiv Gandhi returns from West Bengal and reaches AIIMS. Stray incidents of attacks in and around that area. Rajiv Gandhi has already by this time spoken to some high ranking congress officials and politicians.
5:30 pm - The motorcade of President Zail Singh, who is returning from a foreign visit, is stoned as it approaches AIIMS.

EVENING of 31st October 1984
  • URGENT meetings are taking place at a high ranking congress leaders residences in Delhi.
  • One of those meetings was at 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi attended by members of Parliament and senior members of the Congress party including Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath, Dharam Das Shastri, Vasant Sathe, HKL Bhagat, Lalit Makhen, Arjun Das amongst others
  • What is being discussed? The planning of a genocide! How to bring in tyres, kerosene oil, iron rods, and have enough transport to mobilise paid hooligans, rapists, murderers from one point to the police are not to intervene, how state media will be used to show inflammatory speeches and scenes.
  • Congress MPs are ordered to make pacts with known 'criminal gangs' in their area's to eliminate Sikh men, rape their women and loot their belongings.
  • A memo is sent out to ALL Delhi police stations ordering the immediate 'stand down' of ALL Sikh police officers till further notice AND for all Sikh police officers equipped with fire arms to return their fire arms to the local police station as of immediate effect.
  • 1000's of photocopies of Voters list are being printed, containing ADDRESSES of Sikh houses and businesses in and around Delhi.
  • Organised and well equipped gangs of ruffians set out in different directions from AIIMS.
  • The violence, including violence towards Sikhs and destruction of Sikh properties, spreads.
  • Rajiv Gandhi is sworn in as the Prime Minister.
  • Senior advocate and BJP leader Ram Jethmalani, meets Home Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and urges him to take immediate steps to protect Sikhs from further attacks.
  • Delhi's Lt. Governor, P.G. Gavai and Police Commissioner, S.C. Tandon, visits some of the affected areas.
  • Late evening, Delhi transport corporation buses are making their way out of Delhi to surrounding states to pick up paid hooligans/mobs.

NIGHT of 31st October 1984
  • Meetings are still taking place AND now truck loads of Iron rods and tyres are coming into Delhi from surrounding states.
  • Trains and tankers full of kerosene oil are also making their way to OLD Delhi.
  • Jails around Delhi housing the most ruthless criminals are now being emptied of ALL those criminals including murderers and rapists, on the grounds that they can go FREE if they kill Sikh men and rape Sikh women, they are also told they will be paid for every Sikh that is killed and for every Sikh woman that is raped.

Second day - 1st November 1984
  • Congress party MP Sajjan Kumar and Trade Union leader Lalit Maken handed out 100 rupee notes and bottles of liquor to assailants.
  • On the morning of 1st November, Sajjan Kumar was seen holding rallies in, at least, the following Delhi neighborhoods; in Palam Colony from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM, in Kiran Gardens from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM, and in Sultanpuri from around 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM.
  • In Kiran Gardens at 8:00 AM, Sajjan Kumar was seen distributing iron rods from a parked truck to a group of 120 people and instructing them to "attack Sikhs, kill them, and loot and burn their properties"
  • The FIRST killing of a Sikh occurs in east Delhi.
  • Armed mobs with guns lead the way.
  • 9:00 am: Armed mobs take over the streets of Delhi and launch a massacre. Among the first targets are Gurdwaras.
  • Sikhs seen in cars, public transport, including buses and trains are being dragged out...Sikh men are being beaten with rods and tyres are being placed around their necks...doused with kerosene oil..they are being set a light!
  • Before they are being burnt they are pinned down and their hair and beards are being forcibly cut off.
  • 120 Sikhs working at the Bokaro Steel Plant Jharkhand thrown alive into burning furnaces.
  • In Agartala, Tripura 40 Sikh families who took refuge in a police station to save their lives were burnt alive in the police station.
  • In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 12 Sikhs were hanged from the ceiling at the railway platform.
  • Sikh women are being gang raped, beaten...stripped naked they sit next to the burning bodies of their husbands, bothers, sons.
  • 40-50 Sikh girls are kidnapped and taken to a Chilla village where they are raped for 7 days!! 
  • Sikh belongings are being looted, their homes and business set alight.
  • The police refuse to help or intervene.
  • In some cases, the Police actually assist the mobs by disarming Sikhs so they could attack them.
  • The worst affected areas are low income colonies like Trilokpuri, Shahdara, geeta colony,Mongolpuri, Sultanpuri and Palam Colony.
  • 100's of Gurdwara are being burnt, Shiri Guru Granth Sahib ji de saroop are being set alight...Waheguru.
  • This scene is being replicated in others parts of India.

The state media show looped video clips of Amitabh Bachchan raising slogans like "Khoon ka badla khoon" (blood for blood) and "Khoon ke chintey sikhon ke ghar tak pahunchni chahiye" (Splashes of blood should reach the doorsteps of Sikhs).

