Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jammu Refugees have been neglected!

Jammu refugees are the people who migrated from other parts of Jammu division, they are victims of militancy and had left their homes in the early 1990s.

Parts of Jammu divisions like Doda, Bhaderwah, Rajouri, Poonch, etc were among the worst affected areas of the Jammu & Kashmir state. The recent decision to revise the PM's package for "Relief & Rehabilitation" of Kashmiri Pandits has not gone well with the Jammu migrants. They are justified when they say that the government never thought about them and didn't provide them any relief or accommodation. The whole attention was on Kashmiri Pandits and this discrimination has always been there.

The PM has announced Rs.1600 crore package for Kashmiri Pandits in 2008 under which they would get jobs and Rs.7.5 lakh for each family for their return. The package has recently been revised by the J&K State cabinet and sent to the Central Government according to which each family will now get Rs.20 lakh for construction of houses in valley. 

Even the refugees who moved to India in 1947 from the areas now in Pakistan didnt get anything till date and have been living in misery. 

"The Kashmiri Pandits are being given jobs, accommodation, and cash relief but no one talks about the other migrants. We too are the victims of militancy and too have left our homes for safety and security but the government is least bothered about us", said Rajiv chunni, chairperson of SOS, an organization of POK refugees, while talking to The Tribune.

He further said,"the government is trying to create a gap between the Kashmiri migrants and Jammu migrants. If the government does not speak about others, then we will protest against it".

It is sad that our Governments have proved that they understand the language of the bullet and that's why all attention is being given to Kashmir region and people belonging to that part, let it be Muslims or Pandits. Does our Government want the people of Jammu region to ask for separation and then only it will treat them equally? Why should people of Jammu or others across the country pay cost for being patriotic and true to the country?

Under the PM;s package, the Kashmiri Pandits have been provided 1,400 jobs and a township in Jagti (13km from Jammu city) for rehabilitation. This township consists of hundreds of flats, which have been given to Kashmiri Pandits, free of cost. 

The government has proposed 3000 more jobs for them, enhancement of cash relief and Rs.20 lakh for each family for reconstruction of houses in the valley.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Worst Roads, No Rules, Who is responsible?

Bylanes Turn Death Zones
Tragedy waiting to happen as illegal parking rampant across Jammu & Srinagar Cities

The authorities in Jammu (and likewise in Srinagar) seem to be waiting for a big tragedy to happen on the Kunjwani- Narwal highway, for all bylanes and interior roads connecting Channi and other adjoining localities with highway have turned into virtual death zones. Even worst is the condition in road stretch from Bohri to Jewel Chowk, which is the worst stretch in Jammu city, so far as traffic blockage, illegal parking is concerned.

Blame Game - All departments concerned, including the Jammu Municipal Corporation, the Jammu Development Authority and the Traffic Police, have resorted to blame game and have failed to take corrective measures despite repeated requests by residents.

"It is the duty of the JDA to look after the parking slots in the city. We have very limited role to play as far as parking slots are concerned." - Senior Municipal Corporation Official

"It is the duty of the traffic police to keep a check on illegal parking of vehicles on roads. Our job is confined to residential colonies.. We can deal sternly with the violators if they encourage illegal parking in residential colonies" - Sarita Chouhan, Vice-president, Jammu Development Authority.

Dug-up roads make city a War Zone
With the Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA) missing several deadlines to complete the laying of sewerage system in Jammu, chaos continue to prevail on the city roads leading to long traffic jams and inconvenience to general public.

Under the centrally sponsored project, 48,220 houses of Srinagar City at a cost of Rs. 132.01 Crore and 30,400 houses of Jammu at a cost of Rs.129.30 Crore are expected to be connected with the modern sewerage system, when completed. However even after 4 years, the project is far from completion resulting not only in cost escalation but a huge problem for the city residents in both capital cities.

The size of the pipes that are being laid seems to be insufficient to cater to the sewerage needs of the cities for next one decade and one wonders if the government agencies will again start digging the roads just after this project will almost get completed.