Sunday, 7 April 2013 finally delivered the products

In continuation to my last post, I wish to share with all the readers that finally delivered the product (Zync Tablet) last month. Since I was very busy, I couldnt update this immediately. I am happy that they kept their promise though I was 99% sure that from top 12, my name will not be listed among top 10 people who were supposed to get an Apple iPhone 5s in the contest. That now hardly matters to me when atleast I got what I paid for.

Moreover my total paid amount of Rs.5,800/- approx, was converted into credit points for which I was told I can buy the products any time. The only tricky part in this is that in a single purchase, I can utilise only 30% of the credit points.

That also hardly matters as I am making purchases of small amounts and daily use products so that the total bill amount doesnt exceed 30% of my remaining credit points. One of the order was delivered to me and 2 more are in the pipeline which I am hopeful of receiving in a day or two.

So eventually by paying Rs.5,800 I received a Zync Tablet which has MRP of Rs.5400 and could buy products worth Rs.5,800 too in the form of credit points. Thus it is a win win situation for me as of now if all the ordered products are delivered, which I am quite hopeful of.

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