Monday, 23 September 2013

What Congress gave us in 50 years?

From 1947 till today, Congress has ruled India for almost 50 years i.e., approximately 75% of this time period of over 6 decades. That means Congress had more than enough opportunities to give shape to all its strategies, plans for the country as it was given chance time and again. 

Lets forget about big talks and things which look big on paper and look into the very basic things, which we got and which we didnt. You can answer these for yourselves and prepare an individual report card for the Congress Party.

1. Did majority of Indian population get 2 healthy meals a day?

2. When we pay heavily for all food items, are we sure that what we are eating is not adulterated?

3. When we take our loved ones to any hospital, except AIIMS and very few others, are we sure that our loves ones will get proper treatment?

4. If we go to markets in any Indian city, do we find the very basic amenities like Clean Public Toilets?

5. If we are in any problem, do we feel encouraged to go and report it to Police?

6. If there is any legal issues, do we look forward to our courts positively and expect a timely, genuine outcome without paying heavy bribes?

7. If we are competent enough, are we sure of getting a seat in any top educational Govt institute or a job or promotion in Govt sector?

8. Are we sure that the medicine we are purchasing is genuine? India accounts for over 35% spurious drugs produced across the world.

9. What do we, especially our elders and women get in the name of social security?

10. Do the kids get proper playgrounds, safe tracks for cycling and stadiums/ sports coaching institutes?

11. What are the chances that an Ambulance will be able to reach hospital on time, when carrying our loved ones and when every second is precious? Imagine yourself in Delhi or Mumbai traffic.

12. What do our people get incase of any natural calamity like what happened in Uttarakhand?

13. What are the chances of us getting justice if any of our loved one is caught in the riots and killed?

14. What is the probability of any corrupt official, bureaucrat, or minister getting caught and punished for corruption? So we being indirectly encouraged to become corrupt if we want all facilities in life.

15. Media is under direct control of corrupt Business Magnets like Mukesh Ambani and thus under direct or indirect control of political parties. Can we expect that what our media is showing or covering is all we need to know?

16. If we look at all the above and demand the same, is it too much we will be asking for?

Last but not the least - No party till today delivered the above basic things/facilities in any of the Indian states, even when they have ruled their respective states for quite a long time.

Why? The answer is very simple - We all get divided in the name of caste, religion, party and sell our vote for a Desi Alcohol bottle. We never stand for our brothers and sisters and wait for our turn. So its we who are responsible and these politicians know our weaknesses very well and are exploiting us since last 6 decades. 

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