Thursday, 27 October 2011

Plan A to Plan D of Congress !!

By letting loose the Venom Spitter (VS) Digvijay Singh, Congress is doing more harm that good to its already tarnished, scam and corruption hit image. Its committing the same mistake as LK Advani made during the last General Elections by making fun of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka by using demeaning words. By doing this or letting this happen, Congress is showing the cheapest and most shameless side of politicians and exposing it more than ever before. One cant understand what Mrs. Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the PM are doing, if their words of sincerity and commitment are to be believed? Or have they accepted that Congress' grave is deep enough and it hardly makes any difference if someone digs it more by a feet or two?

We cant say that Ramdev and members of Team Anna (excluding Sh. Anna Hazare) are absolutely, flawlessly clean. But the cheap tactics that Congress is using against them are exposing it more. People are understanding in a better way that what these politicians do with those who try to snatch the bite of curruption from their mouth.  Its shows the extent of shamelessness they can go to even after being exposed time and again.

It is also exposing that these politicians dont let the agencies like CBI work effectively because if they are allowed to work, they can even track down Ramdev aide's, Kejriwal's and Kiran Bedi's day to day transactions and records within no time. This clearly shows that these people were letting everything happen delibrately and believe in the philosophy- Eat and Let Us Eat.

If we put it in VS Digvijay's and hence Congress' terms, the plans go as follows.

Congress Plan A- Use Kapil Sibal to spead propaganda against Team Anna in decent, sophisticated way.
Congress Plan B- Use P Chidambram to take actions against Ramdev & Sh. Anna Hazare by arresting him before his fast.
Congress Plan C- Use CBI & other agencies against Ramdev & aides & Team Anna to demean/ insult/defame them.
Congress Plan D- Let loose their Venom Spitter Digvijay to spit venom on everyone who doesnt agree with congress
It seems to be Congress strategy to drag Sri Sri into the row and then include him into their camp to show that he trusts Congress. They can prove that another Anna supporter has left him and joined their camp like Agnivesh.
As Subramanian Swamy rightly tweeted - "RSS is on Plan D: Set loose Digvijay Singh-- who will make RSS seem omnipotent to the whole world. Find out what it meant to be King Fabius."
Congress should put a stop to all this immediately for its personal interest and work for the interest of the people of the country if it wants to stand true to any of its tall claims it has made so far.

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