Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"Mother Earth" is calling - Please dont keep her on hold!

Why is the Earth referred to as mother? Do we really treat her like our "Mother"? 

Our body is made up of constituents of this earth and its atmosphere. We are alive because it gives us food, shelter, air to breathe and water to drink, exactly like a "Mother nurtures a child".

As the mother cleans a child, the Earth absorbs our waste in it and again provides clean atmosphere to us.

Unfortunately, as we misbehave and disrespect our own "Mother" now a days and are "Thankless" towards her, our values have similarly eroded in every sphere and we are even worst in the way we treat the "Mother Earth".

Like a mother loves her child and forgives all his/her mistakes and tries to give as many chances to the child for improvement as possible for her, "Mother Earth" is still nurturing us, the "Most Thankless Creatures" in the universe.

A child can never give anything to the "Mother" and she never expects anything. She cries and begs the child not to give her a painful death and let her live so that she continues to serve/nurture him/her.

If we cant behave better and have become slaves to our greed, lust, lets atleast ensure that our "Mother Earth" remains alive and keeps nurturing us. If not for her, lets atleast be "Enough Human" to do it for our coming generations. If we dont have even that much of common-sense left within us and we have become such weak slaves of our greed and ill-habits, are we worth being called humans.

Lets all atleast plant a tree on our birthdays, once in an year. It wont cost us more than a McDonalds Burger or French Fries. 

Lets celebrate World Environment Day and make it a habit to be a bit Human towards "Our Mother".

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