Sunday, 8 January 2012

India, China, Russia- The Most Powerful Alliance!

India and China should include Common Friend RUSSIA, solve the issues between the two countries and form alliance of three- Russia, India, China. Let it be RIC, because we dont need BRICs to build nations. It needs much much more and BRICs can be had from anywhere. There dont seem to be any such issues which cant be mutually discussed and solved. Both the countries need to respect each other's integrity and sovereignty like decent and mature neighbours.

All three together i.e., India, China and Russia can contain Pakistan sponsored terrorism against India and help Pakistan to come out of it too. It will b a win win situation for everyone. India and Pakistan will get rid of terrorism and border tensions between India, China and Pakistan. All the four put together will be able to take benefits of each other's strengths and grow stronger, much more stronger than what any of these countries alone cant even dream of.

And perhaps will be the most powerful alliance in the world. It can be Asian NATO for the 21st century and will be much more stronger than NATO because of the resources, manpower, land area that these four countries hold. Formation of such an alliance will weed out unnecessary interference and policing of the US for its personal benefits/ self interests.

To materialze this, it only needs an uplifted thinking of politicians of these countries. Our politicians need to rise above selfish political motives and work in the larger interest of the country and the region.

But I am afraid they wont. Because this will virtually eliminate most of issues on which they encash votes and win elections. If things normalize with China and Pakistan, how will they play Hindu-Muslim-Pakistan hatred card? How will they play anti China card?

But if it happens, what more benefits can India have? I am talking of India only but for sure the rest three of our friends will also enjoy the same or may be more. Politicians have been exploiting us and using us in the name of religion, caste or hatred against China and Pakistan. They wont be able to do it anymore. The seeds of hatred against China and Pakistan were sown at the time of Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi respectively and we ar paying the cost of it till now. And we have been so strongly made to believe that its China and Pakistan who are the culprits that we never questioned the credibility of these politicians.

RSS and BJP wont be able to exploit and play Hindu- Muslim hatred card anymore. Huge Army budget will be cut considerably and thousands of crores of rupees of our hard earned money will not go in the pockets of politicians, high rank defense officials and other middlemen. This money infact will be used for our benefit, for development works, for providing food, shelter, clothing and shelter to more than 40 crores Indians who still live below poverty line.

Above all, politicians will have only one major card left to play with and that is the work they do and their performance in 5 years term. So its for the people of India and China to realize and wake up for common good and to change the scenario forever and make our politicians work for it. We can change our fortunes and the scenario of the world because we are 120 crores strong!!


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