Thursday, 17 May 2012

World Environment Day - Lets make difference together!

Our school, G L S Public School, Jammu was founded by my father in the year 2000. It is named after his uncle, Gyani Lal Singh Ji (G L S), who was a great visionary, social worker and a wonderful human being. In 1947 at the time of partition, he along with few of his friends sold their Trucks, Buses and used that money to feed the hungry people who moved in to India from the present Pakistan. They distributed their land free of cost to as many people as possible so that they could construct shelters for their families. Throughout their lives, those people stood by the needy and helped in every possible way.

My father has been managing this school with the same spirit and though we dont earn huge profits yet, still there are many kids who are given concession in admission fee and some study free of cost. We have tried our best to give them all the facilities which includes well educated faculty, well ventilated and spacious classroom, Computer Lab, Art & Craft room, Library, green, clean and noise/pollution free campus with lot of space to play, games and sports facilities and also Educomp Smart Class.

Apart from studies, we have always tried to uphold moral and social values and ethics among our staff and the students and try our best to prepare them to contribute to the society throughout their lives. One important initiative in this direction has been the "World Environment Day"  (WED) Celebration. We have been celebrating WED from last 3 years. It includes Cultural Programs, Fancy Dress competition, Drawing Competition, Essay Writing Competition. The theme of all these programs and competitions is "Save Earth", and we try to make students aware of causes and effects of Global Warming and how can we fight with this ever growing problem.

Apart from this, we organize an "Awareness Rally & Plantation Drive". One plant each is given to our 250 students and staff of 25 odd people. At the same time, we distribute around 150- 200 plants, free of cost, during the rally, along with the informational pamphlets.

This year again, we will be doing the same and new additions will be increase in number of plants distributed and along with it, we will start distributing 4000 WED stickers (2 different stickers, 2000 each) with pictures and message on them and our school name and address below.

We have also formed "Environmental Club" in the school with 15 students as its members. We will be taking up "Green Project" in the school and will try to generate electricity using a wind mill and solar energy.

Lets all make it a habit to plant one tree on our and our beloved ones birthday. It wont cost more than what we spend for 1 soft drink or french fries at McDonalds. Lets spread the message across the world, to everyone we come in touch with and take measures to reduce Global Warming and emission of Greenhouse Gases. Its our earth, our home and we have only one.


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