Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thankless People, Thankless Nation !

The world's biggest crime that a human can do is being thankless. Why does a person become thankless. There are many reasons for it. Its when his/her bad days are gone and he/she no longer feels the need of the one who helped. This happens when he/she becomes powerful, has all the resources and people around to support. In general, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A mentally corrupt person doesnt remain human anymore or we can say he/she becomes wild and cant treat others as humans as he/she feels 100% safe under all circumstances. Thats why it is said that FEAR is also essential for MAN to remain a human.

Thats why Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the concept of Khalsa (Saint- Soldier), the one who is a warrior and powerful but also worships God, remembers HIM as more powerful than the man and also remembers Death. I wont hesitate a bit to say that people like BALWANT SINGH RAJOANA portray that personality, character. Though he was a part of the plot to assassinate Beant Singh, but he is true at heart and has the courage to accept the truth and face death with a smile. Thousands of Sikhs were killed, raped, burnt alive in 1984 and not even a single person is punished till date. Let me ask everyone that what will you do if your mother or sister is raped infront of your own eyes, your father, brother or son is burnt alive by a mob and then nobody listens to you and you are asked to forget what happened?  Obviously all of us wont take extreme steps but atleast some will. 

It is the irony of fate that in this nation of thankless people, criminals who murdered thousands of innocent people are living with impunity and nobody raises voice for the victims and if a victim is compelled to take extreme steps, he is labelled as a terrorist. I agree that under all circumstances, crime is a crime. But my point is, even the murderers of Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002 must be treated on the same grounds, under the same law. Will they be given the liberty and privilege to murder anyone since they belong to the majority in this country? Are minorities a third grade citizens or slaves who dont have any human value and will be blatantly denied justice and they dont have any rights to demand the same? This was the way Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs were treated under the British. Then why people like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandra Shekher Azad, who retaliated against the British are called Martyrs and Patriots and Sikhs who retaliate are called terrorists?

I do have a secular thinking and I have always written for our country India and against the corrupt who are looting our country. But just to defend my secular image and get that tag from people, it cant happen that I only raise my voice when wrong is being done to others and I escape and become a silent spectator when people of my family of community are being targeted, victimized. The point is, I will raise my voice when wrong is done with anyone, irrespective of religion, caste.

 Guru Gobind Singh had gifted this country with free-of-cost soldiers, who were always ready to sacrifice their lives for the country. They have done this in large numbers, even though they constitute very small percentage of Indian population. Whole of Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation and there were no Muslims in India. With the invasion of Afghanistan and then India by Mughals, whole of Afghanistan was converted to a Muslim country and so was much of Hindu population of India. Almost 40 crores Muslim population of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were the Hindus who were forcefully converted. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed the life of his complete family to oppose and stop this forceful conversion. Brahmins of Kashmir (Kashmiri Pandits) had gone to Guru Teg Bahadur for help to save their existence and so Guru Saheb was beheaded in Chandani Chowk. The Guru and the Sikhs were never anti-Muslim but they opposed the wrong done by anyone and thats why they opposed forceful conversion of the Hindus.

This country has always been thankless towards Sikhs. Right from the time of independence, Sikhs have been subjected to injustice. Gandhi and Nehru were successful in their plan that sikhs dont accept the offer of the British to take a separate Sikh Nation covering areas from Lahore to Delhi. They said- Sikhs are our heads, we will be headless bodies without them. Thus they duped Master Tara Singh and Sikhs choose to stay with India.

When the state of Punjab was to be demarcated in independent India, it was cut from all the possible sides, taking out Haryana, Himachal, leaving a negligible part of the original Punjab. Sikhs had to give voluntary arrests in 1966 to protest against this but nothing happened. 

Since Sikhs were brave and warriors, it was the fear of Brahmin rulers of this country and they worked to weaken and demoralize Sikhs in every possible way. Till today, one would find Wine Shops in every nook and corner of Punjab and you can freely consume liquor on the road side as almost nowhere else in India. This was a slow process, initiated from the time of independence, to intoxicate the generations of the Sikhs in Punjab, which was the religious center of the Sikhs. Jokes were created and cracked against Sikhs and media was put into service to show Sikhs as subjects of mockery. Whenever a Sikh is shown in a movie, he is always dressed very badly, in multi-coloured clothes, hair and turban loosely tied and almost hanging. Mostly Sikhs will be shown as drunkards or drivers with all sorts of nonsense talks. This discourages our younger generation, which gets drifted more and more towards getting clean shaved.

