Sunday, 21 April 2013

INDIA - producer of 35% of the world's Spurious Drugs

"You fell sick, went to the doctor. He prescribed medicines, which you consumed as prescribed and even then you didnt turn well. Instead your health deteriorated further and prolonged illness had a toll on your vital organs like Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Intestines, etc"

This has become the painful story of almost every other Indian, who is already fighting to sustain a respectable life with a roof on the top, clothes to cover body and daily meals to feed his/her family. This Indian finds hard to survive even when he sells of all his/ her assets to get himself/ herself treated and hopelessly waits for death.

Those who are responsible for all this ride in Mercedes, BMW, sit in ACs homes and offices and ride in Cars with red lights on the top, are given high security and proudly address the parliament.


According to WHO report, 35% of the world's spurious drugs are produced in India. These spurious or fake drugs constitute a "flourishing" industry of Rs.4000 crores annually which is about 20% domestic pharmaceutical goods manufactured in India.

We are an exporting country but USA HAS PUT INDIA IN 301 WATCH THREAT LIST.

Such a fast expanding business of spurious, fake drugs is not possible without an organized nexus of manufacturers, traders, corrupt officers and politicians.

Hospitals, dispensaries and government institutions are the main destinations of such drugs, rather they are dumped there.

Corruption flows from top to bottom. So WE ALL ARE THE CULPRITS WHO VOTE SUCH CRIMINALS TO POWER.

Do the people of this country not have the right to good health? Is it not our guaranteed right to demand of the government to take measures adequate, which can provide to each citizen the conditions of a healthy life? Has this country any sound Public Health Policy? Has adulteration in milk, pulses, ghee, spices and then vegetables and fruits (chemically dyed and fattened by injecting harmful oxytocin) been even remotely checked by the government? 

Oxytocin is a schedule H drug, which brings with it, over a period of time, neurotic problems, sterility, nervous break down, heart and kidney problems. 

Milch cattle are injected with this harmone shooting oxytocin injection to extract more milk which even infants are consuming. We are thus building a nation of sick, weak and undernourished future citizens and builders of this nation. Who cares?

Does the government not know about this unethical, hazardous and illegal practice going on? Do those, chosen by us to govern this country, not know that there are innumberable tin shed factories believed to be over engaged in manufacturing this half rupee costing oxytocin ampoules and being sold across the country and being very easily available? Has any political party ever given a call for bandh/protest against this dangerous, life- threatening or to be more precise "life-taking" practice to educate and awaken the people? PLEASE THINK, STAY AWAKE & ACT.

Nobody else can break this vicious circle except our elected representatives who rule this country. Since all political parties have proved to be the same, we the people need to change all of them and rise above the politics of caste, religion and region and vote for a cleaner candidate and not for the party. It will be a slow cleansing process and once it begins, it will send a strong message to all the politicians in capital and bold letters - "REFORM OR VANISH".

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