Third day -2nd November 1984

  • A repeat of 1st November. A curfew is announced throughout Delhi, but is not enforced.
  • The Army deployed throughout Delhi too but ineffective because the police did not co-operate with soldiers (who are not allowed to open fire without the consent of senior police officers and executive magistrates).
  • The killings, rapes and looting continue.

Fourth day -3rd November 1984
  • Massacre continues.
  • By late evening, the national Army and local police units work together to subdue the violence.
  • After law enforcement intervention, violence is comparatively mild and sporadic.
  • In Delhi the dead bodies of the victims were taken to All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi and Civil Hospital Mortuary Tis hazari, Delhi.
  • It is now believed that 30,000 plus Sikhs Perished throughout India during these 4 days of State Sponsored Massacre.
  • 100's of Sikh women listed missing / unaccounted for.
  • 100's of young children missing / unaccounted for.

We NOW ask you to please help raise awareness of this massacre, so the remaining culprits that are STILL alive are brought to account
Never forget 1984

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Talibanisation of India - Failures of Congress & Strategies of BJP

It is a big failure of the Congress and unending greed of its leaders, especially Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi which is responsible for unprecedented rise and growth of Communal parties in India.

Hindus were very peace loving people. Muslims were always comparatively fanatic. Congress made 2 mistakes -
1. It didnt establish "Good Governance" in India in last 65 years. By "Good Governance" I mean "Rule of Law" - same punishment of a crime for all, irrespective of caste, religion or social status. Since Muslims were fanatic and more bent to violence as compared to Hindus, Congress couldnt provide a sense of security to peace loving and flexible, adjusting Hindus. This became more a threat to Hindus after Kashmiri Pandits were forced to evacuate Kashmir.
2. Congress could also not win the confidence of Muslims either. They were a suppressed class in Kashmir where Pandit Nehru ensured that his fellow Pandits in Kashmir, though a very small percentage of population, ruled the Muslim majority in every way. Muslims were almost treated like slaves by the Pandits and they themselves lived like a "Royal Ruling Class". So Congress also failed in making Muslims feel that they are equal citizens of India and India is as much their country as that of Hindus.

Since Congress failed to give that sense of security to Hindus, that gave a breeding ground to communal Hindu mindset, who were fanatic and hated other religions. Repeated failures of Congress over decades gave more and more strength to this communal lot in Hindus and the result is what we see today.

Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS make Muslims feel that Islam is in danger. In India, RSS, BJP, VHP and other such organizations make Hindus feel that Hinduism is in danger.

Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS believe that only Islam must prevail and all others are anti Islam. These are terrorist groups which take law into their hands and kill those who according to them is wrong. BJP, RSS, and related organizations are promoting such activities in India. Not exactly terrorists, but a desi version of them.

To terrorize and suppress minorities they use these goons, then their politicians come in front to save them. If at all someone is arrested, then they will use all their influence and use police, judiciary, media and all possible agencies to bail out those criminals and to ensure that victims dont get justice.

Like Taliban or ISIS, this communal Indian mindset is sick and a frustrated lot, who strongly feel that Hindus have always been victims and now that victims have got absolute power, every other person who dares to open his/ her mouth must be lynched to death. They feel that they should leave no stone unturned to ensure that all kind of opposition must be erased.

At present, BJP is trying to strike a fine balance between democracy and communal forces, between Good Governance and Criminalisation. But when will these criminals gain uncontrollable power, nobody knows and then we will have a parallel government run by these criminals along with the main government of India and the outcome - Another Pakistan - where terrorists run a parallel government.

Rather than spreading communal poison in India and using communal divide for personal political benefits, if BJP and RSS are really patriotic Indians, they should bring in "Real Good Governance". If anyone is found eating beef (not just rumours), arrest him, make judiciary effective and punish him, ensure he doesnt escape the law. But at the same time if some people use WhatsApp to spread rumours and create communal disharmony, arrest them to and ensure that they are punished hard for spoiling peace of the country.

Make India a peaceful country. Make India a secure country. Create such a tension free environment that people work with free and positive mind and grow. Create "Ram- Rajya" in real sense.

Doing this needs - 56 inch ka seena. Using police, army, intelligence, media, judiciary, goons to terrorize minorities is the most cowardly, sick act. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can do that. Whats a big deal!

Politicians of today seem to be followers of Raavan. They are establishing Raavan Raaj, making people demons, who love to suck each others blood. Even Raavan didnt do that as per what we saw in Ramayana on TV.

People of the country have lost faith is political system of this country. They dont have faith in police or in judiciary. They dont get any kind of social security. They dont get good treatment and die like animals in Government Hospitals. They dont get quality education in Government schools. What has Modi Ji changed in one year among all the above mentioned factors? Absolutely NOTHING.

What did Pakistan get after being a only Muslim country? What did countries like Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan get after being completely Muslim nations? They are doing much more bloodshed as compared to India which has many religions and has religious tolerance.