Sikhs were among those few who stood for the benefit country and opposed Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. It was that grudge which Indira had and she first projected Sikh hardliners and then planned an attack on the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Where was the Army, BSF and intelligence agencies of this country when truck loads of weapons were taken inside the Golden Temple? Such huge cache of weapons were obviously not produced by Sikhs inside their homes. She masterminded the complete game plan to damage and defame Sikhs as much as possible and was very much successful in doing that.

When the Sikhs retaliated and killed her, what does the law say? Those who killed her must be hanged to death. But Rajiv Gandhi let loose the goons, criminals to kill innocent Sikhs across the country for 3 days. Till today not even a single criminal has been punished. Were they aliens who appeared from nowhere, killed the Sikhs and then disappeared back to nowhere? Why is the majority population of this country silent over it? Silence is acceptance. So those who silently agreed that what was done to Sikhs was right, they are equally a part of the crime.


Today we cry about criminals being in politics, ruling us and looting our hard earned money. Who are they? They are the same criminals who where directly promoted and shielded by Rajiv Gandhi and indirectly promoted and shielded by all of us. They promote more criminals and corrupt in every department, let it be police, medicine, defence, judiciary, etc and these departmental heads further promote corrupt and criminal minded people.

Ultimately, all the above mentioned criminals and corrupt at the helm of affairs of this country kill, rape, loot our own people and 8 out of 10 victims are from our majority i.e., the Hindus. 

Religious difference do arise even in developed countries but the Majority Religious population doesnt let loose the goons over the minorities like in India. Shiv Sena, VHP, RSS have been developed and equipped for the same purpose. Promoting terrorists organizations like these will be the same blunder that Pakistan committed by harbouring terrorists in its territory. Today, they have become a curse for their own country itself. 

Sikhs took out peaceful processions across Punjab. Today they were attacked by Shiv Sena terrorists and Police also opened fire on Sikhs, killing 3 people. Shiv Sena terrorists can be seen burning the same turban which saved their own identity. 

 In developed countries, mostly Europeans and the US, they understand that a Country is like a Home and all people are like Family Members. A home can only be peaceful if all members are treated equally and same rules apply to everyone. Only then home can be kept in order. By promoting fanatic, gunda elements, each member of the family is at risk. Such activities develop a lack of faith among the minority members and widens the gap, which is further exploited by politicians and its a never ending process. 

In developed countries they ensure to have strict laws in place, which treat everyone as equal and give the similar punishment to everyone for same intensity of crime.

Neither Sikhs were anti- India and nor they are. But there is a limit to the injustice that a person can tolerate and this applies to everyone. Naxalites in different parts of India are not Sikhs or Muslims. They are the outcome of failed national policies and discrimination of corrupt rulers.

Quoting Ms. Arundhati Roy from her article which was titled- A Ghost Story and made the cover story of Outlook Magazine issue dated- March 26 2012 - 

"Meanwhile in Chhattisgarh, the Salwa Judum burned, raped and murdered its way through hundreds of forest villages, evacuating 600 villages, forcing 50,000 people to come out into police camps and 3,50,000 people to flee. The CM announced that those who didnt come out of the forests would be considered to be 'Maoist Terrorists"

"Recently, Soni Sori, an adivasi school-teacher from Bastar, was arrested and tortured in police custody. Stones were pushed up her vagina to get her confess that she was a "Maoist Courier". Soni Sori still remains in jail and Ankit Garg, the SP who conducted interrogation was conferred with the President's Police Medal for Gallantary on Republic Day".

None of the above mentioned people is either a Sikh or a Muslim. It is the time for the Hindu majority to take up stand against the corrupt and the wrong, no matter which Indian is a victim of it. It is you who can make a difference by boycotting the corrupt and criminals and restoring faith in the minorities. Muslims of Kashmir had happily chosen to live with India. It were Nehru's policies that made them feel alienated and discriminated and the gap went on widening over the period of time. 

Lets remember that time has re-written the political landscape of the world time and again. If supremacy of the British Empire didnt remain, USSR didnt remain, nobody else's will remain. Those who were Hindus at one point of time are today reciting Namaz in masjids of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India itself. Many Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims are converting to Christianity. 

Only truth shall prevail and as we sow, so shall we reap. 


  1. "the murderers of Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002 must be treated on the same grounds, under the same law". Indeed. That's the fundamental precept of the Freedom Team of India (see:

  2. Sir, Thanks for sharing your valuable views. I appreciate that you feel all criminals must be treated under the same law. Organizations, groups like Freedom Team of India are very few and have been quite ineffective, may be bcoz of lack of political will in this country. Commissions were formed by corrupt Govt but in vain.

    So, anything is worth existing if it really makes a difference, let it be 1% of it, a starting point.