Thursday, 5 January 2012

Culprits- We, the people of India!

All we need to do is to vote for a genuine, clean candidate in elections, irrespective of patry, religion or caste he belongs to and India will change in a day. And from past 64 years, we couldnt understand and do this much. Then who is to be blamed? Its we, the people of India. Rather than doing this much, we have learned the "Art of Blaming". When everyone blames others and himself/herself is not ready to take any responsibility, the result is present day India, which actually is none of ours responsibility today because we never think what I can do and where I am wrong and whats my responsibility.

The logic behind why should we implement this is very simple. Criminal doesnt ask or bother about your religion or caste before committing a crime. Likewise, a good, gentle and honest man doesnt ask about your caste, religion, sex before dealing with you honestly.

But still we see caste, religion or party before voting and this clearly shows that we dont even love ourselves and our families, forget about the country. We are biased and vote blindly, give chance to criminals, corrupt and communal to come to power and give them chance to deepen their roots so survive for years and decades to come and thus let them create dirty, poisonous environment for our families and future generations to come.

I have been regular on Twitter and mostly follow those who are supposed to be the most learned class in a society- the journalists. To my surprise and great disappointment, most of them have learned to host TV programs and become Editors, Associate Editors, Senior Journalists with leading Newspapers but are either "Friends of BJP or Congress" and very few stand for the truth, irrespective of the party, religion or caste.

Similar is the case with most of us. We are either pro- BJP or pro- Congress and whatever our favourite party does, we justify it, irrespective of the fact whether it is actually right or wrong. Then what do these parties want? - Just fools like us! Congress takes vote on the name of Nehru- Gandhi Family, who can be majorly held responsible for India's present condition as they ruled for most of the years since Independence. Secondly, they take vote because they dont have any strong opposition in the country.

BJP, which is the political arm of RSS plays a more dangerous, poisonous game and takes vote on the name of Hinduism, spreading communal sentiments and hatred towards other communities/ religions. Ultimately, both the parties are enjoying power in different states and exploiting the people of the country and depriving the most of our people of even very basic amenities of day to day life and themselves looting the country of its wealth.

So, the point I want to make is that we should not vote under any influence and the only parameter should be the background, past record and credentials of the candidate. Hope that in coming elections, we all will not get fooled again and 2012 will write a new history of New India, which will outshine every other country of the world.


  1. In J&K the mainstream political parties mandates are auctioned;No wise man afford that,Jammu self styled saviours are most selfish;they struggle for their welfare,rather than Jammuites.Educated youth migrating out side of JK for career;WHO will fight for ppl?Question to be ponder upon.

  2. Very true Sir. Jammu doesnt have any leadership to work for it and you rightly said, they r selfish to the core. Most of the points mentioned by your are valid across India. But there has to be some starting point. We cant let more and more corrupt keep pouring in, to mis-rule us and make life a hell for us. There are people who continue staying and working in jammu, let it be into business, government jobs or retired. All need to take initiatives.

    Thanks for your valuable inputs.

  3. Very true.
    Despite several ills, we do have one of the most functional democracy in the world. In the era of coalition politics, a regional party dictating the nation's foreign policy or bill placed in parliament may not be ideal precedents but they are also testimonies of how deep the root of democracy has reached in India.

    Unfortunately, it is also a testimony of our failure in casting our votes maturedly or with national interest in mind. We elect people like ourselves (based on religion,caste,ethnicity etc) and then lament over their misdeeds, blaming everyone but ourselves. Worse, how many of us really follow the law and especially our fundamental duties that the Indian constitution recommends ? How many of us pay are taxes honestly or refrain from bribing government officials on all levels to avail special treatment ?

    However,these should under no circumstance deter the people from criticizing the government. But criticism should be issue-based,genuine and preferably with an anecdote in sight. For instance,when Anna Hazare started the campaign against corruption, he wasn't just scoring brownie points. Anna and his team were also offering a mechanism to counter corruption by presenting the Janlokpal bill. How effective this bill would have been or what damage it could inflict,it is not very clear but it is important that they were willing to help the government jointly work on checking graft.

    In contrast when an ex-CM of Karnataka, who lost his job as CM, was arrested and charge-sheeted in a corruption issue, planned to observe fast to show solidarity with Anna Hazare's movement, it wasn't just funny, it was tragic.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable views and feedback. I agree. Let all of us first set our own house in order, be true Indians, and vote for national interest. Rest will fall in place.

  4. Explain me please. This is for the moderator of the site and all those who have given their valuable comments above. I completely agree that our vote should not be biased to caste, religion or any non logical thing. But to whom you will vote when you deep inside know that every leader stood in particular election is badly corrupt. And Mr. Danish Ahmed said that everyone should pay their tax with honesty and on time. Why would anyone do that when most of people today know that there hard earned money is going in vain or in swiss accounts... I mean till today what we had get back in return after paying tax honestly. Corrupt government, bad law system, worst infrastructure... Its my personal view I don't know you people like it or not. But dictatorship is only way left to change this country for better, because believe me democracy not working anymore and is getting murdered daily and that also in front of everyone...