Dont criminalise the society. Criminals dont have any religion. They dont see the religion of their victim. Their criminal mind needs to do one or the other anti-social activity and if in India, 8 out of 10 are Hindus, then obviously atleast 6 out of 10 victims will  be Hindus. What good are you guys doing to Hindus?

"We cannot rear snakes in the backyard with he hope that they will bite our neighbours only"

BJP's strategies to attain its motives -

Strategy 1 - Complete denial. Deny all charges against own ministers as if nothing ever happened. Act completely innocent. It was quite evident from the case of Lalit Modi, Vasundhra Raje, Sushma Swaraj, etc. Deny completely, Police is ours, intelligence is ours, CBI is ours, Media channels are ours. Absolute Power. Some will shout for a few days and will then shut their mouth. Who cares!

Strategy 2 - Whenever on a TV debate, shout, scream at top of the voice. Create a mess and don't let opponents speak. They follow the same strategy on social media. Create so much of noise that only you are heard and people feel that only you exist and all voices are pro- BJP only. A kind of hypnotism.

Strategy 3 - Whenever a Sikh, Muslim or Christian opposes, divert topic to Khalistan, Kashmir, conversions. Brand them anti India. I have myself faced this, let it be on twitter or WhatsApp. The moment I point out towards any short coming of Modi Government or oppose communal strategies of RSS, the first reply I get is - Why do you Sikhs support Bhindrawale? You guys want Sikh terrorists to grow in India?

I keep wondering when did I even talk about them and where did that matter come from?

Strategy 4 - Make Hindus believe that all other religions are anti-Hindu & anti-India and only BJP can save Hindus from them!! This is wrong. Even during Congress rule, Hindus ruled. Hindus ruled in 1984, Hindus organized anti- Sikh Pogrom of 1984, Hindus killed Sikhs and country's Army, Police and judiciary was with them and till today nobody has been punished.

Strategy 5 - Use all PR/ Marketing Skills, agencies where ever Modi goes & make world feel as if Indians across world are die hard Modi fans. Modi Government and its Social Media wings go upto the extent that they use Photoshop to show a huge building with only Indian and American Flag hanging outside and below they write - "Delegates from so many countries are staying in this building, but only Indian Flag is flying high - Modi Effect - 56 inch ka seena". Same thing was done when Burj Khalifa was shown lightened in Tri-color and then the Builders of the building denied it.

Strategy 6 - BJP members must form WhatsApp groups in their friend circle, promote pro-BJP, anti-Congress material, brainwash people. They started with posts favouring everyone else other than Nehru Gandhi Family and Gandhi Ji and now they openly post things titled - "Kahan Ka Mahatma" and making Nathu Ram Godse with posts like - "Meine Gandhi Ko Kyon Maara". They are planning to erase every mark of Congress rule in India. This is again a proof of that fanatic mindset which believes in erasing everything and everyone else who doesnt coincide with their thinking. This mindset is dangerous for India.

Strategy 7 - Pose yourself as Victims always. Two fine examples of this - 
1. BJP leaders still blaming the poor man who was killed just on RUMOURS that he was eating beef. He died, his son is serious, his family is ruined. Still make people as if he was planning some terrorist activity and pose as if nothing wrong has happened if he was killed.
2. In Jammu Kashmir, High Court imposed Beef ban at the behest of BJP and its people in the administration and politics. Now BJP is defaming PDP by making people of Jammu believe that its PDP that has got the ban imposed to defame BJP. 


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Proud to be a Sikh?

Are we proud to be a Sikh? What should a Sikh be proud of?
Before we answer these questions, we need to ask ourselves a very basic question – Are We Sikhs? Who is a Sikh? Do we really love and respect Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Guru Gobind Singh Ji and consider them our Gurus?

Ask yourself the following things very honestly and find the answers from within your heart -
·         If we love and respect our Gurus and really consider them as our Gurus, we should live our lives as per their instructions. They told us to do get up at Amrit Vela, do Nitnem, earn money with honest means. These are very basic things we need to do to be a Sikh. Do we do that?
·         They strictly told us not to consume anything like Alcohol, Tobacco. Those of who consume alcohol or take tobacco in any form, let it be in parties or on any occasion are NOT Sikhs but are a black spot on name of our Great Gurus. So are we Sikhs? Do we actually consider Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji as our Gurus?

We blame Hindus, we blame Muslims, and we blame all others for damaging Sikhism and Sikhs. Infact it is us who are damaging Sikhism the most and we insult our Gurus the most. To be true, we don’t consider them as our Gurus because we don’t do anything what they ask us to do. We think that we are more intelligent and all what our Gurus said was for old times and doesn’t hold true and valid today. It is in the same manner as children don’t listen to their parents today. This is where all our pains start.

