Friday, 30 September 2016

Open Letter 2 - To President CII


Dr. Naushad Forbes
Honourable President
Confederation of Indian Industry

Respected Sir,
In continuation to my yesterday's Open Letter to your goodself, this is the final part of whole episode. Final communication through mails has been pasted below for your kind consideration. You may also refer to copy of all e-mails at  I still expect a rational decision from your goodself and other dignitaries at the helm of affairs at CII.

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

Mail from Mr. Gourav Mahajan

To: All Concerned

Please note, CII J&K State Office has decided to dissociate from the Marathon, being organized by GLS Educational Society,

1.    Due to non-availability of the official permissions and other relevant documents till date, as were promised by the organizers to CII, despite several verbal requests and assurances.
2.    Due to date and venue clashing with other similar initiative, that has all relevant documents and permissions for organizing the initiative. (Permission attached for reference)
3.    Due to the existence of a series of Jammu Marathon, being consistently organized by Board of Development of Sports in India every year.
4.    Due to expected operational and security hassles of 2 events happening on the similar date and at the same venue in a small city of Jammu, which CII had intimated the team of GLS Educational Society in advance and suggested the change of date or merging the initiatives.
5.    The merger was further agreed upon by the GLS Team. However, later on it was informed that GLS had decided to go against the agreement without informing any of the stakeholders.
6.    There was no communication from CII team about any marathon being supported by State Government, Ch Laal Singh, Hon’ble Minister for Forest & Environment is a designated Patron & Chairman of Jammu Marathon, being organized by BDSI on 13 November 2016.
7.    And as there is no MoU signed between CII & GLS Educational Society.

Please consider this as an official communication that CII J&K State Office is not supporting the initiative in question, and the decision has been taken after internal discussion and approval of the CII J&K State Office Bearers. The same will be communicated to all District authorities, Office of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other concerned authorities.

Henceforth, the organizers are requested to remove the CII logo and all mentions of CII from all mediums with immediate effect, as there is no interest or binding on CII to support the initiative in anyway.


Gourav Mahajan
Head – Jammu & Kashmir State Office
Confederation of Indian Industry
Mubarak Villa
11 B/B - Gandhi Nagar Extension
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone :  +91-191-2452007
Fax :+91-191-2452006
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Website :

My reply to Mr. Gourav Mahajan ----->

Dear Gourav,

1. Referring to Verbal communication proves to be just a blame game and nothing else. We were never asked for permission documents and we always kept u in the loop for the process going on.

2. The permission you have attached is from D C Office and they dont have any link with M A Stadium Authorities. We have the permission letters from M A Stadium and Jammu Municipal Corporation to utilise both M A Stadium and Maharaja Hari Singh Ji Park on 13th November 2016 which Mr. Sethi doesnt have. I had attached the copies yesterday.

3. So this is true that Mr. Sethi till date doesnt have any holding area to organize the event. But with your help, he successfully created a situation for us to either back up and change the date or merge with him. We choose not to merge with him. You blame that we agreed to merge with him. Did we sign any agreement? Did we give anything in writing? 

4. You never suggested any change in date but insisted on merger of both the events, qouting it as a Govt initiative. Sh. Laal Singh is the patron of Mr. Sethi's event in his personal capacity but not as the Minister. If his ministry was involved, then permissions wont have been taken by Mr. Sethi and his Trust.

5. During our first meeting, we insisted on signing of MoU between us and CII which you denied by saying that its a very tedious and time consuming process and we should consider your official email as the agreement. It was our mistake to trust you. Infact we had the trust in the name of CII and not yours. So we fell into the trap and wasted our time and money.

6. When we met Mr. Sethi at Press Club and tried to convince him to change the date as he had not made anything public, whereas we had been promoting the event from past 2 months, he denied and revealed that from past 45 days, CII Jammu guys are telling me that G L S Society's permission is still in process, so you go ahead and get it. You and Mr. Khursheed planned with him to sabotage our event and asked him to take permission for the same date and same venue as ours. When it was done, then you revealed it to us and forced us to team up with him.

7. We still have trust in CII and people like Dr. Naushad Forbes and other dignitaries at the helm of affairs of CII. Thats why we brought the matter into their kind consideration and hoped that they wont let all our efforts, time and money go for a waste. Otherwise there is no question of proceeding with you and Mr. Khursheed.

Since CII leadership also seems to be convinced with your verbal allegations and reasoning and we made a mistake to trust a confirmation e-mail from your official e-mail id as an agreement, we are left with no option but to end every kind of association with CII for this event.

It is an assurance from our side that as early as possible, we will remove CII logo and CII mentions from all our material and whatever is left on past distributed 30,000 pamphlets and over 150 t shirts distributed across J&K, Punjab & Chandigarh remain beyond our control now. It will take us a couple of days to make the necessary changes.

Thanks & Regards
Gurpreet Singh

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