Wednesday, 28 September 2011


No doubt, use of force for personal motives was a common practice of Indian kings or emperors of old times. Almost the same practice was applied by the British rulers too but with some different parameters as told by our elders.

Though during almost past four decades after the independence, population of India was not storming, economic unrest was not so problematic, people at large in were use to pull their livelihood  comfortably to much extent despite of poverty and healthcare. Of course, so many realties or bitter truths were unknown due to poor communication and deficient media.

Use of police & investigating agencies to counter the political arrivals is being observed as almost the main practice of the existing lot of Indian rulers. Initially they were use influenced the investigating agencies for their corruption cases but recent day to day shameful happenings exposed by the media i.e. brutality of police to fulfill the designs of corrupt bureaucrats plotted by the corrupt rulers without caring the poor public & the human values.

Lathi charge of Bihar police at Nalanda-Bihar, beating of poor and innocent truck drivers in U.P causing death of one innocent truck driver just for not giving Rs. 5000/- as bribe, beating of school going students by Rajasthan police are the recently exposed face of our police encouraged by our corrupt rulers. Most painful is the shameful speech of Rajasthan’s home minister during a police function of state asking his police maintain a upper hand in any case. He even said in his speech “Pit Ke Matt  Ayo Balkey  Peet  Ke Ayo”. Certainly it is matching with a saying i.e.                          
 “Ek To Chori  Ooper  Se  Seena  Zori”

Thanks to media for highlighting the above said shameful incidents and also thanks to Great Anna Hazzare and his dedicated team for awakening the masses for their drafted “Jan Lok Pal Bill” only injection against the existing corruption springs. Other demands from Sh. Anna & his civil society team like “Right to reject” & “Right to re-call” are also the symbols of relief to the poor & innocent Indians. To us, every countryman should be ready for an expected struggle to achieve the Anna’s goals for a prosperous & corruption free India.

Released to esteemed print & electronic media:                                         
Deep Singh
People’s Action & Public Accountability (PAPA)
                                                                                Dated: 28-09-2011              

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Does Amitabh Mattoo deserve?

Jammu university came into being in 1969 after years of struggle and it was considered as one of the best institutions in the country not-so-long ago.

The faculty in the University was highly qualified and with a vision and were known both in and outside India for their academic brilliance. Prof Yog Prakash (Physics Dept), Prof Gian Chand (Urdu Dept), Prof Sansar Chand (Hindi Dept), Prof Som Nath Bhakri (English Dept), Prof D N Saraf (Law Dept), Prof A C Bose (History Dept), Prof Wadia & Prof Wakloo (Geology Dept), Prof M R Puri Mathematics Dept), Prof Y R Malhotra & Prof A K Kaul (Dept of Bio-Sciences), to mention only a few, were outstanding teachers. Besides, they had the leadership qualities and were highly respected. The teaching faculty was dedicated and committed and did justice to the noble profession they had willingly joined.

There were politician teachers as well but they failed to vitiate the atmosphere on the campus. The fact of the matter is that no authority either in the University or in the government dared to take cudgels with the teaching faculty. So strong was it.

The Jammu University produced a number of Vice-Chancellors. Prof J N Bhan of the Economic Department was the first from Jammu University to become the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Prof Satya Bhushan, Prof M R Puri and Prof Y R Malhotra were all from Jammu University who led it for years and quite successfully. Leave aside a few acts of omission and commission on their part.

Things started deteriorating with the appointment of Amitabh Mattoo as Vice-Chancellor of Jammu University. He not only politicized the institution but also promoted sycophancy. He pitted teachers against teachers and he could do so because the ambitious and weak teachers willingly walked into his trap. Some teachers compromised their self-respect for foreign tours and some for out-of-turn promotions.

 The Jammu University Teachers Association, which used to act as the watchdog, was rendered ineffective, directionless and leaderless. And, it all happened because the weak, meek and ambitious teachers allowed themselves to be used, misused and exploited by Mattoo. He discouraged teaching and encouraged the sycophant.

For example, a number of teachers were withdrawn from their parent departments and they were assigned administrative duties. The loaves and fishes of office turned them more ambitious and the result was further deterioration.Mattoo left the University as a disgraced person. Because of his political links, Mattoo was again brought in and the government wanted to appoint him as Vice Chancellor of the Central University in Jammu. In January 2011, various students organizations across Jammu held joint protest demonstrations against the appointment of Prof. Mattoo as VC Central University (CU) and burnt his effigy.

In a joint statement, these organizations alleged that Prof. Mattoo is a 'tainted person' who had misused the platform of Jammu University during his tenure at Jammu University as Vice Chancellor and held him responsible for downgrading the academic standard of University and its mismanagement.  They further said that the protest demonstration against Prof. Mattoo shall continue till the HRD Ministry withdraws his name as VC CU Jammu. "We will welcome any person as VC CU Jammu irrespective of caste or religion but will not compromise on Prof. Mattoo's appointment this time', the students leaders claimed.

Students termed Mattoo's appointment as VC CU Jammu despite widespread protest demonstrations as broad daylight murder of democracy and extension of British Raj and took a very strong note after viewing it as onslaught on the dignity. Mattoo's appointment was termed as a Sinster design.

Our government and HRD Minister had better designs for Mattoo and he was appointed as first Director of Australia India Institute. Isnt there any better and more eligible person across India that Govt of India couldnt find anyone else and went ahead to appoint Mattoo inspite of such tainted image and bad performance and such wide protests by students across the streets of Jammu? Is it Kashmiri Pandits - Congress card thats again working for Mattoo? Were all other worthy Vice Chancellors, mentioned above, were less competent than Mattoo, that they were never elevated to such high ranks?

We cant expect anything better than this from a government that say any person earning more than Rs.32 ($0.66 approx) per day in Indian cities are not considered poor and wont be eligible to take benefit of Government's schemes meant for the poor.Its shameful in all its forms and versions.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill

Jan Lokpal Bill was never so much sought after as it is now, though this issue is almost 4 decades old. Question arises that why is this issue getting unprecedented support of the masses? Government had gone upto the extent of doubting a foreign hand behind this movement lead by Sh. Anna Hazare. If we try and find the answer to this question, that answer in itself is the answer to most of the questions. The most basic and perhaps the only reason is that in day to day life, people of India have been very badly affected by corruption.

The common man is not ready to live with this menace for even a single moment but due to his/ her compulsions, he/she couldnot take any extreme steps & even if he had done, the nexus of the corrupt wont have let a single man or a small group to stand against it for long. Its because crime is organized, others are not. Sh. Anna Hazare has proved to be the face of common man of India and has provided the much desperately needed platform to unite the masses against the nexus of the corrupt.

Government's reactions towards this movement &  against Anna shows how complacent & arrogant the politicians of this country have become as they have been doing with impunity whatever they want to.

Jan Lokpal, as proposed by Anna & people supporting him, is not draconian even for the corrupt. Once Lokpal proves that one is corrupt, long judicial process follows. Unfortunately, Judicial process in this country is so long that one should not be surprised that the victim dies, the convict dies and finally the case is closed by the next generation of judges. 

Jan Lokpal, if properly passed, will ensure that there is a body which is not in direct and complete control of those against whom the case is filed. But the corrupt dont even want to be questioned and held accountable for, by a body that will comprise of general public.

Government should stop and stay away from dirty and cheap tactics for its own face saving and present and support Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament. That will restore its credibility among the people and also expose the real face of other parties, who have been taking mileage over the government on Lokpal issue.