Now what should a Sikh be Proud of? Should a Sikh only be proud of being a warrior? Should a Sikh only be proud of fighting and killing enemy boldly? NO. Sikhism has much more beyond that.
·         Now a days, in TV, whenever a smoking or drinking scene is shown, it is written that Smoking/Drinking is injurious to health. On cigarrete  packets it is written that Smoking causes Cancer. Our Gurus told us all this more than 500 years ago when whole world was sleeping. A Sikh should be proud that he/she doesn’t consume Nasha in any form from Birth to Death. His/Her mouth doesn’t get dirty even once in whole of his/her life. Isnt it amazing?

·         A Sikh should be proud of being real son/ daughter of Waheguru because he/she lives exactly in the form the Waheguru created him/ her. Uncut hair, beard. How great it is! Just imagine. Think. Every human is a born Sikh. Just remain as God created you.  Its that simple.

·         Great thinkers say – early to be early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Doctors say if you want to stay healthy, sleep on time and get up on time. A Sikh gets up at Amrit Vela and recites Gurbani to start his/ her day on such a positive note. Isn’t it wonderful? Be proud of it.
·         Be proud of Sri Guru Granth Saheb. We have Guru’s Teachings in Original Form. Only Guru Granth Saheb gives due respect to Bani of Bhakts from all religions, without discrimination. Guru Granth Saheb is most scientific and each and every word holds true forever. We must read every day in the form of Nitnem.
·         For the first and the last time in the history of mankind, only Guru Teg Bahadur Saheb and Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed everything for the sake of humanity and to save other religion. Otherwise all others fought and sacrificed their lives to save their own kingdom or their own women or for any other selfish interests. We should NOT keep telling this to Hindus and ask them to be proud of our Gurus. We should be proud of them and if we are proud of them, we must follow all what they have said. Otherwise we are simply “Thankless”.
·         Sikhs have always been most patriotic. Sikhs have laid down lives and fought so bravely for the motherland and even when being so less in number, Sikhs have made highest sacrifices in Army and even before Independence.

·         Guru Ka Langar – Lacs of people are served freshly prepared food, free of cost, without asking even a single question and without any kind of discrimination. People don’t even give a single Roti every day, today to anyone unless he/she works for them or serves their purpose. Isnt it amazing, unbelievably true? Proud to be a Sikh!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

My Message to Sikhs across the world

My Message to Sikhs across the world

“Its Raavan Raaj (Devil's Rule)  in the land of Lord Ram, that too by those who claim to be closest to him and his most dedicated devotees”. Lord Ram was never like this. He was selfless. I must say He is Selfless because such pious messengers of God are omnipresent. Every human is same for Lord Ram. Lord Ram is merciful. Lord Ram loves every human being. Lord Ram doesn’t have hatred. Lord Ram cant snatch anyone’s rights, irrespective of the path people follow. Lord Ram cant shelter the criminals or stand by their side. Lord Ram stands with the true, whosoever that might be. Lord Ram believes in fair justice for all. So do we understand Lord Ram and are we even 1% true to Him?

This doesn’t hold true only for devotees of Lord Ram. It holds true for the followers of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh and for the follower of Hazrat Mohammad and those of Jesus Christ. Whole humanity has degraded when it comes to basic human values, powerful are snatching the rights of the weak, majority snatching rights of minorities and this is happening everywhere across the world.

Same is happening with Sikhs in India from past many decades. It started right after Indian Independence in 1947 when Sikhs decided not to go for a separate nation and stay with Hindus in India but had to go for voluntary arrests and protests for a complete state of Punjab, within India, so that they could take care of their cultural heritage within their own country. There was nothing wrong in it but Sikhs were denied even this much and when Punjab was declared a state, Himachal Pradesh was cut out, Ambala and many other town were cut out and it was forced to share its capital with Haryana and this Capital City of Chandigarh was further made a Union Territory, under the rule of President of India.

When Indira Gandhi imposed emergency, Sikhs were the only bravehearts who had the guts to oppose her openly. This irritated her and angered her upto such an extent that she decided to teach Sikhs a lesson. So she created the situations with the help of intelligence agencies to first let leaders like Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale gain power and then create such situations wherein Sikhs united under his leadership and revolted and this gave her enough reason to attack Sikhs and their holiest shrine The Golden Temple. How could she do this and how can any government create such situations will be clear in lines to come. Please keep reading. What all followed operation Bluestar, every Indian knows and there is no point in repeating again and again.
Indira Gandhi succeeded in the following –
1.       Damaging very clean and respectful image of the Sikhs.
2.       Brand Sikhs as terrorists.
3.       Creating a hatred for Sikhs in the mind of non-Sikh Indians.
4.       Since Government had media, Army, Police, Intelligence on its side, Indira Gandhi created mass views that Sikhs are wrong, Sikhs are anti-national, Sikhs are anti- hindus and so gained much needed public support and applause for her acts.
5.       To further damage the image of Sikhs, jokes were made on the community to pose them as jokers rather than warriors and Sikhs were shown as funny characters in the media.

