Sunday, 21 April 2013

INDIA - producer of 35% of the world's Spurious Drugs

"You fell sick, went to the doctor. He prescribed medicines, which you consumed as prescribed and even then you didnt turn well. Instead your health deteriorated further and prolonged illness had a toll on your vital organs like Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Intestines, etc"

This has become the painful story of almost every other Indian, who is already fighting to sustain a respectable life with a roof on the top, clothes to cover body and daily meals to feed his/her family. This Indian finds hard to survive even when he sells of all his/ her assets to get himself/ herself treated and hopelessly waits for death.

Those who are responsible for all this ride in Mercedes, BMW, sit in ACs homes and offices and ride in Cars with red lights on the top, are given high security and proudly address the parliament.


According to WHO report, 35% of the world's spurious drugs are produced in India. These spurious or fake drugs constitute a "flourishing" industry of Rs.4000 crores annually which is about 20% domestic pharmaceutical goods manufactured in India.

We are an exporting country but USA HAS PUT INDIA IN 301 WATCH THREAT LIST.

Such a fast expanding business of spurious, fake drugs is not possible without an organized nexus of manufacturers, traders, corrupt officers and politicians.

Hospitals, dispensaries and government institutions are the main destinations of such drugs, rather they are dumped there.

Corruption flows from top to bottom. So WE ALL ARE THE CULPRITS WHO VOTE SUCH CRIMINALS TO POWER.

Do the people of this country not have the right to good health? Is it not our guaranteed right to demand of the government to take measures adequate, which can provide to each citizen the conditions of a healthy life? Has this country any sound Public Health Policy? Has adulteration in milk, pulses, ghee, spices and then vegetables and fruits (chemically dyed and fattened by injecting harmful oxytocin) been even remotely checked by the government? 

Oxytocin is a schedule H drug, which brings with it, over a period of time, neurotic problems, sterility, nervous break down, heart and kidney problems. 

Milch cattle are injected with this harmone shooting oxytocin injection to extract more milk which even infants are consuming. We are thus building a nation of sick, weak and undernourished future citizens and builders of this nation. Who cares?

Does the government not know about this unethical, hazardous and illegal practice going on? Do those, chosen by us to govern this country, not know that there are innumberable tin shed factories believed to be over engaged in manufacturing this half rupee costing oxytocin ampoules and being sold across the country and being very easily available? Has any political party ever given a call for bandh/protest against this dangerous, life- threatening or to be more precise "life-taking" practice to educate and awaken the people? PLEASE THINK, STAY AWAKE & ACT.

Nobody else can break this vicious circle except our elected representatives who rule this country. Since all political parties have proved to be the same, we the people need to change all of them and rise above the politics of caste, religion and region and vote for a cleaner candidate and not for the party. It will be a slow cleansing process and once it begins, it will send a strong message to all the politicians in capital and bold letters - "REFORM OR VANISH".

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Education, Health, Defense, Food Grains - Most corrupt sectors in India !

Few years back, Outlook Magazine had published a cover story titled - Health/Medical Sector in India is the most corrupt, accounts for almost 25% corruption in the country. 

Since I am related to education field now, I feel that education sector is fast catching with the health sector in the percentage of corruption it accounts for in the country. 

Third and less talked about is adulteration in edibles let it be milk and milk products, excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers, use of life- threatening injections and powders on food grains, vegetables and fruits to get much higher produce than normal by putting much lesser efforts.

Such practices are responsible for large increase in number of patients with life- threatening diseases like Cancer, Kidney Failures, Liver infections, etc.

And the worst part is, in country like India, you dont have any laboratories where you can take the sample of a fruit or vegetable and get it tested for the amount of such harmful ingredients in it.

Fourth and equally important as the above three is the Defense Sector. Corruption rules the roost, let it be the case of procuring latest weapons, planes, helicopters at the international level. Within the country, there is corruption in every thing related to India's armed forces, let it be in case of procuring food items, medicines, vehicles, equipment and it has penetrated even upto the levels where soldiers sell petrol and diesel supplied for their vehicles and to keep them warm in high altitude places like Leh Ladakh. 

