Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yousuf's Killing- darkest side of NC- Congress Corrupt Govt.

What does NC worker Haji Yousuf's killing expose? CCTV camers show him very fine while going in Omar Abdullah's office and in bad condition while coming out. What was such great evidence that Omar found against him that he couldnt find till now against his ministers till now?
If genuine analysis are done, Jammu & Kashmir will be at par with Mayawati's UP and Laalu's Bihar in corruption. Congress Ministers top the corruption chart with Education Minister Peerzada & Health Minister Sham Lal.
ETT, B.ed Courses are a loot, Police- Politicians- Criminals land grabbing nexus, no medicines, equipment in hospitals, thats J&K today.

How can we believe Sonia or Rahul or PM on promises to eradicate corruption? They cant check Omar & their own ministers. It is such ignorance on Govt's part that gives rise to Militancy, Naxalites. Can Govt of India sovle Kashmir Problem with such an approach? Forget about Kashmiris, they are testing the patience of Jammu People too. Then they blame their faliure on Pakistan and China.
Neither Print nor Electronic Media bothered to cover these issues but follow Bachans & their unborn child like flocks of sheep.
Posters on walls across Punjab read- Do ETT, B.ed from Jammu by sitting at home. Cant Kapil Sibal and others read that?

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