This was the mindset of Indian leadership at that time and they did what they wanted to do. It was their fault and our fellow Indians fell a prey to their dirty politics. But if Indira Gandhi did this to Sikhs or any other political leader plays dirty games, and a small rotten section of society tells us that India doesn’t belong to us, shall we believe?

No. Clear, firm No. We Sikhs are as much Indians as any other person born on this land and nobody can deny this reality, let them cry as much as they want. We have given endless sacrifices for our motherland and we love this country. Whenever we fought, we fought against injustice but were unfortunately branded as anti-nationals as this suited the dirty political mindset of our country.

First and foremost, Sikhs should understand that India is our own country and we are true to our motherland, we have poured our blood to keep its borders safe and so we don’t need to find a different or new piece of land which we call as our own.

Secondly, where ever we live, majority will try to over-power us and snatch our right and we must fight against them, but in a proper legal and accepted way, not with arms and ammunition. Its true that at times, people are tortured and suppressed upto such levels that they want to kill themselves or their rivals but that’s not the way out.

Now the question arises, what to do and how to do? The answers are infront of our eyes but we never had the bent of mind to see and analyse because our mindset of being ready to take up arms and fight was encouraged within our community as it suits those who want to brand us as terrorists and kill us as and when they want. And we had been foolish to give them these chances time and again.
Then what is the right way?

1.       Learn from Sh. Anna Hazare’s Life and struggle
2.       Learn from Sh. Arvind Kejriwal’s life and struggle
3.       Learn from Kashmiri Pandits

All the above three put together is what we Sikhs need in us. Let me now explain my points, one by one.

Sikhs must have the character of Sh. Anna Hazare. He is such a man that even when some politicians gave money to criminals to kill him, they also refused because he is such a saintly, clean man who lives for truth and for the country. Even these politicians against whom he fought all his life couldn’t utter a single bad word against him and found indirect way to silence him. Why? Because the life of these politicians in politics is because of public support. Even the criminals and corrupt in politics don’t want to be called bad. And Sh. Anna Hazare has such a clean public image and whole of India praises him. He is “One Man Army” and proves Guru Gobind Singh’s words right – Savaa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun (God's name will enable One Man stand against 1.25 Lacs people). A single such man is enough a force against lacs of corrupt and criminals. This is because our people as individuals, let it be of any religion, are still God fearing, family oriented, loving and have lot of human values and so support people like Anna Ji completely. Unless their collective emotions are moved, they don’t go against anyone. This is what these politicians try to do. They brand us as anti- nationals, terrorists and then move the collective emotions of the majority Hindu community and misuse them, misguide them. But as individuals, Hindus or Muslims, every human being is good to us and in our localities and work places, we have very sweet relations with them. Then why to give them a chance to brand us as anti-nationals or terrorists?

Sikhs must have the character and conviction and spirit to struggle of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. What is his fault? As some saintly poet has said – Gunehgaaron ki mehfil mein be-gunah hona aap ka gunah ban jaata hai (Being innocent in the company of criminals becomes your crime) . He is a clean man who has devoted his life to the service of fellow Indians. He is a Hindu. He is serving a community of people which have 90% Hindus. And those who are finding every possible way to torture him and not to let him serve the countrymen are also Hindus, so called representatives of Hindu community. Here what are they fighting against? Are they true even to Hindus? Then how can we expect them to be true to us. These people don’t have any religion. Their religion is money, power, greed of supremacy and worldly assets and for that they can brand you and me as terrorists, scatter garbage on Delhi roads for almost 2 weeks and let epidemic spread or create riots to make majority believe that they are their only saviours. Are these people true to Hindus? How many hindus die in government hospitals every day? How many hindu farmers commit suicide every year? How many hindus are denied justice in this corrupt judicial system every day? How many hindus go to bed without food every night? Are these people patriots? Are these ruling class pro- hindus? I am much more a True Indian because I never earned a single rupee with wrong means in my life and stand by fellow countrymen in the hour of need in day to day life. I have never snatched even a bit of anyone’s right and never tried to even emotionally hurt any human being. I am 100 times more patriotic and True Indian than this ruling class and same holds true for my billion countrymen.

How is Sh. Arvind Kejriwal fighting this dirty nexus? How has he survived till now when police, intelligence, media and every cheap tactic has been deployed, used against him? The only answer is, he is legally correct and a clean  man of good character who is loved my masses of this country. He has not done anything which is wrong in the eyes of the law. That’s why he is surviving these bad times and if he continues to uphold in the same manner, he will come out as a winner, as in recent Delhi elections when his party won 67 out of 70 seats.

