Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We Indians need to be multi-talented to survive!

During past few days, I have remembered and tweeted these lines from a song from  Sanjay Dutt Movie- Sadak and with every next day and experience, these lines seem to be more meaningful and true in Indian context- 

"Andhe Behron Ki Basti, Chaaron Taraf Andher Hai, Sab Ke Sab Lachaar Hain, Kon Sunne Kis Ki Fariyaad".

Scams, murders, rapes, vote-bank politics and what not. Everything targeted at amassing as much wealth as possible, by what ever means, no matter where and from whom it comes.

I was travelling in train and came across a very well educated, talented, young Police Sub-inspector. He shared with me that People can be categorized in following ways depending upon how honest they are. First, the "Dead Honest" like Sh. Anna Hazare, who himself is not corrupt and believes in stopping others from it. Second are the "Honest", like Dr. Manmohan Singh, who himself is not corrupt but hardly goes out of the way to stop others from corruption. He said that in India, 0.0001% people are Dead Honest and 0.001% people are honest. Third category, in which, according to him 80% of us fall are the "Reasonably Honest". These are the people who dont believe in harming anyone directly but if they can make little bit money here and there, they dont abstain from it. Last category includes the people whom we can call "Dishonest" who believe that by hook or crook, they should amass wealth, as much as possible and remaining 19-20% of us fall in this category and this includes Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Industrialists like Ambanis. Obviously we can include most of the powerful people in last category, which includes Police and even the people from defence.

These dishonest, who are the powerful and at the helm of affairs are making life more and more difficult for the majority i.e., 80% of us, who are reasonably honest, thus compelling more and more of this 80% to degrade, fall below the level of principles, ethics and get involved into the dirty business of looting the country. If systems fall in place and the majority gets atleast the basic amenities of day to day life, they will be more than happy and will upgrade to the Honest category and that will be in the best interest of the nation. But when they see their loved ones go without quality food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, they are compelled to take any and all ways to fulfill those basic needs and thus this category of Dishonest goes on swelling while that of Honest and Reasonably Honest go on shrinking. This is a very dangerous trend and must be stopped immediately for the betterment of one and all. 

Dishonest people dont realise that they are snatching a plate of meals from the hands of many poor families, just as they were about to eat and give that money to their kids to waste for a drink in a pub. 

They dont realise that they kick out the poor even from broken huts when they were trying to sleep in cold january night and sell that land to use the money for their wife's or daughter's jewellery.  

They dont realise they are snatching medicines from millions who are lying to death bed and use that money for lavish family functions and trips abroad. 

Such is the situation that we cant trust on police, lawyers, judges, doctors and even the media which is mostly biased and paid. For survival, we need to be very vigilant and selective while dealing with all the above. So, we need to have little knowledge of laws, medicine, and authenticity of information, if we want to survive properly even inside our own home and in society and save ourselves from being cheated, damaged. Life is still easy for people like you and me, who are among the few blessed. I am talking about more than 80% of our countrymen who dont have access to internet, and dont have time to be a part of this social media. In other words, such is the situation that we Indians need to be multi-talented and know and somehow play the role of police, lawyers, medical experts and even journalists and educationists for our personal betterment and for the betterment of fellow countrymen. This is the unfortunate situation that prevails in our country today and we only are responsible for it.

Most importantly, as I keep saying always, we need to be Intelligent Voters. We must vote for the Individual, seeing his Credibility and past record and not for the Political Party/Caste/Religion because good people will do good and criminals will spread crime and in both the cases, they dont see your caste or religion while showing their real worth. Ultimately choice is ours that which category we want to be in and how we want to see our future.

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