Monday, 9 July 2012

TIME, Wikileaks are words of God!

Long time back, a friend of mine had forwarded a mail with a scanned copy of an old document. It had pic of a British Gentleman, who was deputed by the British to study the Indian society and how can they easily conquer India and rule whole country. 

He wrote- "I traveled across this country and I am amazed to see that I couldn't find any beggars. People are rich, self-contended and happy and their greatest strength is their culture. If we want to rule them, we will have to change their education system and make them believe that whatever is foreign is better than the Indian."

British successfully implemented this and same feeling has percolated deep inside our genes after centuries of slavery. We believe- All that glitters is Gold and even though politically we are independent, mentally and culturally we are still the slave of the Europeans and the US.

Even till today, whatever people and media of Europe and the US say, its like words of GOD to us, let is be from TIME Magazine or Wikileaks recently. We very well know media has also become a business only to gain power and money and it has been misused by politicians and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani for selfish interests. You will find "Friends of BJP or Congress", Journalists and Newspapers who blindly supports and work for either Congress or BJP and their trolls try to hijack the debates on Social media and influence the Indian mindset.

Ultimately what happens is obvious to us- all of them enjoy and common man suffers and is taken for a ride.

In the same way, news magazines like TIME and agencies like Wikileaks are used by the US to influence the whole world and create an atmosphere which suites their selfish motives and even to destabilize a country by spreading biased information as the people in developing countries neither have knowledge nor time or resources to verify the authenticity of their news/ views. Infact the more unfortunate part is, our own people carry forward their agenda and hype that information further and make it more flashy for selfish motives and use it against their opponents within the country - self before Nation. All of us do this, let it be Congress or BJP or regional parties like National Conference, Samajwadi Party , or Akali Dal. These politicians further misguide the innocent and ignorant people of the country and misuse them for selfish interests.

US has been in deep trouble from past many years and their economy still doesnt show any confident signs of desired recovery. Their expenditure exceeds their income, especially after their interference in Iraq and Afghanistan. (please read -Why things in US might be worse than Europe - )

We must remember that Americans are among the most selfish and cheap people on this earth who would go upto any extent for their personal interests. They are just like our Mukesh Ambani, who has amassed wealth by all possible means and now portrays a clean social image by running Reliance Foundation. He owns more than 25 News Channels, then who would expose the misdeeds of Reliance and its bosses? The Americans  are there to loot oil from Gulf and Iraq, minerals from poor countries like Congo, create and breed conflicts to sell weapons and what not. Their media supports and legalizes their interests as their intelligence agencies do the ground work.

The recent cover story of TIME showing our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and giving him a tag of an UNDER-ACHIEVER is a part of their such strategies. No doubt UPA 2 regime has been the most corrupt till date and we all, including me, hate them for that but that doesn't mean we should let anyone to further misuse our sentiments and take us for a ride. May be for more penetration and hold in the Indian Markets, the US needs them to be more open which our Government didnt do till date and such a story can be an attempt to create pressure on our Government to do so.

Even during the Economic Turbulence across the World from the year 2008 till now, India has been among the least affected countries and growth rate has been among the best in the world.

No doubt corruption has been the most painful side of the present government but that doesnot mean corruption never existed in the Indian system before? It existed at every walk of life, even 25- 30 or 40 years back and has definitely increased over the period of time.

But one positive development over past few years is that corruption is being exposed more frequently, even the ministers have been jailed for the first time recently and the credit goes to the honest and clean man, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

This was my gut feeling which was supported and confirmed by comments of many of  esteemed readers on my blog for the article - If you are appointed as PM? To quote Mr. Deepak Budki's comments on my article (Twitter- @deepakbudki) - 

"I attended NDC course in 1992 alongwith Gen Vij & AM Krishnaswamy. Manmohan Singh delivered a lecture on Hawala Market & corruption and gave his analysis as to how to eradicate this evil.During the question hour, I asked him a question after reciting a couplet.Nasheman ke lut jaane ka ghum hota to kya ghum tha; Yahan to lootne walon ne gulshan loot dala hai.The question was;The corruption starts from you and filters down.By u I do not mean Manmohan singh but the Politician.In such a scenario I do not think you would be able to curtail or eradicate corruption. His reply was;In the given scenario when I am surrounded by all corrupt politicians, I have two options,One, to take them head on in which case they are so many and will eliminate me and my job would not be done. In the second case, i become one of them and slowly and steadily clip their wings and curtail the opportunities to earned money illegally thereby shall be able to bring down corruption heavily if not eliminate it. I was convinced and in the rest of my career was guided by his advice.Over a period I find he kept using this method quietly and exposing all others while sitting quiet and laughing at all of them.But at times I get a feeling that they have overwhelmed him and tarnished his good image and he has become helpless. As they say nothing succeeds like success, only time will tell who is the winner."

Finally I just want to say that lets not spare anyone who is wrong and we should put the interest of the Nation first. How many of us do this in our day to day life? Those who do only have the right to raise figure on others and blame them. Lets set ourselves right in our day to day life, rest will fall in place.

Secondly, lets not allow anybody within India or outside to misuse our sentiments or exploit our situation for their personal benefits.Its high time that we grow up and be India and love what is Indian and apply our own brains and logic before acting or reacting. We are equally human and intelligent like others. Lets prove it and not just write "Proud Kashmiri, Proud Hindu or Proud Indian" under our DPs on twitter.

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  1. so true so well written even today the Times magazine headlines on Manmohan singh is all over twitter