So, Sikhs must learn from Sh. Kejriwal that we should be legally correct and should work for the betterment of the society. Then only, people from all walks of life and from every religion will stand with us and we will be able to defeat the nefarious designs of these polluted minds. The moment we go wrong, they will pounce on us and try to damage us as much as they can because they can easily prove us anti- national with Army, Police, Intelligence, Bureaucracy and Media on their side. If we give them a chance to do so, its our defeat and great loss of our community.
But one thing is for sure. They will make it very difficult for us to survive and stay calm. But we don’t have any other better option. See how they are trying to suffocate the Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party’s elected democratic Government. Only because they are trying to expose their corrupt people and book cases against them.  Even then, if they succeed in murdering anyone from our community, there will be complete disapproval among the masses for that killing and such a killing will turn the tables for such rulers. This is what Guru Teg Bahadur did with his sacrifice for the sake Hindus of that time. Such a sacrifice was a big jolt for the dead, slave souls of the Indians but not big enough to bring these souls to complete life. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed even the life of his four innocent sons, poured their pious blood  to save Hinduism from completely vanishing from this world and such was the impact of those great sacrifices that even the families of the cruel rulers of the time and their own community started opposing them and criticizing them. That was the start of decline of the cruel, criminal rule. So if we are legally correct and don’t give them a chance to brand us anti- national, if any Sikhs is entangled in nefarious designs and killed, people from all walks of life will oppose such a cowardly act and such rule wont continue for long.

Sikhs were peacefully protesting against anti- Sikh pogrom of 1984 in Jammu (J&K) India.  This is an annual event and protest was peaceful. Posters of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale were put on the roads, to show resentment. What can be the more peaceful way to show resentment? This is being done from past 31 years, demanding justice for victims of 1984. These posters were repeatedly torn by Jammu Police at the behest of BJP Government and crushed under their feet on the road. Protests grew, protestors started pelting stones on Police. Police opened fire on Sikh youth, martyred one, injured four. Why? Were these Sikh guys Terrorists? Is this Democracy? Later, after killing and targeting Sikhs, cases were registered against Sikhs. Those young injured Sikh guys were admitted in Government Medical College Hospital, Jammu and doctors started mileading their families and said it is not bullet inside them but some shells which can be taken out later. It was then they were shifted to Dr. Hardas Singh's Hospital in Amritsar and their precious lives were saved. It is learned that a list of Sikh youth has been prepared by Jammu Police. These Sikh youth will be selectively targeted by BJP backed Jammu Police. They are planning to spoil the future of Sikh youth in Jammu. World community must stand against Human Rights Violations in India against Sikhs.

Learn from Kashmiri Pandits. Speak for your cause. Highlight these atrocities and human rights violations at the world level. Let people know how minorities are being suppressed and their basic democratic rights being violated at all levels.

Here lets talk about third and last point is that Sikhs must learn from Kashmiri Pandits. It is their great quality to stay united at all times. They don’t form an army and fight. They don’t take up arms. They don’t go against the nation. They don’t get killed and waste  their valuable lives. But they stand together and support each other in fight for their rights. They do it legally. They do it collectively. They do it from all possible fronts. They do it through politics. They do it through media. They do it through peaceful protests. They talk of it at every forum, where ever they get a chance. And there is nothing wrong in it. They are very wise and I appreciate them for this quality of theirs. Feel the pain of fellow Sikhs and remember that if you don’t stand for other Sikhs, you are only waiting for your own turn.

But all this is possible if we become True Sikhs of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. Become good human beings. Then only we will have character and truth of Sh. Anna Hazare. Then only we will have unmoved faith of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. Then only 1 Sikh = 1.25 Lacs. We are blessed to have our Gurus always talking to us and guiding us through Guru Granth Saheb. Go and talk to them. Seek advice. Have faith and then see your life changing. Take this challenge for 1 year and see the magic. Do “Nitnem” every day. Read Sukhmani Saheb. This is for spiritual strength which will keep us strong on our principles and values always. Love every human being. Love our wonderful country India. Love every Indian. Contribute towards the progress and prosperity of this country and our fellow countrymen. Change for betterment. Don’t become a scapegoat. Don’t waste your valuable lives just to feed the ego and never ending hunger of power hungry people.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gundaraaj at its worst - In the Country of Blind, Bhakts & Slave Instinct!

India has been ruled, rather mis-ruled by Congress for almost 6 decades. Their last spell of 10 years was full of scams and lack of leadership. Final nail in the coffin was when Sh. Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal went all out after them, exposed them and made people aware of ground realities. That gave mileage to both Aam Aadmi Party and BJP. 

