Sunday, 15 January 2012

Punjabis & Liquor! What are we upto?

With Jan 28-30 dry days, families in Punjab shifting marriage function venues out of sate. Has alcohol become so important to us? Punjabis consider celebrations incomplete without uninterrupted supply of liquor.
Punjabis consumed 29 crore bottles of Punjab made liqour, Indian made foreign liquor & beer in last financial year. Consumption is expected to cross the 30.6 Crore bottle mark this fiscal.
The annual revenue from sale of liqour in Punjab is Rs.3,300 crores, as per Exise and Taxation Dept estimates.
Its only in Punjab that government has allowed sale of liquor on roadside shops, dhabas and one can consume freely where ever they want. The nerves of the Punjabis have been freely allowed to b filled with liquor and other drugs, like nowhere else in India. Who is responsible?
Another act of shame- Lady who was elected as SGPC Chief, with support of politicians, Jagir Kaur booked after liquor seizure. 183 cases of Indian made foreign liquor were seized from a tempo at Talwandi Village.
Families, younger generations are getting ruined but the flow of liquor is ever increasing in Punjab. Whats the use of education & money? The energetic, enthusiastic Punjabis are being diverted, their energy is being misused/ channelized in wrong direction for self destruction.
And this is not happening now but from many decades and still the people of Punjab are not realizing it and going on blindly. Strange! What future do the people of Punjab have and what future do their wives, daughters and sisters have when living in such a condition where every man is a die hard drunkard? Is it a boon for those daughters of Punjab who are killed inside the womb rather then being subjected to such family atmospheres?
All this is happening because we are ready to get ruined. Religious temples are being mis-ruled by corrupt politicians and those who could share knowledge about religious, social and family values have been sidelined. It is much worse than the so-called alarming situation in Punjab and its the people themselves who can make a difference for their own sake and for the sake of their families and children.

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