Corrupt offers like Gen Deepak Kapoor were promoted as Chief of Army Staff and when a thoroughly honest man like Lt. Gen. Panag took over Northern Command, which was under Gen Kapoor before him, and initiated inquiries in many cases of purchase/ procurement, he was immediately shifted to Central Command.

 In Jammu & Kashmir, all blames are put on Omar Abdullah, his party and other local parties like Mufti's PDP but if we watch closely, its the Congress or the BJP who are the real culprits and they have played the dirty game whenever they got a chance.

At present, from past few years of the Omar led Govt, it is the Congress which holds important portfolios of Health & Education and both have been ruined to such a state that they never had been. 

There has been loot in the education sector, especially in courses like B.ed and ETT. Corrupt officers are encouraged and promoted as Chairman, Secretary of J&K Board of School Education and likewise in Jammu University. Students sit at their homes in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and come once in an year to appear for exams for the above mentioned courses. You just need to pay Rs.1000 (USD 20) per subject and write exams with books open infront of you. From top to bottom, all are corrupt. Responsibility lies on us also, the citizens of the country. We dont question ourselves that of what use, such a degree or diploma is of for us? Do we gain any knowledge out of such a course? 

But again, corruption comes into play in the home state of these students where they show these degrees and get a Government Job, not depending upon how much they know but on how much they can pay. 

What will be the future of a country where such candidates will be appointed as teachers, to teach students upto Class 10th or 12th, when they themselves are not worth to be graduates?

Now Congress' Deputy CM Tara Chand holds education portfolio. ETT Colleges owners had to sit in the J&K State Board, Jammu premises for almost 1 month, just to compel him and get only a commitment that the long pending exams of 24,000 students enrolled in ETT course from past 3-4 years will finally be conducted now.

Every citizen of Jammu & Kashmir is involved in Power Theft. Very few pay exact bills for using AC and in most cases, if they use 2-3 AC in a single home, they pay bill for one of them only. Biggest Power Thieves are the Politicians & Bureaucrats, they Lead by Example.

What more and worst proofs does the government need to act? 

Our politicians are shameless to the core and to a large extent, we all are the same and are responsible for this abysmal situation in our country. First, we vote based to caste, creed, religion and party, without weighing the credibility of the candidates and secondly, we are too eager to get involved in corrupt practices to find easy way out of every problem.

If we dont keep a person as maid or butler at home unless we are 100% sure that he/she is worth trusting, how can we hand over the authority of deciding our future to such corrupt & criminals?

Can we be intelligent enough to project one honest man/woman in our respective localities as our candidate for next elections and then extend complete support to him/her? Its high time that we should wake up, think wisely and act. There is hardly anything more left for us to wait and watch. finally delivered the products

In continuation to my last post, I wish to share with all the readers that finally delivered the product (Zync Tablet) last month. Since I was very busy, I couldnt update this immediately. I am happy that they kept their promise though I was 99% sure that from top 12, my name will not be listed among top 10 people who were supposed to get an Apple iPhone 5s in the contest. That now hardly matters to me when atleast I got what I paid for.

Moreover my total paid amount of Rs.5,800/- approx, was converted into credit points for which I was told I can buy the products any time. The only tricky part in this is that in a single purchase, I can utilise only 30% of the credit points.

That also hardly matters as I am making purchases of small amounts and daily use products so that the total bill amount doesnt exceed 30% of my remaining credit points. One of the order was delivered to me and 2 more are in the pipeline which I am hopeful of receiving in a day or two.

So eventually by paying Rs.5,800 I received a Zync Tablet which has MRP of Rs.5400 and could buy products worth Rs.5,800 too in the form of credit points. Thus it is a win win situation for me as of now if all the ordered products are delivered, which I am quite hopeful of.