The party made its electoral debut in the 2013 Delhi legislative assembly election, where it emerged as the second-largest party, winning 28 of the 70 seats. With no party obtaining an overall majority, the AAP formed a minority government with conditional support from the Congress. A significant part of its agenda was to quickly introduce the Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi. When it became clear after the election that the other major parties would not support this bill, the AAP government resigned. It had been in power for 49 days. This was the first time, people of the country saw how Congress and BJP nexus, which worked behind the scene till date, was compelled to come in open and did everything to stop the way towards forming an "Effective JanLokpal".
Both BJP and Congress might be happy that they fooled the people of Delhi but the result of re-election in Delhi was a clear slap on both parties' face. In the 2015 Delhi Elections, AAP won 67 of the 70 seats available. Its chief opponent, BJP, was reduced to three seats, while the Congress was reduced to zero.
BJP has one thing to feel good about and that is it won all the 7 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 and its winning Assembly Elections in many other states. But the reason for these wins is the same everywhere and that is the weak opponent - Congress. It is opposite to the situation in time till now when Congress didnt have any strong opponent and it went on winning year on year. People were and still are compelled to elect a better evil as they dont have any better option. Second reason why BJP had a landslide victory everywhere was AAP didnt have base in any other state and didnt have time to form the foundation of the party across the country.
And to be true "Danger Alarm Bells" have already started ringing for both BJP and Congress and only danger is from AAP. "Baaki sab to mil baant k khate hain, logon ko bewakoof banate hain" 
Both Congress and BJP know this very well and are doing everything possible to stop AAP from working for the people and from performing.
This is Gundagardi at its worst - Both BJP and Congress not letting an "Elected Chief Minister" with over 90% Majority, do his work, only because he wants to work for the people and serve them in true spirit.
They are using the puppets, President Pranab Mukherji, LG Najeeb Jung as their agents and Delhi Police as their goons and when even that is not enough, they are now planning to snatch "Anti-Corruption Branch" too from Sh. Arvind Kejriwal.
This is the country of blind, where PM Modi is the one-eyed king, who is doing little bit better in all the worse. This is the country of blind, who blindly support a politician, a political party and then accept that all what they do is right. This is the country of Blind, who are too eager to become Bhakts, and acts like slaves, who are tuned to say - All What My Master does Is Right, No Questions Asked, Brain Doors Shut.
And very sorry to say, these blind, slaves, bhakts mostly belong to the privileged, educated class of people whose basic slave instincts of generations have not gone away. The villagers, uneducated, simple hearted people still stand for the right and oppose the wrong but unfortunately their power has been snatched. Allow Politicians, Police, Judiciary and Bureaucracy do all what they want with impunity and make simple things so complicated that the common man doesnt have time to lift his head and ask for his basic rights. This has been the mantra of all political parties in India, let it be Congress or BJP.
Modi Bhakts have been dancing as if what magic Modi has spelled and what wonders has he done. Have ground realities changed in any way? Which commodity has become cheap? Which department has become corruption free? In which sense do you find your roads and lanes cleaner after Swach Bharat Abhyan?  Which better medical facilities are you getting in Govt Medical Hospitals? Which corrupt Congress minister has been arrested in any of the scams that BJP has been crying for and blaming Congress in last 10 years? Have farmer suicides come down? Have farmers been paid well for the loss that they incurred? Has police become cooperative with common man? Has situation changed , improved in any way in Government Schools? 

Nothing at all and those who are privileged to have PCs and internet and will read this article and comment are not the ones who are much affected with all above mentioned facts. And the irony of fate, they only will give replies to these on social media.
We must open our eyes and see the Gundaraaj prevailing in this country and we have allowed it to become so powerful that even an elected Chief Minister feels helpless against this nexus of Congress- BJP - Media. 

Modi Ji is using a two pronged strategy. On one side, he is showing himself too busy and totally untouched by anything negative except development and positive approach for the country. On the other side, BJP- RSS agents act against minorities, spread terror, give statements to produce 4 children and 10 children, create all sorts of problems for AAP Govt in Delhi and Modi Ji remains absolutely silent, doesnt take any action against them and behaves innocent, naive, as nothing has happened. 
It is high time that we the people of India stand against this nexus and support the movement called Aam Aadmi Party, which is the last ray of hope against the corrupt system which has entangled our lives in every way. 
Modi Govt may be good in some ways but it doesnt give them license to kill a democratically elected government with their force of Goons that includes Media and Delhi Police. This strategy will backfire and even their own workers and their families will vote in favour of AAP as it happened in Delhi because ultimately they also knew what they wanted for their kids and whom they wanted to take gaurd so that their own families are in safe hands.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

RIOTS - Congress & BJP rejoice, Muslims branded as terrorists!

It is a shame that all tactics used by the British to weaken and rule we Indians have been misused 100 times more vigorously, cheaply by today's political parties, primarily led by the Congress and the BJP. One of such tactics and most widely used one is "Divide and Rule".

Congress misuses Muslims against Hindus by showing them that it is the only political party that is concerned about the Muslims. BJP on the other hand has succeeded to make majority of Hindus believe that if RSS and BJP were not there, Muslims wont let Hindus survive in their own country. Same logic explains why Narendra Modi has been elected again and again in Gujarat after thousands of Muslims were massacred in streets across Gujarat.

