Monday, 19 March 2012

Religion- Most Beautiful yet Most Misunderstood!

Our body is made up of 5 elements. Our body consists of 5 subtle bodies namely - Etheric Body (vehicle of life, divine light) , Emotional or Astral Body (vehicle of desires and emotions), Mental Body (vehicle of concrete or lower mind), Causal Body (vehicle of the abstract or higher mind), Illusion Body (Mayavi Rupa). We have 5 types of negatives or moral evils inside us- Anger, Lust, Greed, Strong Attachment to an individual or worldly possessions and Pride. Hands and feet have 5 fingers each. All the above mentioned are FIVE in number.

Thats why from ages, in India, 5 men were elected and a panchayat was formed as the leader of a village or a community. Arjuna's chariot, of which Lord Krishna was the charioteer in Mahabharata, had 5 horses. Guru Gobind Singh picked up 5 Beloved Ones (Panj Payare), gave 5 K's to the Sikhs and asked to recite 5 Gurbanis every morning (Nitnem). Prophet Mohammed asked Muslims to recite Namaz 5 times a day.

Religion can be called as sum total of all the laws of nature that govern the universe. It also describes the ultimate aim of our birth and life on this earth. It clearly defines and explains the difference between good and bad and also the consequences of which way we go.

All the world's knowledge can be derived from these books because the laws of nature hold true everywhere, every time and are the same.  If you go through Personality Development books, one may find that its nothing but an explanation of timeless principles that have proved beneficial for man. If we go through Management Books, the philosophies of being customer centric, customer service and value for money to the customer are nothing but the practical translation of religious/human teachings which tell us to treat every human as equal and share with other and eat.

God has kept birth and death in His direct control, has laid down the Principles for fruitful existence and has sent Prophets/Saints from time to time to make us understand the same. He has given us intelligence to understand and analyse everything. After doing all this, He has given us free-will to live life between Birth and Death. The family, friends and situations which we get are as per our deeds that we have done till now, let it be in this birth or previous birth. Our actions are the seeds and the resulting happiness or sorrow is the fruit of that seed.

Religion divides all our bad/negative deeds in 10 parts or under 10 headings. Out of these ten, 3 deeds are performed by our body physically, 3 are performed by our mind and 4 are performed by our tongue. Three of these are performed by our body physically are - murder, rape/defame someone, and robbery. Three bad deeds performed by our mind in form of bad thoughts are to think of damaging someone in financial terms, thinking of hurting or killing someone and thinking of exploiting someone, molesting or raping someone. Four bad/ negative deeds done by our tongue are useless talks, talking rude with someone, abusing someone and defaming someone.

All our sins fall into one or more of the above mentioned categories. As we go on committing the same bad deed, it gets so much imbibed into our habit and character that we start justifying our actions and start driving pleasure out of it. One might question that why even a THOUGHT in the mind is considered to be a SIN? Its because a THOUGHT is the SEED of everything. As goes the saying - 

"Sow a THOUGHT, Reap an ACTION; Sow an ACTION, Reap a HABIT; Sow a HABIT, Reap a CHARACTER; Sow a CHARACTER, Reap a DESTINY".

Law of the land treats physical action as crime and punishes us for that. Religion and God considers our bad thoughts as crime and punishes us for that. Law tries to treat the symptoms, Religion tries to treat the root cause. As our religious and spiritual values are getting more and more eroded, our thoughts are getting more and more maligned and inspite of most stringent laws in force, crime and unrest has increased even in most developed countries during past one century. 

We say we cant see God. If God appears in one face, in one form and in one character, he is defined, localized presence- not omnipresent and comes into the range of our intelligence. That means the creation of God, i.e., Man and his intelligence is greater than God himself, as it could understand and define HIM. Creation cant be greater than the Creator Himself. So God is present in the form of Prophets/ Avtaars/ Saints, He is present in the form of Divine Light inside every living being. There is a burning desire in every man/woman to become God because we are actually a part of HIM and the soul inside us is His light. The proof of this is that we all want an endless life in which death doesnt occur and thats being like God. We all want endless wealth, possessions and glory and thats like being God himself. There had been people who have enlightened themselves to rise above the world and became saints, who could live as much as they wanted and be present anywhere they wanted. They become a part of God himself and then take birth as His Messengers in the form of Prophets/ Avtaars and show us His Way.

All the pains of the world are the fruits of our intelligence, which compels us to question and be dissatisfied with all what we have and so we are not happy with what we have and what is happening with us or around us. Religion says that one should perform his/her actions and leave the rest on God. HE will give the fruit of those actions/ hardwork. But since we dont trust Him and so doubt that whether what i got is what I deserved, we are always dissatisfied and unhappy. 

To attain happiness, there are two ways. One is that we should stop bothering about the fruits, trust God and leave it to Him, i.e., we rise above our intelligence/mental level and be a part of Him. Second is to fall below the level of intelligence i.e., where our mind/ intelligence doesnt work. Start taking drugs, alcohol and fall below to such levels where our mind actually goes to such a state where it cant think and make difference between good or bad. Unfortunately, falling down is easy but its a dark, bottomless pit and 90% of us choose to go this way.

Ultimately, question arises that whats a balanced life which gives us the best of both the worlds. Its the life about which Lord Krishna taught Arjuna, its the life of Saint and Soldier that Guru Gobind Singh taught Sikhs in the form of Khalsa (the purest one). Obviously such examples and teaching are there in Islam and Christianity and every other religion of the world, which are beyond my very limited knowledge. If we become warriors and dont take God's name, we will become cruel and arrogant and power will make us murderer, rapist and what not. If we live the life of a Saint only, even a gang of robbers will make us slave and rule us. This was what exactly happened in India when Babar attacked us just with a gang of 500 men and became a ruler.  

So we need to do our deeds (Karma) and at the same time try to worship God and remember His words through our Holy Books so that we live a balanced life, dont become danger to anyone and dont let anyone become a threat to us. God will bless us and earth itself will become a heaven because no other heaven exists. When we are happy, its heaven inside our hearts and when we are suffering, its hell inside us.


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    1. Thanks a lot for sparing time to read and for appreciation.

  2. All very convincing but I just cannot forfeit to a higher power. Such is my snobbery that I think that if there is something, I must be able to understand it! This discussion may hurt many sentiments and may provoke some but it is not meant to. Well-written though!

  3. Dear Abhyudaya,
    Thanks for sparing your valuable time and reading and expressing your views. Let me confess and share that "Forfeiting to Higher Power" is the most difficult part and highest/last stage in being HIS man and one who does, he merges, becomes a part of HIM. Thats the end of it, Moksha, Mukti and hence no birth thereafter.

    So, its a step by step process and often takes us many births to reach that final goal of life. Initially, lets try to be true and honest to ourselves and to everyone, love everyone and see all as equals. And along with it, we must spare few minutes everyday to Pray and thank HIM. Rest will follow.