Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jobs for J&K Youth!!

P Chidambram ensures 40,000 jobs 4 J&K youth. Will there b equal opportunity 4 Jammu? Quota shd b fixed 4 Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh. During Governor Rule in J&K, there used to b balanced distribution of candidates 4m all religions in Merit & Jobs lists. Whenever Govts r formed, 90% seats, jobs go to Muslims & even govts in Delhi support that. Shd Jammu also demand separation?

3 yrs back, during Amarnath agitation, Jammu remained shut 4 more than 2 months, people lost Rs.7500 Cr business. Jammu got nothing, Rs.3000 Cr was given 2 Kashmir 4 loss of business & trade route opened 4 them 2 PoK.

Frm Nehru till now, Kashmir problem & Jammu's sufferings r bcoz of Delhi Govts. They were never sincere to solve this, neither they are.

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