The story goes way back to the times after the country's independence and from those times, Nehru and successive Congress governments worked and favoured to maintain Pandits' supremacy in Kashmir though they were not more than 20% of total population and almost half of the Muslims lived in extreme poverty in Kashmir. This was exploited by Pakistan to make Kashmir Muslims believe that India is not their country and they were living under the captivity of the Hindus.

BJP needed a big agenda to move the sentiments of the Hindus. It couldnt find anything better than Ram Mandir issue and finally succeeded in pulling down Babri Masjid and showing Hindus that the party can go upto any extent for them and it doesnt care what Muslims think or feel.

Muzzafarnagar riots have been one of the most shameful incidents in Indian history. Though like the massacre of Sikhs on Indian roads in 1984 and that of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, minority has been made to believe that India is the country of the Hindus and if they have to live in this country, they will have to be happy with all what they get and not complain about it. And if they do, they will be branded as anti-national or terrorists. When children are dying because of extreme cold in Muzzafarnagar camps, UP politicians are enjoying foreign trips and organizing events life SAIFAI in which Bollywood stars like Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are being called by spending crores of rupees.

Where does this money come from? Will any of these shameless, thick-skinned politicians answer? Do Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan have conscience which tells them that this is poor peoples' money which is being misused by politicians?

Rahul Gandhi visits the victims and simply comes back after criticizing the opposition, thus spread an anti-BJP/SP sentiment among the muslims. Akhilesh Yadav or Mulayam Singh didnt even care to visit the victims once. Then they all cry that and show fake concerns that terrorist organizations are approaching youth in those camps for recruitment in their groups.

I would like to ask all the politicians of our country that who is responsible in creating terrorists? Who is giving the most fertile ground to terrorist outfits to make Muslims believe that first they were beaten out of their own villages and now they have been left to die?

Every community, let it be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc have families and all are humans who want a complete, peaceful family life. Nobody gets up with a thought in mind that I have to harm the members of other community. But these political parties and their agents/goons have spread such poison among innocent people that they have succeeded in spreading hatred for their own vested interests.

We, over a billion of people are playing at the hands of few thousand politicians and are creating a hell for ourselves and for others. It is the duty of every learned, aware Indian to spread awareness and expose the disastrous anti- national designs of these politicians, so that they dont succeed in poisoning the country any further. Lets be Indians first and support those working for India, rather than being pro-Congress, pro-BJP or any other political party. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

What Congress gave us in 50 years?

From 1947 till today, Congress has ruled India for almost 50 years i.e., approximately 75% of this time period of over 6 decades. That means Congress had more than enough opportunities to give shape to all its strategies, plans for the country as it was given chance time and again. 

Lets forget about big talks and things which look big on paper and look into the very basic things, which we got and which we didnt. You can answer these for yourselves and prepare an individual report card for the Congress Party.

1. Did majority of Indian population get 2 healthy meals a day?

2. When we pay heavily for all food items, are we sure that what we are eating is not adulterated?

3. When we take our loved ones to any hospital, except AIIMS and very few others, are we sure that our loves ones will get proper treatment?

4. If we go to markets in any Indian city, do we find the very basic amenities like Clean Public Toilets?

5. If we are in any problem, do we feel encouraged to go and report it to Police?

6. If there is any legal issues, do we look forward to our courts positively and expect a timely, genuine outcome without paying heavy bribes?

7. If we are competent enough, are we sure of getting a seat in any top educational Govt institute or a job or promotion in Govt sector?

8. Are we sure that the medicine we are purchasing is genuine? India accounts for over 35% spurious drugs produced across the world.

9. What do we, especially our elders and women get in the name of social security?

10. Do the kids get proper playgrounds, safe tracks for cycling and stadiums/ sports coaching institutes?

11. What are the chances that an Ambulance will be able to reach hospital on time, when carrying our loved ones and when every second is precious? Imagine yourself in Delhi or Mumbai traffic.

12. What do our people get incase of any natural calamity like what happened in Uttarakhand?

13. What are the chances of us getting justice if any of our loved one is caught in the riots and killed?

14. What is the probability of any corrupt official, bureaucrat, or minister getting caught and punished for corruption? So we being indirectly encouraged to become corrupt if we want all facilities in life.

15. Media is under direct control of corrupt Business Magnets like Mukesh Ambani and thus under direct or indirect control of political parties. Can we expect that what our media is showing or covering is all we need to know?

16. If we look at all the above and demand the same, is it too much we will be asking for?

Last but not the least - No party till today delivered the above basic things/facilities in any of the Indian states, even when they have ruled their respective states for quite a long time.

Why? The answer is very simple - We all get divided in the name of caste, religion, party and sell our vote for a Desi Alcohol bottle. We never stand for our brothers and sisters and wait for our turn. So its we who are responsible and these politicians know our weaknesses very well and are exploiting us since last 6 decades.