Thursday, 16 February 2012

Do we deserve good? Do we have right to complain?

I was watching news tonight and there were lot of news about ongoing voting in Mumbai. It was very disappointing to know that voter turnout in most of the areas of Mumbai was around 30-40%. Well to do, influential, educated public figure like Juhi Chawla said that its for the first time in that she came out for voting and all these years she thought it hardly makes any difference if she votes or not and why should she be bothered about it and what was the need of the same. Shocking, disappointing and shameful for all of us. 

Question is not just about the votes. This situation gives rise to many other questions. If our educated people show this much lack of responsibility and commitment towards themselves, fellow citizens and the country, it raises questions on the basis of our education system, which is producing literates, but not educated; rich but irresponsible; self-boasting but empty; well to do and equally selfish or i would say who have become so blind in selfish interests that they fail to realize that they are ignoring the most important basic step that ensures the continuity of their enjoyment in future.

But who will change this education system when people like us elect ministers like J&K Education Minister Peerzada Sayeed who has set up corruption shop in broad daylight, spoiling the roots of the new generation, hijacking the Jammu & Kashmir board of School Education. With lot of cases against him, when he finally offered his resignation, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi didnt accept it and it was a slap on the face of all those who stood against him and helped in getting legal proceedings start against him.

Its the complete erosion of our social and moral values and responsibilities. Its us who are to be blamed and we should be prepared to face the worst, with our mouth sealed and eyes closed.

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