Monday, 16 September 2013

Elections, Votes, Riots, Modi - India 2014

Whatever the results of the election in 2014 might be, common man can expect some goodies his way in the days to come. Congress will have to do so much before elections to neutralize Modi effect and its tainted, corrupt image. So common man will get cheap grains, farmers will get good rates if their land is acquired and some more in the time to come. As Modi keeps counting more and more failures of Congress, it might keep filling these gaps and that too at the earliest. 

Inspite of doing all this, if Congress is thrown out of power, there will be immense pressure on BJP to deliver as the benchmark will be raised to a much higher level than now and as Modi goes on over-committing, he will have to ensure that he doesnt under-deliver, that too in his first tenure as the PM of the country. Again, the common man will be benefited. 

I have been on twitter for almost 2 years and have seen things changing a lot. There are all sorts of people, from different walks of life. But the first thing that I noticed, effortlessly, was the presence of immense support for BJP. 99% people on twitter supported BJP and the same was lately realised by Congress too when the party kept aside Rs.100 Crores to counter BJP on social media. By now even supporters of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are catching up but still BJP supporters dominate the scene. But I am very sorry to mention that many BJP/Modi supporters spit poison, talk cheap and sound frustrated. They have become more fanatic and poisonous than what they blame Muslims for.

In the real world, these political parties have proved to be more dangerous than the British or even the terrorists or naxalites. Vote Bank Politics is to be blamed, which has made both Hindus and Muslims feel insecure from each other. Political goons create communal riots where ever they want to create a divide among both the communities. 

Congress leaves no stone unturned to spread anti-Hindu sentiment among Muslims and recently used Owaisi to spread hatred. The aim is to keep the Muslim voter away from BJP. On the other hand, BJP creates Muzzafarnagar kind of situation and gives birth to riots even in the areas where Muslims and Hindus lived in from ages. Then it sets its RSS/VHP goons free to kill Muslims, burn their houses and reinstate this feeling among Hindus that Muslims would slaughter them if BJP/RSS/VHP was not there.

This divide between both communities will only widen with the passage of time because all political parties and their leaders will keep exploiting the situation for personal greed. The situation might look under control as Muslims are far less than Hindus in percentage and hardly have any representation in country's politics or power-houses/ bureaucracy. But till how long will it continue if we keep injecting more and more poison in both communities? 

I was listening to Narendra Modi as he addressed a large gathering in Rewari, Haryana. Modi was the need of the hour for BJP and the party needed such a leader much desperately than ever before because of the following reasons - 

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth. BJP was a party with so many self-proclaimed heads and so failed to give a proper direction to the party and its workers. Modi is a strong man, who knows when to be soft and when to be harsh, when to care for others and when to surpass and move ahead.

2. When almost every state in India is in bad condition in one way or the other and people feel so helpless and left out, Modi has done fairly well in Gujarat in a balanced manner in almost every sector and his people are happy with him and support him. 

3. Congress has been blotted with so many scams recently and has almost failed to take many strong and much needed decisions for the people of the country. It should have executed things the way it has started now with Food Security Bill and others of that sort. Modi's image is comparatively clean, no scams and is seen as the one who has guts to execute. Thats what country desperately wants, needs.

All the above factors ensure a big swing in BJP's favour and to add to the above, Modi knows where to hit and when and he seems to be flawlessly executing his strategies at all the fronts. The recent example is including many Muslim women from Bhopal into BJP. 

But inspite of all the above mentioned factors, its not going to be cakewalk for Modi as Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi, though silent, have been doing their bit individually, if not the party as a whole. They have been successful in impressing and attaching rural India through schemes like NREGA, Adhaar, and now Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, etc and almost 70% of India still lives in villages, where social media cant reach yet. Secondly, UPA has much more parties supporting them as compared to BJP and Rahul's strategy of forming alliances with different regional parties, like National Conference in J&K, has made Congress strong in many states. Third important factor is Muslims bent of mind against the BJP. They might not be the deciding factor alone but can change the election results in many constituencies across India.

Whatever the results of the elections might be, lets hope that the common man is benefited in multiple ways and with great wisdom, we are able to defeat divide and rule policy of the political parties and give them a message and only that government will survive which will deliver on what it commits. India must win under all circumstances.

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  1. I must say-Nicely written.
    Nothing in this world can surpass the "Cause & Effect" rule.

    Appeasement in any form is very dangerous, the seeds of it lies in India's Constitution.All the citizens without a role in power-politics are "Common Man" so when a govt. tries to take something from some one and gives it freely to other without merit,its a crime.FSB by congress is a example of it.

    People contributing on social media are common man with frustrations & real concerns but it is Congress who party kept aside Rs.100 Crores to counter genuine concerns of citizens and got paid people to shut their mouth by false claims. This in turn is bringing spit poison,cheap talk and so in picture.

    The seed Vote Bank Politics lies in our Constitution, supporting someone in need is real human nature but if the parameter is Religion- Cast & Creed then it will lead to appeasement and discrimination and that is what we see in form of reservation on Religious, Social background & other dubious parameters. The base of it must be Economic and universal.

    By the time blog was written the causes of Muzaffarnagar riot were not investigated much. Now Aaj Tak sting operation is out in public and we know are behind this riot and what led to it. Its again politics of appeasement and vote bank by those who spread shit themselves and shamelessly take RSS/VHP name.

    Entire history is there as proof that deliberate suppression and discrimination of a section of society,be it majority or minority, by rulers led to destruction. No matter what the percentage of a section is, its going to backfire.

    By distributing election freebies and working before election some time election can be won but it always taxpayers & commoners who suffer because the money comes from people not politicians. Be it village folk or be it metro city Tweeps or followers of any religion on planet, as a human all will have the same basic need like proper civic facilities, education, opportunities for livelihood.Since the Congress was not able to rule nation fairly and provide even the basic requirements it started the policies of appeasement and discrimination to fool a section of society.

    Every one must understand that history is always a undisputed prove and the way Pseudo-secularism is taking nation the worse is yet to come.Indians are no more ready to live on "do-char-roti, nation wants to dream for more. It must change now & as a commoner i will like to see every one growing socially-happily-peacefully.