Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill

Jan Lokpal Bill was never so much sought after as it is now, though this issue is almost 4 decades old. Question arises that why is this issue getting unprecedented support of the masses? Government had gone upto the extent of doubting a foreign hand behind this movement lead by Sh. Anna Hazare. If we try and find the answer to this question, that answer in itself is the answer to most of the questions. The most basic and perhaps the only reason is that in day to day life, people of India have been very badly affected by corruption.

The common man is not ready to live with this menace for even a single moment but due to his/ her compulsions, he/she couldnot take any extreme steps & even if he had done, the nexus of the corrupt wont have let a single man or a small group to stand against it for long. Its because crime is organized, others are not. Sh. Anna Hazare has proved to be the face of common man of India and has provided the much desperately needed platform to unite the masses against the nexus of the corrupt.

Government's reactions towards this movement &  against Anna shows how complacent & arrogant the politicians of this country have become as they have been doing with impunity whatever they want to.

Jan Lokpal, as proposed by Anna & people supporting him, is not draconian even for the corrupt. Once Lokpal proves that one is corrupt, long judicial process follows. Unfortunately, Judicial process in this country is so long that one should not be surprised that the victim dies, the convict dies and finally the case is closed by the next generation of judges. 

Jan Lokpal, if properly passed, will ensure that there is a body which is not in direct and complete control of those against whom the case is filed. But the corrupt dont even want to be questioned and held accountable for, by a body that will comprise of general public.

Government should stop and stay away from dirty and cheap tactics for its own face saving and present and support Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament. That will restore its credibility among the people and also expose the real face of other parties, who have been taking mileage over the government on Lokpal issue.

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